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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Jon Lovitz - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Stephen Chbosky - Writer/Director of Perks of Being a Wallflower - IN STUDIO - 8:15

Famke Janssen - Phone Interview - 8AM

Eric Bazilian - IN STUDIO - 9:30AM


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:14-6:23

Dark & early w/ a lot happening today. Traffic. News. Police looking for gunman who killed Mother & wounded her daughter. Mother's boyfriend was the intended target. Police arrested bike-riding violent Queen Village bandit. Hazmat crew found white substance found in mail room of the Wells Fargo Center. Sports: Phillies beat Washington 6-3. NFL reaffirmed Seahwaks' win over Packers. Secret Text. Scott Derrickson & Ryan Cargill, Jose' Garces. Jon Cryer, & Craig Gass will be on today.

Time 6:35-6:59

Viagra, The Killers. Almost done w/ Grand Tour. Traffic. Stupid QBirthdays: Linda Hamilton, 56. Olivia Newton-John 64. Jim Caviezel, 44. Serina Williams, 31. When she poops there must be an audible explosion. Shawn Stockman,40. Jillian Barberie,46. Christi Whitman 66. Kent McCord, 70. Stupid A. What 80's comedy did Rob Camilletti appear in? Lover Boy. Seth MacFarlane dating Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones. Simon Cowell dating Carmen Electra. Amanda Bynes didn't show up at her hearing, she's moved to NY to pursue her fashion line. Anne Curry almost appeared at the Emmy's. Lindsay Lohan getting better at Mom's home. She had pneumonia but that didn't stop her partying up until she went to the hospital. Doesn't blame smoking or partying habits, blames the press for anxiety which caused her to get sick. Sofia Vergara's fiance didn't like her wardrobe malfunction at the Emmy's. He was huffing and puffing. Snookiville law will help NJ pay costs of having drunken reality show stars in town. Kelsey Grammer regrets being filmed on Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. Pam Anderson was eliminated first from Dancing with the Stars. ClipsWon't Back Down “I do fight for what I believe in”. Perfect Pitch– “She knows Miley Cyrus songs.” Live on Fox later, concert announcement, and giveaways.

Time 7:10-7:46

Zepplin. Bunch of things to get to. Traffic. Botched call at Packers/ Seahawks game= big deal. Casey noticed Craig Gass on TV. Craig Gass on phone: Goes to Seahawks game once a year, has a job on field. Told dirty jokes for 3hrs. No one knew what was going on, just ran on the field w/ everyone else trying to take pictures. Annoyed by people texting him as he was trying to take pictures. Posted pictures of game on Facebook- people still worked up about it. People don't want replacement refs. Craig says P&S crew should do their own comedy shows. Carrie Underwood video: 12 yr-old had sign that said “be my first kiss ever” pulls him on stage & kisses him. First Kisses. Steve kissed birthday girl @ age 9. Truth or dare/ spin the bottle gets the job done. Casey had first tongue kiss in 6th grade. Kathy doesn't remember her 1stkiss, just the 1st make out (8th grade). She wasn't scared about her virginity. Caller: 1st kiss @18 “made happy time” in his pants. Caller: 8th grade she gave boy her gum by making out. Caller: 26 & never kissed anyone. Erin said she'll kiss him. Texter: Never had my bung licked before. Erin will do that too. Preston has phobia of kissing old people. Kathy doesn't like when her family members kiss her on the mouth. Casey kisses his mom & sister on lips. Steve doesn't need to french a relative. Caller had g/f that would set him up to kiss other girls. Had 1st 3 way kiss in 6th grade. Caller: 1st kiss also at roller rink. Got slobbered on- never wants to do it again. Casey had girl that sucked in when kissing. What is she an aardvark? Preston had a girl who would lick his gums. Trying to get the caller in to kiss Erin. Bunch of guests coming up.

Stupid Q: What actress's much younger boyfriend Rob Camilletti was doubled bagel boy by the press?

Stupid A: Cher

Time 7:54-8:09

Guests galore. Traffic. Tower Theater Nov. 23- Steal Panther. Live on Fox Good Day. Fox is trying to beat P&S in Leukemia & Lymphoma fund raiser. Everyone discusses their first kiss. Shart out. Bizarre File.Alcohol enema causes investigation of University of Tennessee Frat “butt chugging” gives man BAC greater than.4. Robert Bardo arrested in hospital parking lot for car jacking. 20yr-old dressed as passenger seat tried to sneak into Spain. Man charged w/ burglary and theft. Fell asleep before committing the crime. Couple appeared on game show “Million Dollar Money Drop” says they didn't receive 580K. They're trying to sue. Ladies Night. Scott Derrickson & Ryan Cargill coming up.

