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We're broadcasting from Cherry Hill Subaru! Traffic. NEWS UPDATE Police officer's car was involved in accident; had to cut through the wrecked car to rescue officer. Philly flight had to make emergency landing in Massachusetts after disoriented passenger tried to open the plane door during flight. PA House has passed a bill that would make it illegal to try to drive through flood water. SPORTS NEWS Sixers win 79-78 over the #1 seed Chicago Bulls; first 76ers playoff series win since 2003. 76ers will face the Boston Celtics in the next round. Phillies face the Padres this weekend. Repaying Subaru for their donation at the Campout for Hunger. There's showers in their bathrooms! Preston saw someone's ass this morning. He was just peeing, I don't like clothes when I urinate. Dee Snider, Craig Shoemaker, Tony Luke, and Kobayashi coming up!

Time 6:34 – 7:00

We're live at Cherry Hill Subaru! Traffic. SQ BIRTHDAYS Martha Quinn, 52; Jeffrey Donovan, 44; Jonathan Jackson, 30; Louis Farrakhan, 79; Tim Blake Nelson, 47. SA ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Sean Bean was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly harassing his ex-wife. Anna Ferris is pregnant. WWE Champion John Cena has filed for divorce. Bruce Willis posted a picture of his new daughter, Mable, on Twitter. Russell Brand will host the MTV Movie Awards this year. A third man has also accused Travolta of sexual harassment, claims that Travolta offered him $12,000 for sex. I thought it was a fuzz. Johnny Depp is denying split with Vanessa Paradis. Reese Witherspoon's mother accuses her father of bigamy. All parties should enter the thunderdome. George Clooney's home had security from the Secret Service and LAPD during his fundraising event for Obama. $40,000 a plate dinner. People didn't get food, just plates. Conan O'Brien will be a guest on Letterman. CLIPS Helena Bonham Carter and Nancy Cartwright. Can Kobayashi speak English? We heard that he is a fan of Matt Cord.

Time 7:12 – 7:45

Preston tried to tell the time and delete an e-mail at the same time. Preston's looking at porn. Live from the Cherry Hill Subaru! Traffic. Preston reads a waiver that Subaru employees had to sign to see P&S. I guess we're not shooting anybody today. CEO OF SUBARU, MATT RITTER Food here is amazing. Chuck Damico is enjoying the free breakfast here on his day off. 258,000 pounds of food that Subaru donated. Is it Karma? Subaru sales have increased. We found the guy that Preston accidentally saw his ass in the Subaru shower, Demetrius! MOVIE MOMS WORSE THAN THE NJ TANNING MOMAunt Beru was lighter than the NJ tanning mom. Mom from Carrie. Dirk Diggler's mom in Boogie Nights. Jenny in Forest Gump. I killed the pretty once! Stifler's mom. That's not a bad mom! Caller Nick suggests the Black Swan mom. Mommy Dearest is the worst movie mom. Casey likes A Christmas Story mom. Caller Casey suggests Ginger in Casino. Nick suggests the mom from Blow because she turns in her son to the cops. But she's legally correct. Caller John says The Hangover mom for losing her baby. How about Home Alone mom? She commits the same error multiple times! Real life MILFs. TIME MAGAZINE BREAST-FEEDING PICTURE Do this in your home, not on the cover of a magazine. Mom on that cover is a “lactation consultant.” What's too old to breast-feed? Are “wet nurses” okay? Steve needs to consult his “daughter” about this. Live at Subaru!


Stupid Question:

What President was a big fan of the Subaru Brat?


Stupid Answer:

Ronald Reagan


Time 7:57 – 8:08 

We're live at Subaru! Traffic. Preston can't find the giveaway sheets! BIZARRE FILE Teacher in trouble for placing a cone intended for healing dogs and pets on students heads as a “Cone of Shame.” PA mom left her children in her car parked as the mom went to a tanning salon. At least the NJ tanning mom wanted to sunbathe with her kid! Returning Marine happy to learn that his son with cerebral palsy was able to walk. Texas man arrested for riding a unicycle over a bridge naked. After his shower incident this morning, would Preston be into this? A 1511 painting in the Vatican has a man that looks exactly like Sylvester Stallone. Yeah, he's the one with the boxing gloves. Casey found the giveaway sheets! Doing a drive-in giveaway. Intern Mary will signal the winner. Intern Mary is a free-styling, female-version of Eddie Vedder.


Time 8:19 – 8:38

Live at Subaru, they donated so much at the Campout. DEE SNIDER Most of the time Dee is on P&S, we're out on location. Do you guys even have a studio? New album coming out: “Dee Does Broadway.” Check out “Mack the Knife” song. Dee is legit with Broadway tunes! Dee worked with Alice Cooper and Mike Portnoy. Metal community talks about how Preston beat Portnoy in that drumoff. Dee grew up in a house where showtunes were always played. Dee completely wrote his book, not ghost-written. In 1995, Dee was broke and had to ride a bike to a desk job. Didn't want to become the Jay Leno of metal. Dee's life lessons. Biggest lesson: Don't ever give in; keep fighting. Dee is the Yoda of heavy metal. Dee has been with his wife for over 30 years. Dee still gets royalties for “We're Not Gonna Take It,” featured recently on Spongebob and Betty White's “Off Their Rockers.” How will Tom Cruise do as a metal frontman in Rock of Ages? Playing “Sweeney Todd” song. Snider now friends with Donald Trump because of Celebrity Apprentice. Check out Dee Snider! We are live at Subaru!


