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Disc: 1 Date: 04-30-2012

Track 1 Time 6:11 - 6:23

Good morning sunshine. Good looking start. Traffic. News. 5 students face invasion. Several masked men barged into the students home. No injuries. No suspects. Temple University isn't the best area. 3 generations of one family died yesterday from an SUV accident. Guardrail may be too small or dangerous. Is it safe? What caused the accident? Secret service elects assistants. Knuckleheads get caught doing activities. Hooker activities. Why punish everyone for one incident? Its ashame that they cant use prostitutes. They work hard enough, why not then? Weapons and troops are liked to be based at Olympic Stadium. Only to use if there's a serious threat. I want missiles on my roof. Sports News. Danny Briere scores 2 goals, along with the winning goal. Flyers win over the Devils (4-3). Flyers take series lead. Game 2 is tomorrow night. Chicago beats Phillies. Series against the cubs wraps up tonight. Derrick Rose faces torn ACL in left knee. More to come.


Track 2 Time 6:34 – 7:05

Eddie wanted to join Kiss? Traffic. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays. Kirsten Dunst or Kirsten Drunks. Shes a big pothead. How can you not love Bring It On. She is 30. Willie Nelson smokes pot. He met pot and cocaine. Hall Of Fame Singer is 79. Burt Young from Rocky has a birthday. Painful scenes in Rocky according to Nick. He still is a great actor. Cloris Leachman is 86. Stupid Answer. Chuck on phone. Entertainment News. Think Like A Man dominates again. Pirates came in second. Safe looks awesome. Lindsay missed her flight to Washington. How come these planes dont have wings. She was partying. Celebrity invites take place at the White House. 'Time' got time for Clooney and Speilberg. Nothing to crazy went on. Royals celebrate first wedding anniversary. I need taco dip. They went to a castle. I want to come home to a castle. Its a cottage. OctoMom tells TMZ its false of the nine baby pregnancy. It disgusts OctoMom that people take pregnancy funny. Sarah Michele Gellar is pregnant with second child. Mel Gibson's rant. He looks insane. Is that him breathing. He's a 2 to 3 pack smoker. Preston is amazed. Recording people can be an issue. Gibson Gibson Gibson. Who wants to eat....Who wants to eat. Patrick Dempsey is a hero. Jennifer Love Hewitt learns her lesson.Thank you Adam from Maroon5. Brad and Jolie set a date. Same day as his parents 50th anniversary. Stewart wins best dress in the UK. House is coming to an end. Mark Ruffalo loves The Hulk. Avengers will be awesome. Yay!


Track 3 Time 7:15 – 7:43

Suns coming out. Traffic. New book on Bin Laden. Despicable human being actual had to suck up to woman. He was using Just For Men. What a sick man. How great would it be to catch him singing in the bathroom while grooming himself. What kind of porn did he watch? VHS or DVD. He would take a natural pill of viagra then grow out his beard. Meetings at Work. Preston missed last weeks meeting. It dragged. These meetings are way too long. How can we shorten meetings. Your boss is the 'help tree'. Preston's friend used to sell vacuums. Vacuum Companies – Singing While Making Sales. House to house singing. Singing helps break the ice. Everyone should have a motivational warm up song. Mike on phone. Works for the singing vacuum company. The singing drives you nuts after awhile. Taking trips with the company is bad news. Sales teams always converge into a party. Motivational Moments. Is it bizarre to do a huddle? Katie on phone. Works at a salon. Chant chant. Chris on phone. Has a buddy that works in Japan. Boss allows employees to release fustration.


Stupid Question:

What Urban Art does a tagger indulge in?


Stupid Answer:



Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:54 – 8:06

Suns out. Traffic. Empire State Building is an advertisement. Very interesting. What's the height. We do have the Preston & Steve Blood Drive. Firefighters charity from Christina. Bizarre File. Dentist in Poland is investigation after sugically removing her ex-boyfriends teeth. She took all his teeth and then wrapped his head. He couldnt feel anything when waking up and didn't feel he was in danger while under going the procedure. She could face up to 3 years in prison. California man claims his BMW motorcycle gave him a long lasting erection. He has continued to not engage into sexual activity. Chicago police say man going over 100mph said he was just trying to have sex. Speeding for sex. Caught with drugs. Men steal beer and diapers from Walmart. Former Miss New Hampshire was arrested after assaulting her boyfriend. Nicole punched and scratched her bf. She was later arrested at work. Dan - Band giveaway. 5th caller. Stay there.


