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Disc: 1 Date: 5-3-2012

Track 1 Time 6:14 - 6:25

Good Morning Thursday. Traffic. News. Teenage boy fights for his life. Boy was shot 4 times and was taken to the hospital near his school. Police officer accused of tazoring a 17 year old is now in custody. No further leads. Mother takes daughter to the tanning salon. Now facing charges of child endangerment. Mother says rumors are false, and that she claims she is a wonderful mother to her daughter. June 4th will be her next court date. Sports News. Chipper Jones hits 2 run home run to beat the Phillies last night. series wraps up this afternoon. Flyers continue series tonight. Series is now tied 1 to 1. Sixers have another day off before returning to tomorrow nights game against the Bulls. We have great guests. HottieCam. Tickets for the Sixers. Secret Text Word.


Track 2 Time 6:35 – 6:59

Where is Kathy. Pinching one off. Traffic. Secret Text Word. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays. Christina Hendricks, the hottie from Mad Men, has a birthday. She is so hot. Corky gal. She has great boobs. She's 37. Greg Gummel, the older fatter brother is 66. Casey dislikes Briant Gummel. Bobby Carnival is 41. Great guy. Stupid Answer. New Years Eve DVD. Celebrity News. Angelina Jolie and Russell Crowe are friends. The two were spotted on the set of Les Miserables. Is the show about people who are miserable? Great show according to Steve. Long play. You would rather experience the revolution itself than watch. Taylor Lautner and Sara Hicks are seeing each other. They were also spotted hanging in January. Scarlett Johanson gets awarded with star. She is really hot in The Avengers. Tom Cruise will replace Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing. Dee Snider should play Van Helsing. Who is staying and who is leaving SNL? Eli Manning will host the show this week. Amber Riley from Glee faited on the red carpet. The 26 year old is now fine. Reported that she was dizzy and light headed. Thanks for not taking pictures of me lying on the floor. Charlie Sheen makes his sitcom with a cameo from his father, Martin Sheen. Kim Kardashian talks marriage with Kanye West. Shes been divorced twice, shes 31, what is she thinking? Its a bunch of BS according to E. Ashton Kutcher stars in new commercial. Family Guy hits 10 years. Secret Text Word.


Track 3 Time 7:09 – 7:45

Dark Weather. Traffic. Suicide: The After Affects. Junior Seau was found dead at 43. Police are saying a suicide. Junior had a lot of history with domestic violence. Preston and Nick admire the limb-less man who motivates society. Junior is the 8th member from the Chargers who have died. Paige on phone. Believes people commit suicide when they're well more than when they're feeling bad. Munch's, The Scream, brings $119.9 Million. Most expensive piece of art ever. Anonymous Artwork Makes Money. Why can't you say p*ssy at an auction. The 1895 piece of art sold within 12 minutes. Winners names weren't released. The previous record for an artwork sold at auction was $106.5 million for Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust," sold by Christie's in 2010.Auctions get out of control. Always do the research first before buying a home. You'll never know what you bought. Keep the pretzel rods secure Casey. Keep it clean.


Stupid Question:

What Oliver Stone filmed was titled The Big Liar in Hong Kong?


Stupid Answer:



Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:57 - 815

Warming up with rain. MadRiver HottieCam. Traffic. Dan Baker (PA Announcer) in Studio. Thanks for coming in Dan. Great having you in. Homers For Hope Charity – Homerun Derby being held in PA & NJ. Teaching students and others to focus on families who are living off paycheck to paycheck. Homers For Hope website has all information. Looking for major change & improvement from last year. Huge resonse from adults. Registeration cuts Monday. Has Dan Baker ever tried to hit from home plate. Dan's hitting days are over. Dan can't go on the grass. The warning line is the closest he'll get. Liberty Bell is still ringing from the 70's according to Dan. Homers For Hope. 75 bucks. Step up to the plate. Good luck Dan Baker. Bizarre File. Daniel Chong, left 5 days alone in sell. He was celebrating 4/20. Agents arrested him and was placed in a sell with no human contact. He lost 15 pounds in 5 days. 3 days in intensive care. Yesterday, Monkey caretaker, used his tongue and hot water to lick a monkey's butt. He pooped a peanut which was casuing a risk against the animals life. Lost bird reveals ownerships address to individual. Bird is now safe and in custody. Secret Text/ Word of the Week.