Time 8:49 – 9:09

Can't thank Subaru enough for their donation. Traffic. Matt Ritter has a Phillies giveaway! First Subaru to drive there and honk at Intern Mary will win them! Kathy's husband was just on Good Morning America! DRUNK COWORKERS People are better workers if they are drunk. If I'm drunk, I hide it by being more productive. Nick is better at darts after he has a beer or two. Preston feels the same with bowling. Alcohol lowers your inhibition, and lowers your pants. Preston's Drunk Day. SMUTTIEST CITY IN U.S. Wilmington ranks #3 on the list! #2 is Las Vegas and #1 is Orlando. Based upon adult stores in the city, rentals or streams of pornos, and Google searches. Wait, you can find porn on the internet?! Philly is #34. The least smuttiest is Jackson, Mississippi. Caller Dan, a former Wilmington cop, says there are a lot of prostitutes outside of the city. Texter says Route 13 is nicknamed “Hooker Highway.” Seedy activity at truck stops. Prostitutes usually need the money for drug addictions. Casey, the “John With a Heart,” wants to meet a prostitute who's feeding her family, not her drug habit. Craig Shoemaker up next!


Time 9:19 – 9:45

More people arriving here at Subaru. Just like our workplace, Jacky Bam Bam was dancing around. Traffic. CRAIG SHOEMAKER Nice place, free food here. Do I get a free car too? Craig has three kids, youngest son is 2. Is it really “Terrible Two's?” It's all terrible after birth. Kids are coddled too much these days. What's bumper bowling? So they don't get gutter balls and have trauma from it. Kids can't have nicknames anymore. “Helicopter mothers” will ensure that you call the kids the correct names. Changes in Little League baseball. All kids have ADD now, too. I'm so hyperactive that I sleepwalked into my sister's room and wet her bed. Craig says watching the Sixers just barely win over the Bulls was odd. It was like losing your virginity to an ugly girl. Craig dated the owner of the LA Lakers. Craig got a chance to meet Patrick Stewart; he felt so informal, he asked Stewart about trying out a “Mangina” and “Rocket Man”. Craig will do bits about his former high school classmates, especially if they show up to his comedy shows. BIZARRE FILE Self-portrait of Amy Winehouse made out of her own blood will be sold at an auction. Thieves broke into a house while it was being fumigated with poison gas. Vigilante re-steals his stolen bike on Craigslist. Ten Neo-nazis believes they are “training for a race war” near Disney World. Elementary school has had the wrong name for over nine years. No Subaru car has found Intern Mary yet!

Time 9:56 – 10:25

Live at Subaru! TONY LUKE JR. Tony has lost over 140 pounds since he started eating healthy and exercising. All he used was a tapeworm! TAKERU KOBAYASHI Speaks little English, luckily we have an interpreter. Will begin to train for eating contest about three months prior to the event. Kathy says something from a video game in Japanese. Kobayashi says something dirty that we'll never know. Don't translate it! Kobayashi sometimes sweats when he eats. Japanese is a cool sounding language. Cow brains was the worst thing he had to eat. “Cow brains” in Japanese is “Cow brains.” Stomach cancer is the only thing he worries about. If you eat Tony Luke's five-pound cheesesteak, you get a T-Shirt. People will do anything for a T-Shirt... do you know what a T-Shirt costs?! Kobayashi never uses antacids. Tony Luke has a new place at Harrah's of Philadelphia. LQ HOLLYWOOD TRASH Rihanna, Michael Jackson, John Cena. LA MATT RITTER Great time at Cherry Hill Subaru. How did you know Preston loves man-ass? Giving away Subaru's MMRBQ tickets! MUSIC NEWS Alice in Chains will begin recording its fifth album. Blink 182 has to cancel Bamboozle appearance due to Travis Barker's emergency tonsillitis. Teenagers started violence after a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Jack White told Buzz Aldrin that he wants to send his new album into space. Buzz wonders who the hell he is. Black Keys giveaway!

Time 10:34 – 10:46

We are wrapping it up here at Subaru. MARYANN FROM PHILABUNDANCE 250,000 meals was provided by Subaru's donation. Summer is a time of need because kids don't get meals at school during summer. Please give donations throughout the year. Keep Kobayashi away from your storage units. Matt Ritter offers Preston the keys to a new 2012 Subaru for the month of May! LOTD. Matt Cord is in for Pierre today. Caller Jodie wins Word of the Week! Thank you to our guests and to Subaru! Have a good weekend and we will see you next week!


Lesson Question:

On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which actor does the portrait of God resemble?

Lesson Answer:

Rick Moranis



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