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Next week on the show:

Jim Gaffigan  - Monday

Giuliana & Bill Rancic - Tuesday

Vinnie Brand - IN STUDIO - Tuesday

Whitney Port - IN STUDIO - Thursday

Steve Rannazzisi - IN STUDIO - Thursday

Anna Chlumsky - Friday



Run down of today's show:

Time 6:11 – 6:22

Traffic. News. News: Firefighters pay tribute at St. Cecilia's church for the fallen firefighters. G-8 group of countries on Friday condemned North Korea over its attempt to launch a long-range rocket taking a satellite into orbit. 3 injured after car goes over 6 ' concrete wall in Wynnefield Heights  Sports. Phillie 3-1 victory over the Marlins. Pat Burrell signed a one day contract with the Phillies to retire with them. Giving away Flyers tickets to do the same thing Erin & Pancake did yesterday. Today is Kathy's 5th annual maybe Locks of Love Angela from Gravity Hair Salon & numerous Totally Office Calendars is here cutting Vicky's hair already.


Time 6:32- 7:05

Kathy is at Crowne Plaza. Intern Pancake and Erin drove out to get ribs  and the game and brought them back, we need someone else to go get ribs and vow to bring them back to get tickets to the game. We will have your information so if you don't do it we will destroy you. SQBirthdays. Aaron Lewis is 40. Ron Pearlman is 62. Max Wineburg from Bruce Springsteen band is 61. Paul Sorvino is 73. Rick Shrowder is 42.SA. Entertainment News Sarah Silverman is not Pregnant! So she started her own rumor basically.  Alec Baldwin is getting away from all the stress in New York. He ran away to Rome with his fiance and is liking it there. Apparently gypsies are big there now. J.K Rowling has her new book out which is her first Adult book. In reality Packford is a town at war kids battling parents wives battling husbands. No wizards. Morgan Freedman denied having relations with his step-grand daughter. Scarlet Johanson misses Ryan Reynolds. Screenwriter that Mel Gibson hired freaked out on him for being anti-semitic. Kim and Khloe Kardashian confronted a reckless driver on the road. Jenny Garth marriage is failing because she is the jealous type. Lindsey Lohan's fight was real the statement said she was home at the time. Clips. Maggie grace on Lockout. Will Sasso on the three stooges. Check in with Locks of Love – whole family cutting their hair. Traffic.


Time 7:17-7:50

Weather. Check in with Locks of Love Locks of Love at Crowne plaza & in studio. Casey's daughter is getting her hair cut today. Every night Casey gives his  hair a thousand strokes. I saw a field mouse fall out of it the other day. Pierre does inverted crunches after styling hair.  Unbearable movie theme songs. Kathy hates Brokeback Mountain song. Humping in the tent by beaver brown band. Sylvester Stallone's to close to paradise Steve does Sylvester Stallone impression. Bat dance by prince. Carol Linley's song from Poseidon. Brothers by Patrick Swayze. Free Willie Will you be there by Michael Jackson. Willie ended up in cat food they took a chainsaw. Sing along to against all odds. Steve impersonates Michael McDonald. The never ending story by Jamal.  Can't fight the moonlight by Leanne Rymes  from Coyote ugly. Die another day by Madonna. Not a girl by Brittany Spears from Crossroads. Marissa doesnt like the song from she's all that. “Take my breathe away”. Bobby Brown Song Sing along Traffic. Locks of Love -Talking to Casey's daughter.  


Stupid Q:

who said “you aint no officer and you aint no Gentleman”


Stupid A.

Richard Gere


 Time 8:02-8:14   

Flyers Tickets, Get those ribs! Big concert announcement in Music news today. Check in with Locks of Love Kathy is putting pics up on twitter. Angela is in the studio cutting hair. Flyers are playing tonight against Pittsburgh. The winner must do this. Bizarre Files. Police say “show time” forced a family in apartment & got the wife & mother in law to get undressed & gave the guy a swirly. A top Vatican cardinal got the nickname “Cardinal Rambo” due to his love of fire arms. Parents of a pre mature baby say doctors keep forgetting because she weighs 12 pounds. Steve impersonates the baby. GiveawayResorts casino.


