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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Scott Derrickson & Robert Cargill - Director & Writer of "Sinister" - IN STUDIO - 8:15
John Cryer - Emmy Winner - Phone Interview - 9AM
Jose' Garces - IN STUDIO - 9:30

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:23
Incubus on WMMR. Good Morning! Traffic. News. Police say a bankruptcy attorney was the victim of a home invasion, & The robbers wore Halloween masks. A deaf man was shot in Port Richmond after refusing to give up all his money. A new law in Doyelstown saying if a mother is breast feeding in public she cannot be arrested & cannot be discriminated. Sports.  Monday night football seahawks beat the packers. Phillies begin the final home series for the season. NHL lock out still going on. New video of Hula hoop girl Katie. Michael Chiklis on the show later. Ladies Night Time 6:34-7:00 Weezer on WMMR. WOW. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Catherine Zeta Jones is 43. Will Smith is 44. Heather Locklear is 51. Michael Matson is 54. Mark Hamell is 61. Anson Wilson is 63. Michael Douglas is 68. Barbra Walters is 83. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prince Jr. Welcome second child. Ashton Kutchner & Mila Kunis are still showing their affection by dressing the same. Russel Brand is now avoiding Victoria Beckam because he feels that she will kick off. it's a British term meaning shaving your ass.  Alec Baldwin's new wife are ready to step into the spotlight. Mandy Moore has landed a TV show called “Miss Most Likely”. Lindsey Lohan was hospitalized with a bad lung infection. How, she is doing everything right. Most celebrities avoid the public about wardrobe malfunction but Sophia Vergara flaunts it at the Emmy's. Katie Curack' s show Katie discussed eating disorders on her show last week. Matt Lauer will be asked to take a pay cut it the today show doesn't win the November Sweeps. The London Olympics were great Kerry Jennings found out she was pregnant & the baby wasn't an accident they wanted it before Olympics. Clips. The New Girl with Zooey Dischanel. Looper with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Looper Giveaway. 

Time 7:11-7:42
Soundgarden on WMMR. Traffic. Breast Feeding in Public The law has passed, they can't be discriminated or else you will get sited, it's illegal to ask them to stop. One example was a college professor during class just whipped them out. The law allows breast feeding in public but the ordinance in Doylsetown took it to the next level. One of our sales exec call it going number 3, Casey says if you fed babies with your penis it would never be passed. Girl on a plane whipped them out while in the air. Caller Michelle says she saw 10 women just whip it out while she was on vacation & called it “breasts gone wild” in the restaurant. Caller Roy says You know how oneze with the butt pocket, they should make one for breasts. A man was brought up on charges for pee pee kissing.  The whole country of France is big into pee pee kissing. Steve does French impersonation. Caller Kelly says her daughter was claustrophobic so she didn't have a choice but to whip it out in public & she couldn't even cover her daughter because she would stop breathing. Caller Tracey says 22 years ago she would go into the women's room to feed because everyone gave her dirty looks. What is there no lounge at the Burger King. Caller Lauren  says her theory is that if they get dirty looks it's just others being jealous. Casey had it in the dining room when training his kids. Caller Ryan says Breast feeding can be expensive endeavor, & a lady was breast feeding in the car next to him & he rear ended the guy in front of him. Caller Amy says she whipped it out while her daughter was in the car seat. Caller Susan says she covers up by her choice. Ladies night giveaway. 

Stupid Q.
The Islands of vanua levu and viti levu are the 2 largest islands of what?

Stupid A.

Time 7:53-8:07
Finger 11 on WMMR. Traffic. Bizarre Files. Dawn Peters was charged with aggravated assault for hitting a man with hammer while having sex with him. A couple retuning from vacation found their house in ashes due to a fish tank. Theodore Minors fell two stores from an escalator while trying to ride the handrail. A man saught emergency treatment due to a eel in his butt. Sweet mystery of life song. Police found no bombs at a man's house when he was in a stand off with police & apparently he is mentally unstable & is an explosive expert. Shart outs Jennifer & our facebook friends, Jared, Maureen and her fiance.  

