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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time: 6:09 – 6:21
It's almost the weekend! Traffic. NEWS 48 SEPTA workers win Powerball. Woman who always plays the lottery with the workers but forgot to pay that day wants some of the prize money. Radnor police arrested a man who printed out girls pictures on Facebook, committed lewd acts on them, and then reposting what he did on the girls' Facebooks. Man did this in his grandmom's bedroom. This falls under child porn. If he pooped on the pictures, that would be art. SPORTS The Eagles drafted DE Fletcher Cox with the 12th overall pick. Casey loves Cox! Flyers will face the Devils. Sixers lose to Detroit, enter the playoffs against the Bulls as the 8th seed. Phillies will play the Cubs tonight. Coach Peter Laviolette, the Victory Brewing Company, and a lot to giveaway today!

 6:32 – 7:00
Preston has no comment on weather. Traffic. SQ. BIRTHDAYS Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump, 28; Ace Frehley, 61; Jack Klugman, 90; Casey Kasem, 80. Casey Kasem freakout. Ponderous, man. SA. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Lane Garrison charged with domestic violence. Pauly D has gained 20 pounds of muscle. Hulk Hogan wants naked pictures taken off online. Betty White will be on Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show, “The Client List.” Kim Kardashian and Lindsey Lohan will be seated at same table for the White House Correspondants' Dinner. Rosie O'Donnell says Lohan should not play Liz Taylor. Lohan was a nightmare during Glee, was 3 hours late. Steve wants Lohan vs O'Donnell in a knife fight. Simon Cowell embarassed after reading through a biography of himself. Mila Kunis says it's absurd she would be with Ashton Kutcher. Going blueberry shopping is a public sign that we're fisting. Preston is not okay in Preston's world. CLIPS Hugh Grant talks about his favorite childhood movies. Mike Henry reveals where Cleveland's voice comes from. Everything is going wrong for Preston today. TV Appraiser Gary Sohmers will be in. Intern Erin will get Preston's things. Peter Laviolette & Victory Brewing Company coming up!

Time: 7:11 – 7:42
Weather. Traffic. Preston wants to appraise his stuff. Or maybe hit the lottery. SEPTA WORKERS WINNING LOTTERY Each SEPTA worker will get $1.5 million each. Should that woman who forgot to play with the workers get part of the money? No one is ever going to not chip in on a lottery pool at work now. That woman's son is on the phone; family is devastated. Would Preston & Steve continue if they won a jackpot? Preston would if he could do the show on his own time. Kathy would report traffic on phone from the Caribbean. Caller claims that he knows some of them, and wants them to retire because they're horrible at work. Caller Sam wants to earn, not win, that money because you can know how to  make that money again. Casey wants to join a country club. Caller wants to travel and smoke a dubie with Preston & Steve in every state if he won. Friend of the woman who didn't play on the phone. We're going to give them cases of Labatt Blue Light. Caller says he was denied admission to country club because someone didn't like him. Caller says he plays the lottery with his workers in case the people he hates wins. Caller Katie had boyfriend that won $250,000 but he spent that money on a different girl.  Victory Brewing Company is here and giveaway.

Stupid Question:
What sitcom's stars actually drank Kingsburg's Non-Alcholic Beer?

Stupid Answer:

Time: 7:54 – 8:03
Traffic. BIZARRE FILE Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their wives up to six hours after their death. Egypt National Counsel for women is fighting against this. Counselman says the sacrament of marriage remains valid after death. It's a big turn-off if the girl is dead, it always killed the mood. Florida man told police he ran into a Walmart because he had the runs after fleeing the scene of a hit and run DUI situation. A NY woman hit a cop in the head with a vibrator. A giant bronze scuplture of dog poop is erected in Poland to remind people to pick up their dog's poop. Peter Laviolette and Gary Sohmers coming up. Preston should have brought in his Civil War vibrator. 

