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Time 6:07-6:24
Today is going to be a nice cool day. New word of the week prize. Last week of Grand Tour. Traffic. News. Flight attendant had 38 caliber in carry on bag. TSA spotted gun. No one was injured. Apple supplier Foxconn halts China factory after at least 40 injured in brawl. Baby Panda cub was found dead Sunday morning after panda keepers heard sounds of distress from its mother. Sports. Eagles lost to Cardinals. Braves 2-1 win over the Phillies. Phillies likely to miss post season. Casey is out with explosive diarrhea. Marisa was in for the first time ever before Preston. Word of the week. Cowgirl Ladies night at Club Risque.

Time 6:36-7:04
Counting Crows, no rain today. Traffic. Stupid Q: Birthdays: Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, 43. Maria from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Kevin Sorbo 54. Mean Joe Green. Stupid A: End of Watch and House at the End of the Street tied with 13M each. Trouble with the Curve came in at #3. Emmys: Lead Actor, Comedy:Jon Cryer,Two and a Half Men. Lead Actress, Comedy:Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Veep. Outstanding Drama: Homeland. Comedy: Modern Family. Entertainment News. Schwarzenegger says wife confronted him about cheating during couples therapy. Jwow engaged to long time boyfriend. Matthew Broderick landed guest role on Modern Family. Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day will be receiving treatment for substance abuse. Had outburst at concert in Las Vegas “One F-ing Minute!” Intimidate apology. Brad Paisley mocked him the next night. Sharon Stone hospitalized during fashion show in Italy after experiencing migraine like symptoms. Perfume and bags is her nickname. She has a boyfriend half her age. Amanda Bynes fled town and went to NYC, walking aimlessly, wants to avoid LA. Lohan wants to sue man who says she hit him. Lindsay's mom wants a second chance with Dr. Phil. If she could go back in time she wouldn't have put Lindsay in show business/ party with her. Paula Deen has blooper reel she curses, it's not for family. Clips. Hotel Transylvania Fran Drescher. She will be on the show today & Jimmy Shubert.

Time 7:16-7:48
Gorgeous sunrise today. Traffic. Hipsters: Hipsters areas in the US according to Forbes magazine. Northern liberties is on the list. North broad next hipster area. Bars and clubs offer funky festivities. University city an upcoming hipster area. Zoey Deschanel has a hipster thing going. Hipsters are rebellious. Do we have any hipsters that work here? Yes Bill Weston. Nick was at made in America with hipster glasses. Nick dressed the same forever. Steve didn't have any style. Nick Murphy and Beth are dressed the same. Everyone likes to feel out of the norm. Steve can't stand posers. Will Robert smith please approach the bench. Nick was at a restaurant and the sandwich was called “Jawn”; The urban dictionary a word used in Philly and can be a thing or an object. The lead singer from the Black Keys projects the hipster image. Beck used to wear a 3 piece suit and still was cool. Listener Liz called her friends a “wipster” because she's a wannabe hipster. Preston thinks big cans have to do with everything. Henry Rollins is a hip individual. Passayunk ave in south Philly there was a whole bunch of hipsters. Guy that had tight cutoff jean shorts. Nick was giving Preston a hard time for wearing jean shorts. Big hair were not to far off from being a hipster. Once Preston got rid of his jean shorts they became popular again. If you wanna find out what the next big trend is check Preston's trash.

Stupid Q: What doll is visible on the back of the Album Dookie from Green Day?
Stupid A: Ernie from Sesame Street.

Time 8:00-8:10
Casey's out Marisa is the executive producer today. Grand tour song coming up. Traffic. Bizarre File: Polish authorities showed a priest with whipped cream on his knees with students licking the whipped cream off of his knees. The man who was mauled by a tiger is facing charges because he said he wanted to be “one” with the tiger. He was able to get his wish petting the tiger. Charged with trespassing. The zookeeper said the tiger did nothing wrong. Man named Adam Sandler dressed as Elmo was arrested in front of the toys r us store in time square. Vancouver man stole a coin that was worth thousands dollars was spent at a movie theater. One of the coins could be worth $18,000. Tickets KOP beer festival at the King of Prussia Mall.

