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 Date: 04-18-2012

 Time 6:14-6:27

Live from Wells Fargo Center today: Preston says they're staring right at the Linc across from Wells Fargo. They will be giving away tickets to tonight's game. Traffic. News Updates: Hacker installed software in Ruby's diner in Glen Mills to gain access to credit cards. He might have just installed software inside when nobody was looking. Mother shot repeatedly and pronounced dead. Suspect is black woman in late twenties driving sky blue Lexus. Consumer report sized up twenty different kinds of toilet paper. They assessed how well the paper tears at the dotted line. None of the toilet paper brands are eco-friendly. Sports News: Penguins will be without Craig Adams who received a one game suspension. Flyers gametime at 7pm tonight. Jamie Moyer oldest pitcher to ever win major league contest at forty nine. Pacers have sixth straight win.They're at the Wells Fargo in showing support for Flyers. The whole city is on fire with this. Casey has used orange sharpie to highlight all of his paperwork today. They will be giving tickets away at the eight o'clock hour. Fox 29 already has van set up. The next hour will be business as usual.

 Time 6:39-7:08

Fox 29 and Kathy are on TV. They are going to skip traffic for now. Birthdays: Mark Tremonti. Melissa Joan Hart. Eric Roberts. Rick Moranis. Hal Sparks is on the Disney channel now. He is very un-Disney. James Woods. Apparently he has a huge dong, making up for the effed up face. Entertainment News: Ryan O'Neal has melonoma on his nose. He's also got stage two prostate cancer. Simon Cowell got robbed during a one-night stand last year. Kim Kardashian has political ambitions, namely to run for mayor of Glendale. Gerard Butler went with brunette to a portapotty. Clips: Jerry Ferrara about his role in Think Like a Man. Meryl Streep talking about new film. Traffic. They're going to go downstairs at the Wells Fargo center. Xfinity live passes. Pierre is going to stop by later. Matt Cord will also be there. Peter Lucco will be stopping by, as well as Bernie Parent, Joe Watson.

 Time 7:21-7:45

It's going to be sixty-six degrees today. The tickets for the game tonight will be given away at the eight o'clock hour. Traffic. Secret text word is up and running—Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. Flyers Ice girls Lauren and Michelle on air: Steve asks how they stand the cold. There is a pregame party at noon at Xfinity live to hang out before the game. One of them went to Pittsburgh for the game. There are four girls per game. Steve asks if they've ever taken a spill. Both girls skated at UD. Bernie Parent on air: People are chanting “Bernie.” The orange shirts say “Guess What, We Don't Like you either.” Bernie throws shirts off the roof of the Wells Fargo. Bernie says we have the best crowd in Philly. You can punch somebody in the face, but you can't pull their hair, according to rulebook. Bernie's going to launch a hockey puck. Steve says, imagine you're tugging on the hair of a lover. Preston says to watch out for pucks coming down. Bernie would prepare the night before when he played. He would nap with a dog named Tinkerbell. It got him in the zone. He is a creature of habit. Thank you to Bernie for coming on the show.

Stupid Question: What trivia question did Preston and Steve ask on an episode of It's Always Sunny?

Stupid Answer: Reggie Leech

 Time 7:56-8:25

They will be giving away tickets within a half hour. Commuters should pull over to check out what's going on. Traffic. Philly Pretzel Factory made goalie out of pretzel material. Pancake is drawing on watermelons. There may be a shoot-off for the winner of the tickets. Rebecca of Flyers Organization: Dietz and Watson will be doing dollar hot dogs. Pep rally at noon. The parking lot will turn into pandemonium all afternoon. Robert Irvine is there. Casey is wearing steel-toed flip flops. Caller from Scotland studying abroad listening to Flyers. She will live stream it. Bizarre Files: Pilot on transatlantic flight mistook planet Venus for C-17 plane. Pilot initiated jet liner dive to avoid a presumed collision. Africa doctors removed liquor bottle from a man's ass. Robert Irvine on air: Robert had a Restaurant Impossible by Casey's stomping grounds. He has seen a lot of bad ice machines. He saw one with six inches of mold. Kathy asks what the key is to running a successful restaurant. Robert says you should change the menu at least four times a year. Thanks to Robert for stopping by.

