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                                                                    Date: 06-19-2012
                         Time 6:12 - 6:27
Traffic. News. 6 alarm fire at kettle manufacturing plant. Police released a picture of a man wanted for homicide. Police in South Philly are warning women to be aware of a man strangling and robbing women near Queens Village. Sports. Phillies are back home and playing the Colorado Rockies tonight. 49 year old Roger Clemens is accused of using steroids. Miami plays Oklahoma in NBA finals tonight. Not Your Average Listener in studio today. Valley Forge Casino coming in today. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter screening tonight. Phillies Hottest Contest. They do a God Bless America sing along.

                                Time 6:34 – 7:06
Traffic. Greater Media head honcho coming into studio today. Preston wants listeners to call in while he's here and tell about miraculous things that happened to them while listening to the show. Stupid Q Prize: Journey tix Birthdays. Anne Wilson 66. Zoey Seldana. Paul Dano 28. Paula Abdul 50. Cathleen Turner. Phylicia Rashad 64. Salman Rushdie. Stupid A: Listener Ed wins. Entertainment News. Mel Gibson and Maria Menounos were seen together. Nick Stall went missing again. Woody Allen had an awkward Father's Day. Two close friends of Rodney King think his fiance is lying about how he died. Giselle Bunchen is highest paid model said Forbes Magazine. Heidi Klum is now a building. Jack Osbourne to appear on mom's show “The Talk” to speak about his MS diagnosis. Lindsey Lohan partied at Chateau Marmont after being treated for exhaustion. Shia Lebouf is naked in Sigur Ros video. Clips. Steve Carrell talks about end of world movie. Tim Burton talks about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Tattoosday today. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter screening tonight.

                                 Time 7:16 – 7:47
Weather. Traffic. Shart Out to Venessa. Adidas comes out with new shoes that offend people. They have orange shackles on them. People are upset because they think it refers to slavery or house arrest ankle monitors. Called “JS Roundhouse Mids.” In stores in August. Chain from shoes to your Prince Albert piercing. Preston thinks they're stupid. Light up sneakers are cool. They should make them for adults. What are the most expensive kicks? Sunscreen and SPF. The Fed Gov't made plans to make it easier to pick products. Only sunscreens that block certain UV Rays can be called Full Spectrum and say they block against cancer. Sunscreens that don't have SPF of at least 15 must have labels that say they don't protect against cancer. Some are more susceptible to skin cancer. Terms like sunblock, waterproof, and sweatproof will be banned. Will say how long they work for. Casey never used sunscreen when he was a lifeguard. Kathy doesn't burn. Can girls undo back of bikini when tanning at public pool? Steve saw women who went home and to work the next day not noticing they were topless. Let's draw the curtains and see how Mr. Bean Man is doing. Dermatologist nurse calls in. Higher SPF doesn't mean it lasts longer. Reapply every 2 hours. Preston has never seen Steve wear a baseball hat. Spray sunscreen, bad for you if you breathe it in? P&S vacation recall. Breaking News. Adidas canceled the release of the shackle shoes. Blood Drive this Saturday.

Stupid Question: 
What was the first US state to ban gambling in 1909?

Stupid Answer:

                          Time 7:59 - 8:13
Weather. Traffic. Rolling Shart Out to guys in van w/ MMR stickers. P&S Blood Drive this Saturday. US Open Birdman. Andrew Dudley was the birdman. He recorded a public apology. Bizarre File. Truck driver who fixed gas tank with duct tape lost 100 gal of fuel while asleep at truck stop. Austrian politician is getting money compensation for being recorded having sex with animal in jungle. It is illegal to use surveillance cameras. Female zookeeper was mauled to death by pack of wolves. Bath salts behind women who beat her 3-year-old son. Man charged after he robbed someone using a wrench and stolen sausage links. Adventure Aquarium giveaway. 

                          Time 8:25 - 8:52
Weather. Traffic. Not Your Average Listener: Tony Tarquinto in studio. 42-year-old virgin. Oldest male virgin in the US. From Cali and in AC for the summer. Is on the show “Virgin Diaries.” Was a loser in  high school and college. Got into world of finance and politics. Painfully shy and can't talk to women. Kathy dated the devil for a while. Casey thought he would be a virgin until marriage, but then a girl touched “it.” Tony is too focused on politics. He's a devout Christian, but he's not any more pure or holy for still being a virgin. Wants to lose it ASAP. Many texters saying he's only being vocal about his virginity for political gain. He's very pro-life. He should use religious based dating websites. Has he considered the religious properties of porn? He's never watched porn before. P&S got a virgin laid before. He has considered paying for sex. Vote on whether he should get money. Text “Yes” if he should and “No” if not to 39333.