Time: 8:15 – 9:01
Traffic. Kathy will be out at Retro Fitness this weekend giving away MMRBBQ tickets! LIST OF 20 RULES FOR MY UNBORN SON Don't enter the pool via stairs. Man closest to the grill is the king; give him beers. Never make the first offer. Nick always remember the right to walk away. Yep, “run away and cry” is very manly. Casey had buyers' remorse after buying a car. Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas.  Clean the poop out of the backseat, too. Grip firmly and look in the other person's eyes to give a good handshake. Good and bad handshake experiences. A wishbone shouldn't be a backbone. Don't rely on chickens. Preston adds rule: never use a cell phone while golfing. Marry the girl equals marrying their whole family. Never be afraid to ask out the hottest girl in the room. Caller Ed reminds us of “A Beautful Mind” and that less attractive girls are more likely to date you. And, ugly girls do butt stuff. “FINISH ME OFF” SOUND CONTEST We play half of one of our sound effects, and callers have to finish the sound clip. Caller Greg gets “I rip ass” and wins Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Caller John gets “What am I talking about? I'm talking about the need to eat pizza!” gets Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Caller Jim gets “Ballsacks are yummy!” and wins a case of Labatt Blue Light. Peter Laviolette on phone Is healing time more important that playoff momentum? Flyers open at home. The Flyers Rib Road Trip. Giroux said: “Wait 'til you see this” before hitting Crosby in Game 6. Facing the Devils. Let's go Flyers! Victory Brewing Company giveaway!

Time: 9:12 – 9:47
Traffic. Gary Sohmers in studio Knowing a little about a lot on Antiques Roadshow. Interested in the toys and music of his generation. Steve just thinks toys look cool. Preston has Toy Story 2 McDonald's set. Full collection makes it more valuable. Ways of selling these items. Kathy's friend has Pez. Pez's with feet are newer. Some Pez's are expensive. Star Wars Pez's. Most stuff from 1980s were too mass produced. Collecting newspapers. Reasons to collect items. Autographs are free to sign, but can become expensive. Gary appraises' Preston's items. Preston's Kentucky Derby collection has value in Kentucky only. Caller Glenn has Beatles flickers, valued at $20 a piece. Caller Mike has 1863 Civil War letter, could be worth $5000 to $20000 if verified. Caller Steve has the first Rolling Stone, could be $350. Caller Mike has 1901 Nick Jr. player piano, could be $8000. Caller Noah has a R.E.M. demo tape, could be $10 to $50. OOH! Caller Steve has a Red Rider BB Gun from A Christmas Story, worth $300, if original. Thanks for the appraisals, Gary. Daydreams Hottie Cam is on!

Time: 10:05 – 10:26
Daydreams ladies on the hottie cam! Victory Brewing Company giveaway! Traffic. BIZARRE FILE Tree removal worker died after a tree limb hit him at a North Jersey nudist club. Boyfriend tried to scare her girlfriend by acting like a robber and tapes the video, which becomes viral. 40,000 Norwegian followers showed up to a trial of a mass killer to sing a song the killer hates. Burglar shows up to house with the homeowner wielding a shotgun; burglar later calls the homeowner and offered a trade back of items. Zookeeper crushed to death because an elephant sat on her. Phillies' John Brazer in studio It's the Philly Phanatic's birthday today! It's the 26th anniversary of his 8th birthday. Four games at home this weekend against the Cubs. LQ. HOLLYWOOD TRASH Pregnant Man divorces from partner; Gretch van Susteren from Fox News Channel; Michael Jackson's black surgical mask that he wore before he died. LA. MUSIC NEWS Jack White could land his first #1 album with his solo album “Wunderbuss.” Tommy Marth, saxophone player of The Killers, committed suicide. Coldplay will be on next week's American Idol. The company that created the holographic Tupac want to create other dead musicians. Would people want to see holographic music acts  on tour, such as The Beatles and Elvis? Ringo's swinging a bat at Elvis! Daydreams ladies still on the hottie cam!

Time: 10:37 – 10:48
Pierre coming up; Preston needs this weekend. Thank you to Peter Laviolette, go Flyers! We will be given away Game 2 tickets next week! Thank you to the Daydreams girls on the Hottie Cam! One of them has a religious quote under her pants. Chicken fights with Jesus. Preston doesn't get the “one set of footprints” Jesus parable. Thanks to Victory Brewing Company! Pierre Robert is in. LOTD. Casey will be at the XFINITY store tomorrow. Kathy has her ticket raid at Retro Fitness.  Caller Joan wins Word of the Week! Pierre has a beef and beer tonight for a friend battling a brain tumor. Last day of Grand Band, WMMR has given away $25,000 during this contest. WMMR turns 44 years old this Sunday. Thank you for listening to the station. Pierre will host different blocks of music based on the era of rock. Pierre also has a new single by The Offspring to play today. Also, thanks to Gary Sohmers for coming into the studio! Candlebox, Jake Johnson, Mark Ruffalough will be on the show next week. Have a good weekend!

Lesson Question
Keeping a used handerchief in your pocket is akin to keeping used toilet paper where? 

Lesson Answer
Keeping it in your belt.

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