Track 2 Time 8:29 – 8:53

Dark Weather. MadRiver HottieCam. Traffic. Courtney - Celebrity scale is very low. Identity who is unknown at the moment. Emberrassing Situations. Preston and Kathy's Meeting Story Casey sent Kathy and Preston a video during a meeting. Kathy hits play on her cell phone. Casey almost died! Laughed way too hard. Casey turned purple. The perfect time for the perfect moment. Casey loves farting. Getting A Boner At The Wrong Time. Man is overwhelmed when he gets an errection for more than 20 hours. Can we ever remember anything. Getting a boner at a young age is scary. Casey remembers seeing a kid with a boner in a speedo. Nick saw a kid wrestling when he had a boner. 5 point stance. Sometimes it just happens. No reason boner. Preston got a boner when his buddies sister sat on his lap. Preston was mortified. Stay seated in class. Mark on phone. Had jury duty with a boner. Thats why the judge wheres the robe. Block it with a book. Tie your shoe. Casey got someone to rent porn in HS. Pillows in the lap. MadRiver HottieCam.


Track 3 Time 9:04 – 9:23

Talking Heads on MMR. Showers coming up. MadRiver HottieCam (2 callers). Traffic. Alicia Vitarelli in Studio. Loves twitter. Actually was present at the movie shoot. Great people. Loved meeting Terrance Howard. Great Guy. Collin Farrell is hard to book with an interview. Collin please stand up. Alicia is excited to premiere her exercise video. Motivating is key. Try new things. Preston doesnt care being sweaty on TV. Alicia really fights like a girl. Kathy enjoys exercising depending on the exercise. Preston gets really sweaty. Really sweaty. Preston broke his foot on a 70 year old man. Preston is gearing up for his black belt test. Does drape yoga exist Alicia. 11Pm tonight, Krav Maga will premiere on Action News. Preston is looking forward to it. Trained really hard. Preston loves working hard in his work outs. Its fun. You learn and it's a great distraction. Mark Ruffalo is coming up next.


Track 4 Time 9:30 – 9:50

Its getting cloudy. Mark Ruffalo on phone.Joss Wheddon did a great job with the film. Mark is honored to be apart of something so great. Steve and his wife enjoyed Mark's character. Much different than Eric Bana or Edward Furlong's character. Casey took his daughter to see the film. Casey warned her. She sat on his lap. Very exciting moment. Did everything in motion capture. Did you get cramps in your face from being The Hulk. Are you satisfied with the action figures. Never thought Mark would be a toy. Nick loved the humor from Mark. Mark loves Tony Stark. The suit and women work. Loves Downey Jr. Casey is happy for Mark's career. Mark signed a six year/film contract. Would love to do another movie with Joss. We loved the movie Mark and we love you. Casey can't wait to see it again. Dont get out of your seat. Traffic. MadRiver Hottiecam. Bizarre File. Grandparents get drunk and decide to tow child's toy car. They were later on pulled over. Mans license was revoked for ten years. The child should have been driving. Childs father later on came to the scene and was furious at his mother. Hang gliding instructor swallows memory card relating to instructions. Woman fell 300 meters while boyfriend filmed the incident. He swallowed the memory card. Bloody battle involves swords and chainsaws. Man gets arm chopped off from chainsaw/ man gets finger chopped off from a samurai sword. They were fighting for years. 2 elderly sisters fight off man who tried to rob them. Incident happened in Hamilton, NJ.


Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 10:03 – 10:12

Dark and nasty out. Word of the week. Secret Text Word. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Rumors about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian marriage. Gwen Stafani hosts X-Factors second season. Lesson Answer. Greg on phone. The shart. Music News. Casey farting. Bass player popped the question. Patterson was spotted with the huge rock on her left hand. Jared is falling. The couple are expecting their 1st child this year. Perfect strangers game is amazing. Lets play it. Nick loves it. STP reveal new tour in Hershey, PA. Scott is excited for this event. New show without hits is fresh. Creed and Metallica are doing the same thing. Dickinson from Iron Maiden opens new company that will give jobs. Very happy to bring business. MadRiver HottieCam. Saved by the bar.


Track 2 Time 10:20 – 10:35

Passing showers coming up. Gregg Allman (My Cross To Bear: New Book) on phone. Doing just fine. Calling out of Georgia. Never intended to write a book or even a memoir about his life experience with the Allman Brothers. For Gregg, it was a diary. The hardest part was writing everything from order. Past to future. Everyone has tragedies in life. Always remember the funny times. Gregg was hit really hard when being asked to be apart of the Hall Of Fame. Its always hard to look back on life. Going through and remembering is touching. Steve is looking forward to reading the book. Still enjoys playing and there's more to come from the Allman Brothers. Someone who speaks so slow sure can rock. Secret Text Word. Caller 7. Get there early. Please. Hockey Game party tonight. Devil's can't sell out games. Its sad. “May the 4th be with you!”. Luke on phone. Dribble. MadRiver. LOTD.


Lesson Question:

What was the original title of Edward Munches, The Scream?


Lesson Answer:

The Shart


Letter of the Day:




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