Track 2 Time 8:17 – 9:02

Seether tonight. Great band. MMRBBQ is coming up. Traffic. Hockey is so nerve-wrecking. Congrats Flyers. We will have tickets to giveaway. Candlebox is coming here tomorrow. Preston & Steve in Hollywood. Had a blast. A quick in and out trip. Hollywood has hot women. They're everywhere. They do exist here just not as many. Stayed at the W Hotel. Right in the area of the tourism hall of fame. Walk of fame was great. No one was there. Fabulous rooms for fabulous people. Living in Hollywood. In room dining was only 50 bucks for Preston. What! Lame breakfast when you have to pay. Thats insane. 50 dollars for cereal and a banana. Hotties were present at dinner. What a hot spot. How much was porn if your breakfast was 50 bucks. Larry King was awesome. What a legend. Seeing and running into old friends is always fun. Thanks for the 50$ breakfast. Prices for Prom. Thousand dollars. Ridiculous. Dresses are about 500. This year predicts that people will spend over a thousand dollars for prom. Dudes just get away with it. Dresses are getting short. Just rent dresses. Who wants to buy them. Casey got his tuxedo for free. Go home and toss them. Joey on phone. Spent $1,000 on his daughters prom. Ashely on phone. Friend had a $300 custom made fitting and also bought the dress. Marisa went to multiple proms. Preston isn't looking forward to his daughter's prom. He spoils his kids already. Marisa drank before her prom. Preston did so many illegal things. Wedding dresses are cheaper. Who created these prices.



Track 3 Time 9:12 – 9:37

Bill Weston. Record sold like crazy. Traffic. Pee & Brain Shivers. Pee shivers and brain freeze. Poop shivers. Pee Shivers. The afterwards burn. It is better to pee more frequently. Most commonly is seen in men when holding large sumptions of pee. Lowers blood pressure, pee can unleash fluid from the nervous system. The body is then flushed by chemicals. Restores the blood pressure flow. Do these two meet in the middle. Is there a relation? Is it strange to sit and pee. Once in awhile its good to sit and read. Hi, I'm Casey, producer of the show, can I smash my penis against yours? Come on. Brain Shivers. When did Casey become a doctor? Casey is speaking another language. Cold food will constrict the blood to freeze. Casey is the expert. Migranes. People who have migranes have frequent brain freezes. Pain disappears when the arteries constrict. Migranes hurt. King sized bang-aroo. Bow-Tox may help headaches. Cluster Headaches. Demons! An ice-pick behind the eye.


Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:44 – 9:55

Great day today. Traffic. When you go to the airport, look for luggage to put your luggage in. John in studio. John gets funny when he is angry. Executives need to show off their power and passion. Get wild. He is such an awesome dude. He never gets mad. Bizarre File. Man punches at window scaring cat. Largest sperm bank is under investigation. Wrong sperm. Wrong child. Wrong family. Wrong time. Can you imagine when you see a different colored baby. Women who complains about missing wallet, argues to be let off plane. She was removed. Her wallet turned up in Chicago. Women who survives two wars hits Guinness Book World Records. She celebrated with a glass of champaign. She will be more than happy to do it again. Preston and Steve Blood Drive 2.


Track 2 Time 10:08 – 10:21

Sunday Bloody Sunday. Fight before game. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Kenye West takes out the Kardashian. Public affection. A Good Day To Die Hard will be the 5th Die Hard. Lesson Answer. Vince on phone. Grapes. Music News. Jack white says he has enough tunes for 2nd solo album. White is now touring on his own and will play tunes from everything he has worked on. Hell Yeah, victims, GWAR's front-man launched a comment on Hell Yeah. Fat Texans with a cool name. Hell Yeah thanked GWAR for talking sh*t. Eddie Van Halen wanted to join Kiss. Couldn't stand Roth anymore. Simmons convinced him to stay in Van Halen. Steven Tyler appears in a commercial for BK. Wow! If you hated him becoming a judge then you'll love this. Have you tried the sauce yet. You need a hair-net. It helps the fans like Aerosmith. It was great working with the big-outstanding Steven Tyler. Aerosmith keeps the next album on silent. Free Music Monday. Avengers soundtrack.


Track 3 Time 10:31 – 10:42

Great song from Avengers soundtrack. What a fun movie to see. Thanks to Marisa for filling in for Kathy. Poor Kathy. She had the squirts. Thats how ladies describe the stomach pain. Stay away from her. Pierre is in. are we running out of personality for radio. Clear channel uses the method. No wonder why. Pierre had a great weekend. MMRBBQ needs to have a pig on a stick. Nonsense according to Pierre. No roasted dead pigs. Just roasted dead cut up pigs. Letter of the Day. The letter is B. Thanks to our lovely sponsors. Rush-if-fied! New music Monday.


Lesson Question:

what type of fruit does Pitit's british family like to eat out of their butt?


Lesson Answer:



Letter of the Day: B


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