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Date: 05-2-2012

 Time 6:12-6:23

We will get through this week, we promise. WOW prize given away on Friday—Harrah's in Atlantic city. Traffic. News Updates:3 hostages released due to SWAT team efforts. Suspects arrested. They convinced the guys to order Chinese takeout. Obama says our goal is to destroy AL-Quaeda, on the anniversary of bin Laden's death. He says he recognizes Americans are tired of war. Reductions will continue as far as troops coming home. 44 year old woman arrested after bringing daughter with her to a tanning booth. NJ law prohibits anyone under 14 years to use a tanning booth. She has no upper lip. Sports News:76ers beat Bulls. Devils had 4-1 victory over Flyers last night. Best of seven series now tied. Phillies beat Braves. Series in Atlanta continues tonight. Jon Gosslin on show today, as well as Diane Heery. May is one damn fine month. Miss May Melanie of P&S calendar will be in today as well.

Time 6:33-7:01

Preston's mixing console doubles as a keyboard. Might get some rain today, it will be cloudy. Traffic. Dead Man Down is a drama starring Colin Farrell. Colin is a spot on as the annoying son in Horrible Bosses. Birthdays:The Rock. David Beckham. He is worth over $100 million. Christine Baranski. She was on Bowfinger. Donatella Versace. Kyle Bush. Nascar audio. Preston will relay later the reason why people yell Geronimo when they jump out of planes. Entertainment News:Ryan O'Neal admits he was a bad father. He was on the View to promote new book, My Life with Farrah. Lindsay Lohan says she is not ready to stop partying. Steve's Lindsay Lohan impression. MTV Movie Awards nominees for movies of the year-- The Help, Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. Best actress nominees are Kristin Wiig—Bridesmaids. Emma Watson—Harry Potter. Jennifer Lawrence—Hunger Games. Charlie Sheen threatened to sue NY strip club Cheetahs for creation of 'Charlie Sheen room' where people can eat sushi off of the female employees. Tyler Perry studios suffered hour long fire before being extinguished. Clips:Samuel L. Jackson on 'The Avengers.' The movie is coming out this Friday. Miley Cyrus talks about on-screen relationship with mom in 'LOL.' She has big teeth, they bother Preston. 'LOL' in theaters on Friday. Secret text—Sinbad live at Valley Forge resort.

Time 7:15-7:43

There will be a bit of rain here and there. We will be going live on FOX 29. Traffic. The Trials of Tanning:Tanning salon mother should have been arrested a long time ago just because of her hideous tan. She makes George Hamilton look albino. Kathy doesn't like tanning booths, she buys the spray. Steve would go out in the sun all the time, but now he fights it. Preston is too fair skinned to tan. Nick got the ear burn and top of the foot burn because he forgot to put sunscreen on. UVB rays are what will do more damage to skin. Lower SPF levels slow the amount of time it takes for you to get burnt. Doing that aggravates the issue tenfold. My dad would teabag me. Aloe wasn't around when Preston was little. Steve usedbrontosaurus semen as a kid. Preston gets a full body check because he has psoriasis. Fairer skinned people are more susceptible to skin cancer. Secret text—meet and greet with Sinbad at Valley Forge casino resort.



Stupid Q:

What Native American's real name is Govathley?


Stupid A: Geronimo


Time 7:53-8:08

Do it! Traffic. FOX 29 via Skype:Steve, fix your hair. Everywhere you go you see orange. Flyers look liked crap last night. Nobody has given up yet. They lost 10-4. Last night was a little fluke and they fell apart. Preston wouldn't be critical of them. Matt Cord will be on FOX in a little bit. Preston likes him, but could never really trust him. Don't ever fall for the Matt Cord line, “There's a party at my place.” He's worked his way through FOX 29 with the women. Matt and Kathy have a good friendship. Bizarre Files:Man exposed himself to woman inside Bucks County Association for the Blind. The incident occurred on Friday. The suspect is a skinny black male wearing black track suit. A fight that erupted over a 400 dollar porn bill ended up in an arrest for assault. Girlfriend confronted boyfriend and they started fighting. She was arrested on battery charge. Santa Fe homes raided by young people who hold big parties in them. Peppa tickets on sale on Friday at live nation.

Time 8:18-8:43

MMRBQ will be on the 20th of May. Joining Halestorm will be Godsmack, Shinedown, Steel Panther with special guest Preston Elliot. More details on MMR webpage. Traffic. John Gosselin in studio:He had this bizarre existence hard for people to imagine. He's learned a lot from his experience. Kathy asks how it all started. It started off with one hour documentary by Discovery Health. Kathy asks if he still would be married to Kate if they didn't do a reality show. John says probably not. Steve asks if it's cool to know he'll always be a question on Jeopardy. There's a golf outing for Renaissance Academy, a Phoenixville charter school that John is backing. He has a job interview on Monday, for his brother's friend's sports complex in Reading. Charity info on P&S webpage.