Time 8:25-8:49

Flyers Ticket giveaway. Traffic. Check in with Locks of Love  talking to Ron about the setting their at crown plaza and what they host every year. And Het a friend of the show and second time cutting hair but brings family and friends to get their haircut their. Time to give away some Flyers tickets! Caller Mike is the big winner and accepts the mission. Mark Price and Rain Pryor In StudioThey are performing at catch a rising star in Princeton tonight and tomorrow night . Rain's mother was a go-go dancer. Parents are proud of her. Mark gets called Skippy still to date. They use the snippet from the theme song to family ties to lighten the load on a sad story. Rain took well to motherhood. Mark hasn't had a date in 4 years. Rain started doing stand up 2 years ago. Her father is Richard Pryor. Marks grandparents were on the Ed Sullivan show.  The Jewish Community gave her a harder time growing up being a African American with Jewish descent. Mark Worked with Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons in the movie Trick or Treat. Rain will be in a off Broadway show. Mark is a facebooker not a twitter-er.


Time 9:01-9:30

Locks of Love. Traffic. Check in at Locks of Love with Layla & Phil & his wife. Kicks for a cause a big event that Preston will be hosting tomorrow. Kate Flannery In Studio.Playing with the Lampshades at Helium comedy club on Sunday night. Kate is known for being on the Office. James Speader is suppost to be leaving the show. Kate will be hosting a T.V. Guide show. Kate did productions at Archbishop Carroll High school. Casey saw Annie there and it's his favorite show. Also she was in inherit the wind and her dad fell asleep during it. She missed her senior prom because she was an extra in Eddie and the Cruisers. Her scene was filmed at Haverford college. Nick thinks she looks her best out of all the times she has come in the studio. Nick went to the gym for the first time in awhile and realized he needs to go more. She did a stage production of Valley of the dolls in New York. She does a little singing on the side to performing cover songs like from sesame street and Mr. Rodgers. She went to Hollywood and when she got back her accent came back. They have subtitles for the Philadelphia accent. They would get chips and UTZ and Herr's snacks on the set of the office and Herr's Chips dropped off snacks in the studio. Worked at a store called “Uranus” at the beach. Casey proposes the idea to have a prom here for all the people that didn't get to go to theirs.


 Time 9:41-9:53

Weather. Intern Erin is getting her hair cut next. Traffic. Check in at Locks of Love with a women who is a Leukemia Survivor. Keith got 28 inches cut off.  Erin is getting 10 inches cut off. Started taking hair care vitamins to help it grow longer quicker. Intern Erin is getting her hair cut now! Beth is cutting the hair and Casey is helping and Angela is guiding them through it. You sort of look like a dude. They finished it they think it looks good, Erin's hair is shorter! Giveaway Avalon golf club


Time 10:05-10:28

Grand Band. Traffic. Check in at Locks of Love. Roxanne got 16 inches cut off. Kristen donated  couple years ago and now is cuting her mom's hair today. Bizarre Files. New york women has been indited  about lieing about Leukima so she could get a dream wedding. 16 year old Florida boy dropped a bomb on parents that he has had relations with a women. I love her. Looks like a few bombs hit her faceA man showed his junk to a police officer before getting shocked. A blind womans pen ran out of ink when writing her novel. Mom this is a knitting needle. And she severely burned her fingers while typing on the waffle ironKid suspended for hugging a teacher. Lesson QHollywood TrashMel Gibson is making a new movie about Jews. Marc anthony finally signed papers about divorcing Jennifer Lopez. Paul Iocono has revealed he is gay but is still attracted to woman. Lesson AMusic News. Guns N Roses singer Axl Rose will not be accepting an induction. Dave Grohl and Krist Noveselek are having a private recording session. Courtney Love is now accusing Dave Grohl of sedusing her daughter. Marylin Manson performed for the first time in 3 years with Johnny Depp on Guitar for Sweet dreams are made of this and the Beautiful People. Concert announcement! Bruce Springsteen will be playing at Citizens Bank Park on September


Time 10:39-10:53

Great weather it feels great but Preston feels horrible phisically and has a migraine. Kicks for a cause will be hosted by preston tommorow. Casey mentioned another benefit. A beef and beer food provided by Carabas. All proceeds go to the Cardinal Croll foundation in Springfield. Check in at Locks of Love with Wendy the owner of Salon fiber and Lauren a teacher. Thanks to Kathy for organizing everything today. They got her a Three Stooges Punching bag. Matt Chord is in the studio. Thanks to Marck Price and Rain Pryor. Thanks to Kate Flannery. LOTDWOW. Brovine apologized for destroying the chocolate stanley cup he wanted to test the chocolate and practice Karate and wanted to make sure everyone got a piece. 


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