Time 8:21-8:45

Grand Tour song coming up. Traffic. Scott Derrickson & Cargill in Studio. Preston says these types of movies scare him. Sinister is made up. This movie is supposed to scare people so they can't sleep at night. Plot: A writer finds something horrible on film and tries to solve a mystery in order to write a best seller, endangering him and his family. Kathy says it looks scary as hell & will need someone to watch it with her. At 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. A good scary movie exists when you believe in the characters. The Exorcist, The Shining, The Changeling top 3 horror movies according to Scott & Cargill. Great family/ character dramas. Sometimes Scott freaks himself out while writing. Vulnerability at ones own home and showing audiences what they've never seen before is how you make a good horror film. Ethan Hawk doesn't watch horror films- very hesitant to do the movie. Hawk said, “Oh I get it! horror is like comedy, it's all about timing!” Whispers that there could be a sequel. Review said, “I'm never going to sleep again.” Heart rate monitors of average adult male while watching this movie compared to: 73 beats per min watching Antiques Road Show, 190-200 running, and Sinister at 237 beats per min. “You'll throw up and die.” As a writer/ director, still enjoys the dramatic scenes. There is comedy in the movie which people don't expect. Suspiria, overrated horror movie. Is that a chimp? The Halloween series, overrated, worst part, “How's he gonna kill this one?” You'll puke, you'll die, you'll get attacked by a chimp”.

Time 8:57-9:12

Green Day song #1 of Grand Tour. Traffic. Jose' Garces in studioThe Latin Road Home- new cookbook released 10-16-12. Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Cuba are used as inspiration in the new cookbook. Could have a bacon shortage in the future. Created event to raise funds for Garces Family foundation happening on Oct 10th @ Kimmel Center at 7PM aims to improve health & education of the underprivileged immigrant population. Stilt walkers, taco truck, mariachi band. Casual event about fun and awareness. Has 7 restaurants in Philly. Food trends: Farm to table- started growing his own vegetables. The next trend is pig sex. He's okay at farming. Has chickens- “nothing like a farm fresh egg.” Vegetables, herbs, maybe soon to come pigs & goats. Tasted pig sphincter. Guy in Japan emasculated himself to then cook his own genitals. Operates 15 restaurants and 2 hotels. He's a huge critic so he makes sure his restaurants are producing great quality. Carnival-fun-party at the Kimmel Center on the 10th. Jon Cryer still to come.

Time 9:23-9:46

Possibility of rain today. Traffic. Josh, the 26yr-old who's never been kissed, e-mailed saying “I feel sooo f-ing bad I can't come today.” He's a liar. Erin doesn't want to tongue kiss on camera. The P&S crew has gotten a virgin to have sex twice. Finger blast the Diem. Jon Cryer on the line. Won an Emmy for Two and A Half Men. The show is moving to Thursday nights at 8:30 on CBS3. Didn't expect to win. Had a bike accident a week before and lost a lot of skin on the left side of his body- took old Rx pills he found in his cabinet. Females don't go in groups to the bathroom to the Emmys. When going to the bathroom they need to do it between commercial breaks, and seat fillers come in when people leave. Steve watches new episodes of Two and a Half Men. Miley Cyrus appears in lots of new episodes. She is great on set. Now in the 10thseason of the show. Preston is happy Jon Cryer has had such success. Bizarre File. Hollywood tree trimmer died when trapped underneath palm fronds. Fairy Tale wedding in Bavaria turned bad when pastor dropped dead before “I do.” Local pastor jumped in a few hours later to finish the wedding. England- amusement park- took action against sick shut downs. They now have breathalyzers before rides. Georgia- 2 female cops fight each other in Waffle House parking lot. Zimbabwe- Synchronized Toilet Flushing method used to unblock sewers after days of severe water rationing. Ladies night.

Time 9:58-10:10

Two more Grand Tour songs. Secret Text. Lesson QHollywood Trash: 24 year old Chinese pop-star dating 12yr-old model. Madonna supports the black Muslim in the White house. Lindsay Lohan blames press for pneumonia. Lesson A. Robocop should be half man half robot. Music News: Papa Roach frontman came close to suicide earlier in the year. Marital problems and alcohol abuse led him to this close call. Writing songs helped him. Ultimately decided suicide was a selfish act. Received help for alcohol problems. Cold Play will be releasing a concert movie. Chris Martin says their last tour was one of the best. Dave Grohl collaborating with his daughter on t-shirt design of Yo-Gabba-Gabba. Metallica collaboration with Vans to produce shoes honoring of the 30th anniversary of the bands first studio album "Kill em All". Black Sabbath guitarist Randy Rhodes, voted best guitarist of all time.


Time 10:21-10:33Secret Text. Thanks to: Jason- Pierre's producer for dropping off a pulled pork sandwich from Up 'N Smoke. Dan and Amy. Letter of the Day: R. Andy Williams died. He had a good sense of humor. “well he's dead.” Preston's family bought some Christmas presents already. Slowed down version of “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Wrap Up. Thanks to our guests: Scott Derrickson & Cargill- Sinister. Jose' Garces- celebrity chef and Garces Family Foundation 10-10-12 @ Kimmel Center @7pm. Also thanks to Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men. Show time moving to Thursday @8:30pm on CBS3. Pierre will be sharing information about Minerva and work force blocks of Alice in Chains. Thanks to Brian's Harley Davidson and Einstein Healthcare. Tomorrow: Famke Janssen, Jon Lovitz, Stephen Chbosky, and Eric Bazilian.

Lesson Q: What is Ronald Dancers Campaign theme song/slogan?

Lesson A: Hold me closer, Ronald dancer.


Letter of the DayR

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