Time 8:54-9:29

We have another guest coming in soon. Traffic. Calendar Girl Melanie in studio:Preston loves the new pictures of her. Steve usually sees her in hockey girl. This was a specific request. She's wearing a Flyers half t-shirt and bikini bottoms. Preston loves the fact that Melanie is critical of herself. Steve imitates her saying she looks fat. Cookie is another word for female genitalia. Hottie cam search is on for local girls. 'Preston's World' audio. Saying 'Geronimo' when jumping from planes: In early 1940s, parachute test platoon based out of Georgia did training sessions. In August 1940, the guys saw 'Geronimo' in theaters. Private Eberhart said the mass jump would be nothing. To prove to his peers he wasn't scared of jumping, he was going to yell 'Geronimo.' Online store selling personalized fireworks: The “spoke box” will ignite the likeness of your face. Steve wonders if it would be legal to shoot a flare somewhere. 'Ruby' by Kenny Rogers: Preston reads lyrics. Ruby is a complete whore. It's like 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.' The song narrator wants to murder Ruby for being a whore. 'Ruby' audio. Clive Palmer announced to build new unsinkable Titanic:It's tempting fate. No one really believed the Titanic was unsinkable. It will have same dimensions of original ship. I'm interested in booking the Rose suite. Secret text—meet and great w/ Sinbad at Valley Forge casino resort.


Time 9:41-9:52

Ruby was a beautiful song. Honey, the whore in this song is just like you. Preston can't get enough of it.Traffic. Someone sent over photoshop of Steve as Kenny Rogers in 'Ruby.' Diane Heery in studio:Diane made Preston realize he will never be an actor. Diane has casted people in movies like 'Signs,' 'The Lovely Bones, 'Rocky Balboa.' Phila is a hot place to shoot films. It's the third go-to place after LA and NY. Political Animals is a series with Sigourney Weaver. First time she has ever done television. She's hoping to rally some people. It's only for Monday, May 7th. Free parking, lunch, and pay for casting for the series. You must be at least 18. Casting for huge post-election rally. Movie shooting on Walnut called 'Dead Man Down,' with Colin Farrell. Both 'Animals' and 'Dead Man' shooting locally until mid-June. Preston says that if there ever comes a moment for Diane to wedge in on a moment when someone is listening to the radio on film, she should think of us. Steve enjoyed the Swedish version of 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.'

 Time 10:04-10:24

Calendar girl Melanie is on hottie cam with bells on. Thanks to Tony Roni's for tomato pies. Chick Fila came in as well. Secret word is jackbox. Bizarre Files:Sexually addicted woman kept man in home for sex. Man escaped from apartment like first victim. Naked and frightened, he told police they've got to help him. Audio of 'Ruby.' NY mother who was fired after donating kidney demanded it back. Bruccia hired Stevens because she was a plan B. Obi Wan Kenobi was always a rogue jedi until now—California man named Obi Wan Kenobi charged with hit and run. Steve's Obi Wan Kenobi impression. Star Wars theme audio. Steve feels jet lag from LA trip. Preston has been napping every day. He has black belt test this weekend to counteract potential jetlag. Hollywood Trash:Octomom will star in self-pleasuring video to provide for family. The only way she can pleasure herself with nailgun. Joe Jackson's perfume kiosk moved because he was being disrespected at the mall. He will go into California malls and sell perfume. Music News:Foo Fighters man Dave Grohl is making documentary called 'Sound City' about defunct recording studio in California. Console was recording source for several big names, including Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine. Nickelback continuing campaign to prove they have sense of humor towards themselves. Shinedown, Godsmack, and Staind are in Drink Uproar festival. Papa Roach, POD also will be there. Melanie enjoying herself on hottie cam. Follow her on Twitter-- “Melanie Cookie.”

 Time 10:36-10:46

Flyers will be on MMR for a few games next season. Melanie will come to MMRBQ and hopefully Keenan's. Thanks to her. Thanks also to John Gosselin. He's a really nice guy. He got a reality check and realized leading a normal life is much better. Thanks to Diane Heery. Sigourney Weaver filming “Political Animals” in Phila til mid-summer. Pierre wanders why it's set in Phila if Sigourney plays secretary of state. It's not supposed to take place in Phila. It's nice outside, cool, a little Seattle-like. Greg Brady really was able to surf. The best was when Mr. Ed went surfing. Alicia Vitarelli will be joining the guys tomorrow. Greg Allman, Mark Ruffalo calling in. Great day tomorrow.








Question: What did Steve use to heal sun burns?


Lesson Answer: brontosaurus semen






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