 Time 8:36-9:00

Traffic. Ice girls Danielle and Lauren are doing pirouettes on the ice. Puck Shoot off Wells Fargo Roof: Contestants are signing waivers before shooting puck. There is an actual goal that is two hundred feet away from where the guys are sitting. Bernie took a crack at it and got pretty close to the goal. First contestant is Mike. Mike's shot fell short. Nick is on the ground and able to assess the accuracy of the goals. Contestant Eddie's shot is three inches from right post, making him the leader. Contestant Lisa is final contestant. Her shot ended up ten feet from goal. She wins the tickets. Joe Watson on air: Preston doesn't remember the playoffs being so exciting this early on. It's been real physical so far. There have been eight suspensions, whereas last year there were seven in all of the playoffs. Peter Luuko on air: He dresses rather casually for an executive. If a co-worker is a team player on the ice, they're more than likely a team player in the office. We get a bad rap for being intense sports fans. The excitement levels are exponential. The guys are going to throw watermelons off of the roof. They're replicating the same ritual that Dwight Eisenhower did before Battle of Normandy.

 Time 9:11-9:28

Preston and Steve are both chilly. Xfinity live opens at ten. The grand band artist is Green Day. Watermelons are about to be dropped off the building. Traffic. Cover girl Melanie on air: Steve asked her if she won Philly's hottest. She brought big boobs Flyer fan girl Christie. Preston asks how big Christie's boobs are. She is a C right now. Marisa will be there during the game. Matt Cord is there. He is in for Jaxon. Xfinity live is open in forty minutes. Casey got watermelons from Superfresh. Ceremonial Watermelon Toss: There is a count-off and the first melon is dropped. Kathy drops the next. She says it was awesome. Nick really wanted to be on TV this morning. Casey would love to know what Mike is saying in the studio right now. Crosby is a big potted plant.

Time 9:39-9:56

There is a nice crowd forming below. Traffic. Calendar girl Kendra and big boob Christie are there shooting t-shirts at people. Pierre on air: Nick had asked him to come out early. There will be a great victory tonight. He looks like a man of the people. Flyer fan Nick is wearing pajamas. Pierre wants peace and love. Orest Kindrachuk on air: He never realized how hard it was to find a wig. Seeing close to 47,000 people means a lot. Since the history of the franchise, every generation has been well represented. Orest would take Crosby on his team any time. He would want there to be penalties at beginning of new season. He wants to see the best teams and for them to get rid of the instigation penalty. The look of Malkin is a throwback to Orest's era. Thanks to Orest for coming by.

 Time 10:08-10:30

There is video proof of Preston shooting hockey street ball with a stick. Nick Murphy zoomed in on it last minute. Watermelon Toss Continued: The watermelons had names and numbers of team members. Crosby's landed in a potted plant. Jen of Fox 29 throws another watermelon.Pierre throws a melon and it's a perfect three-pointer. He's a master of gibberish. Bizarre Files: Doctors in Pakistan fighting to save life of baby boy with six legs. Racoon attacks have closed water park. It is unknown what started altercation between raccoon and people. Mother left child in vehicle while she was in bar drinking after applying for job. I left him with the raccoon. I'm talking to Albert Einstein leave me alone. 13 year old daughter was given in school suspension for having a hair color that is against the rules. Office calendar girl Melanie looks good. Hollywood Trash: Gerard Butler spotted taking woman into portopotty during Cochella music festival. Bradley Cooper will be playing lead in staged version of Elephant Man. Music News: Eddie Van Halen opens up about his struggles with alcohol. Puts some of the blame on his father. Pusher Jones is the name of a new rock super group. Steve is a fan of the Gorillaz. After the song, I gotta take a piss. What is this? Did your dog get in here? Axl Rose issued a statement thanking fans for respecting his decision to not attend the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The fans booed him. Him not doing it was a classless, graceless thing.

 Time 10:40-10:51

There is a carnival like atmosphere there now. A lot of thank yous to people who have come by-- Bernie Parent, Joe Watson, Orest Kindrachuk, Robert Irvine. Hung is a marketing coordinator at Wells Fargo. Thanks also to Peter Luuko and Rebecca. Kendra was wearing a really nice looking shirt. The guys really like the girl shirts. Pierre is wearing his Phillies jersey to show his athletic prowess. He is peeling off his size small jersey. Steve asked him when he's due. From where they're sitting, Kathy can just look over her shoulder and give the traffic report. Work force blocks of U2, Weezer, Queen coming up. Springsteen tix to be sold later.

Lesson Question: What is Bernie Parent's one dating rule?

Lesson Answer: You can punch her in the face, but you can't pull her hair


Secret text word: Faceoff

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