                         Time 9:05 - 9:39
Phillies Hottest Contest. Traffic. Not Your Average Listener: Tony Tarquinto in studio. 42-year old virgin. Listeners vote No. Very mean texters, saying he's more political than wanting to meet someone. Offer is still out there, ladies! Tony is awkward. Casey asks if listeners will record themselves yelling Xena yell while having sex. Top 100 video games of all time by G4. Video game sales have fallen. Steve's favorite video games are Resident Evil 4, Halo, Zelda, God of War. Kathy loved Bubble Bobble, Super Mario Bros., and Sonic back in the day. Nick missed generations of gaming systems. Preston loves Zelda, Resident Evil, and Mario Bros. Preston doesn't play video games anymore. He just does bath salts now. Preston thinks the Spider Man game is amazingly real-like. Preston cried at the end of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Steve cried at the end of BioShock. Listener calls in and line is all static. He's exploded and is on fire! Kathy wants to blow her brains out over this convo. Just because you play something on facebook doesn't mean it isn't a video game. Why isn't NHL on the list? Ready Player One is a great book if you're a gamer or a geek/nerd. Wreck it Ralph looks like a great movie. It's about a video game villain going from game to game, trying to find one where he's the good guy. It looks really good. Valley Forge Casio Pacific Prime resturant meet & eat. Dick Vermeil wine dinner tix giveaway.

                          Time 9:47 - 9:57
P&S Blood Drive. Traffic. Phillies Hottest Contest. Best News Bloopers of 2012. Reporter doing traffic report voices his opinions and throws f-bombs all over the place. Some reporters are great because they have to make something out of nothing. They recall a reporter who got in a verbal argument on air. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter last tix giveaway.

                         Time 10:08 - 10:28
Free Wawa hoagies for a year Word of the Week prize. Casey is in a camouflage suit. They play sound effects jungle. Bizarre File. Hitchhiker who said he was a victim of a drive-by shooting admits that he lied and actually shot himself. Texas teacher ordered 24 kindergarten students to line up and hit and discipline a bully. Police Sargent experienced two cows dying after they fell off a truck on a highway near Lancaster. Federal judge said that a car accident case be thrown out because she asked for $5 million in damages. Lesson Q: $50 Giant gift card. Hollywood Trash. Rumors circulating that Lions Gate will reboot Twilight Saga. Bradley Cooper is wining and dining Scarlett Johanson. Lesson A: Listener Tom wins gift card. Music News. Radiohead paid tribute to drum technician who died after the stage fell on him. Red Hot Chili Peppers will release new songs both digitally and on vinyl. 3 Doors Down to record new songs for a Greatest Hits package. Smashing Pumpkins released their first album in 5 years today. Valley Forge Casino Dick Vermeil Wine Dinner giveaway.

                         Time 10:36 - 10:53
Word of the Week prize free Wawa hoagies. Peter Smyth CEO of Greater Media in studio. He heard his name mentioned this morning and thought listener who called in and said they grew a head was very creative. Listeners call in and tell their P&S miracle stories. Listener Andrew makes a few demands on behalf of the show. Listener Eric found his lost dog through the show. Black listena Craig Leggons met his wife through the show. He thought his wife was a skinhead at first. They met at an accident scene. Pierre jokes that Peter is wearing a tie dye suit and slip-on shoes with a Jerry Garcia tie. Steve agrees with Peter that the audience doesn't want to listen to him. Peter thinks the show is the absolute best. Tattoosday. Listener Cindy. She got a vampire fairy with P&S. Shart out for her stepson Josh. Pierre was out of the studio talking to Peter Smyth and Preston asked Bill, who was outside of the studio, to go find Pierre and tell him to get in the studio ASAP! Letter of the Day. Word of the Week prize free Wawa hoagies. If you want to take the virginity of the 42-year-old virgin, e-mail anyone in the show. He could possibly be on the show “Virgin Diaries.” Valley Forge Dick Vermeil Wine Dinner giveaway. Intern Jake will be doing stand up for the first time at Helium tonight.

Lesson Q:
When a black listener gets sunburned, what pattern appears?

Lesson A:

Letter of the Day: 

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