Time 8:20-8:46
The Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic. Meet N eat. Casey or Fakey. Casey is known for his gas in the studio and it cracks up Intern Sarah, she also has the funniest sneeze, Kathy and Preston heard it this morning. Caller Lauren says it's Casey, she wins Passes to King of Prussia Beerfest Royale. Caller Tracey says not Casey & she wins a case of Guiness black lager. Caller Jason says it's Casey & wins Looper passes. Caller John says it's Casey & wins Cosi gift card. Bill is looking and listening this whole time. Caller George says it's Casey & wins . Caller Burt says it is Casey & he wins Cosi gift card. Fart sounds like Donald Duck.  Caller Joe says it's Casey & wins Dark Shadows DVD. Caller Scott says it's not Casey & wins Cosi gift card. Caller Durken says it is Casey & he wins Cosi gift card. Caller Brian says it was & wins Looper passes. Caller Vince says it is Casey & he wins Looper passes. That fart sounds like Chip N Dale. Dr. Mike is on the Phone talking about aspects of gas, he does rectal's for a living. It's rapid vibration of the sphincter, so Casey must have a tight anal sphincter, smelly gas proves that you are not eating healthy. 

Time 8:57-9:28
Grand Tour Song! Traffic. Michael Chiklis on the Phone. Michael plays is in the new show VEGAS! He hasn't had this experience since The shield. It's set in a real sexy period of Vegas, after Bugsey Segal but during the rat pack. Steve's dad went to Vegas a lot for business. The town was run phenomenally behind the mob scene, He plays Sheriff Ralph Lamb. when you are the sheriff you need to go to him for a liquor license or a gambling license. They actually didn't shoot in Vegas so they re-built Fremont street. He got to sit down with the real Ralph Lamb to talk about what it was like back then. He almost died a lot back in the day & his character gets shot 5 times. They are very close friends. He met Dennis on the set they didn't really know each other before the show, he's a lot funnier than Michael expected. They both are in bands, & Michael has a new single coming out soon. Hopefully someday they can pull the tables together and have a legit poker match with the guys on the show. Monday night football recap. Replay shows the packers should have had it but did a pass interference but referee didn't see it. Seahawks didn't have full possession. The replacement referees are screwing up big time. Craig Gass was in the crowd for the game. Green Bay is not happy. Caller John says no matter what it's up to the referee that makes the call. Imagine if it came down to this play for the playoffs. Sports Suck right now let's play more farts it makes everything better. Voice Actors it takes talent to do an audio book. Hi my name is Roogan I'm the retarded Reagan, Swan from the Warriors does audiobooks. Another good voice was the guy that played the count from sesame street  Steve impersonates Roogan. Ladies Night.

Time 9:40-9:50
The Offspring on WMMR. Traffic. New word “Mash Pit”.Bizarre Files. A crocodile escaped from it's cage on a flight and was found roaming in the cargo compartment. A man who posed as a pilot has been arrested by Italian police when he was using the scam like in Catch me if you can. Emergency rescue teams saved a sex doll thinking it was a woman drowning in the black sea. Officers arrested a man at McDonalds dressed as the Burger King. A lovelorn Dennis went to Ireland to find a girl he knew for 2 minutes. Meet N Eat.

Time 10:02-10:14
Jet on WMMR. Listener Ryan is our tattoo listener for tattoosday. R.C. Thinks there's a goblin in his car. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Kanye West brags that he was in 2 sex tapes. Full House celebrated an anniversary which had all the cast members. Lindsey Lohan was rushed to the hospital for lung problems. Lesson Answer. Music News. First of 3 new green day albums “Uno” comes out today. Muse frontman revealed that the terrorist attacks weren't part of an inside job. Avenged Sevenfold has revealed a new song to be featured in the new Black Ops game. Kid Rock Released new album which is described as a genre hopping rock n roll album ever. Cosi giveaway. 

Time 10:23-10:31
The Doors on WMMR. Grand tour continues today. Pierre has arrived. Green day was the first “Mash” pit he was in and the first time he crowd surfed. Preston wants to crowd surf at Keenan's next year. Minerva is on her way to the hospital to be fixed. LOTD. Thanks to Michael Chiklis and to Meet and Eat, R.C.,Bob, and Ryan. Rage On!

Stupid Q:
Which Country is known for pee pee kissing?

Stupid A:


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