Time 8:21- 8:49
Preston was almost dragged out of town. Traffic. Emmys Recap: They will stick to the dynasty. For years to come modern family is going to be the one to beat. The temperature on the red carpet was 120 degrees. Mentioned that it was 120 degrees 120 times. Sofia Vergara has her own clothing line at K-Mart. Jimmy Kimmel was the host. Eric stone street won best actor. Luis CK best writer. Lead actress Julia Louis Dreyfus. Amy Poehler was nominated 6 times everyone expected her to win. There was a lot of comradery between actors and actress's. The amazing race won for reality show. The world was leaked that Homeland was going to be the big taker. Tracy Morgan was laying on stage, he packed on some weight. I was douching, it's hard when you are 150 years old. With Boardwalk empire you don't have to watch the previous seasons. Seth McFarland walks to the wrong podium. Jessica Lang best supporting actress in a mini series. Kevin Costner for Hatfields and McCoys. Ron Howard came very touching the tribute to Andy Griffith. Remember our coverage of Griffith's death, like when Rosa Parks died they were talking about how cool it was to sit in the back of the bus. Jennifer Goodwin looked amazing. You don't see a lot of veins with breasts of her size. James Van Der Beek was a presenter. There's got to be some connection to WMMR. Luis CK mentions Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Preston walks into a little shop in the Philadelphia International Airport and there were Always Sunny in Philadelphia shirts. He texted Rob McIlhenney telling him. Grand tour full steam ahead.

Time 8:59-9:24
Green Day American Idiot. Grand Tour. Traffic. Jimmy Shubert in Studio: Preston's mom lives in Florida and everyone asks where did you move from. When you do enough acting you get something from the actors guild. His dad was a Philadelphia detective. It's like living with lutetium Colombo. Brother egged neighbors house, got caught on the sixth night. Preston has a detective in his neighborhood. Get some free legal advice. Law dogs get law advice at a hotdog stand. Therapy cats on the airplane with vests. There are no medical alert cats. Kathy recently saw a therapy dog. Preston saw a rooster in a cage on a plane. Philadelphia is the worst airport. Should be able to tell a good joke to be able to get on a plane. Jimmy was a professional magician. At 18 he hung up the wand. His one brother is a public adjuster and the other owns an irrigation company. Got dumped via text message. He was with the outlaws & Sam Kinneson. Got T-boned in a motorcycle accident. Jimmy at Helium Comedy Club one night only. Wednesday September 26th.

Time 9:35- 9:52

Beautiful day today. It was going down into the 40's over night. Traffic. Where's Casey? He has the case of the squirts it just took hold over the weekend. Bizzare File: Woman charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. The window was locked so it could only open a few inches she was found guilty. A man caught thrusting his hips on a couch. 42 pound stray cat in Texas, so big that it can not fit into its litter box. A sushi bar Fukyu is named after a form of martial arts. Woman who was seen clinging to a hood going faster than 80 miles an hour. They boxed the car in were able to take the off the highway. NJ residents may soon have retain pets in car. Cats always hide on floors near the gas petal. Kathy can't force her cat into the carrier. It was like a Korean water torcher. Former P&S Girl wants to train her cat on walking with a leash. Family owns business that sells car seats for cats and dogs. The dogs are gonna have to use hands free units. Dogs love riding in back of a pickup truck. Dark Shadows.

Time 10:00-10:23
Word of the week Dead or Alive 5 Fran Drescher on the Phone: Trash Cancer charity. She is 12 years free of cancer. Think about how you can gain control over this frightening situation. Hotel Transylvania comes out Friday. If only she could find someone that's not married. Kevin James and Selena Gomez in the movie. Every one used their voice except Adam Sandler. You don't have to always get dressed but they always shot behind the scenes. She prefers to do everything naked. When she is alone she walks around the house naked all the time unless there is a boat outside. Fran was rapped with her husband in the room. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash: Sharon Stone, Dena Lohan, Lady Gaga porker face. Lesson Music News: Green day announced Billie Joel Armstrong is seeking help for substance abuse after going on a rampage. The first album arrives tomorrow. He has a good head on his shoulders hes a father and they always go out and perform for the fans. Go in quickly than come on out. Mumford and Sons new album is about to come out, think new record will attract a new audience. Led Zeppelin press conference.

Time 10:33-10:49
Pierre is here, we have video him rocking out to The Offspring, it is a great, terrible experience. When he woke up Sunday he was hobbling. He has shoes that has springs in them to bounce in the mosh pit. Thanks to Jimmy Schubert and What is happening with Minerva? The building wants to get rid of the van. ANNOUNCEMENT:Collision Max to fix Minerva she is in rough shape. There is a family of rats living in there. Pierre sunk several thousands of dollars into it. The station gave it to him but really didn't give it to him. Could be $50,000 to fix. Thanks to everyone that came up with ideas. The ETA is three or four months to complete. It well run great when they are done with it. Minerva is going to get a new paint job. It will be an airbrush job nothing on details yet.

LQ: What is Sharon Stones Fendi related nickname?
LA: Perfume and bags


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