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Disc: 1 Date: 04-12-2012

Track 1 Time 6:15 - 6:24

Good morning everyone. Traffic. Adventure Aquarium. News. Police search for man who robs 94 year old woman. Woman suffered a broken arm. Warehouse fire is still in suspicion. No signs of what caused the fire on Monday which lead to several deaths. The neighborhood is recovering with several homes also catching on fire. Sleep schedule may develop diabetes. For 3 weeks, participants had to sleep less than 6 hours everyday to test for change. Steve's period is not regular. Sports News. Flyers win 4-3 over the Penguins in game 1. Game 2 is tomorrow night in Pittsburgh. Phillies win over Marlins. The series against the Marlins wraps up tonight at 7. Sixers win over Toronto. Sixers have won back to back games since March. Sixers next game will be against the Nets. Sklar brothers are stopping by today. James Cameron. HottieCam.

Track 2 Time 6:36 – 6:57

Flyers Tickets Giveaway. Chocolate Stanley Cup. Traffic. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays. Everclear's guitarist has a birthday. He is 50. Nick from Finger Eleven is 42. Shannon from 90210 has a new reality show with her 3rd husband. She is 41. Andy Garcia is 56. Claire Danes is 33. David Letterman is 65. Tom Clancy, the great author, is 65. Ed O'Neal is a black belt. Who knew Modern Family would be so awesome. Stupid Answer. Celebrity News. Simpsons 500th episode/ FOX celebration. Chris from Sex in the City has a hot wife. Chris and Tara were married in Hawaii. Wedding costs ten million. Kim Kardasian goes after woman who assaulted her with the flour. Petra, the model, calls off engagement. Charlie Sheen is ready for his come back on TV. Alec Baldwin laughs at his own network. Twitter welcomes Betty White. Schwarzenegger will not get back will Shriver. Ferrelly Brothers - excited for Stooges movie.

Track 3 Time 7:09 – 7:50

Ticket giveaway. Traffic. Secret text word. Game 4 in Philly. We have ribs. They documented everything on our twitter account. Pancake & Erin's road trip to Pittsburgh. Thanks to Pancake and Erin. We deserve credit for the wonderful win from our Phils and Flyers. Erin didn't want to come back without a win. Pancake is Erin's bestfriend. Pancake doesn't panic in away game situations. Ushers escorted Pancake and Erin out. These ribs are finger licking good. We now have a chocolate Stanley Cup. Secret Text word. Best&Worst Jobs. (Stressful jobs – taxi driver #10, photo journalism, corporate executive, event coordinator). (Kathy likes throwing events). Kathy stresses over the process. Casey finds his job in relation to an event coordinator. Lets go shoot some arrows. Stripper suck off. (Police officer is a good one. Airline pilot. Firefighter. Enlisted soldier #1). Many people fill their taxi's with concrete. Worst jobs – (broadcasting, butcher, dishwasher, meter reader, waiter/waitress, newspaper reporter, oil rig worker, soldier, dairy farmer, lumberjack). Meter reader looks like fun, if you read the meters wrong. Best Jobs – (mathematician, computer analysis, online ad. Manager, occupational therapist, audiologist, financial planner, dental hygienist, HR Manager, actuary, software engineer is 1). Secret text word.

Stupid Question:

What truck company supports the slogan security since 1859.

Stupid Answer:


Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:58 – 8:08

Welcome back everyone. Traffic. Preston is blown away by this Stanley Cup. Nick Murphy is not here. Bizarre File. Female passenger in an airport strips naked. Caught smoking a cigarette in a non smoking area refused to quit smoking the cigarette. Argentine parents say goodbye to infant who was confined in a coffin for several hours. Infant is now showing good signs of recovery. Man given 3 day sentence for receiving stolen property. You can buy pants that fit when you get out. Chef almost died when stabbed. Marriage will still happen. Archery is serving popularity due to the Hunger Games. Lets shoot some arrows. Nick took archery in high school. Sklar Brothers are her to join us. Much more coming up.

Track 2 Time 8:19 – 8:44

We have girls wearing roller-skates. Traffic. Sklar Brothers in Studio. It took a shorter time getting here than that last air break. The chocolate Stanley cup is bringing back memories. We have little kids being trained to go into the cup. Lets call V. Williams to see if she got the memo. We have all shared women with the team. Every year was a let down. Associated in the same high school. Spotting A Mullet. We saw a mullet recently. It was exciting. There should be a mullet hall of fame. It should be behind super-cuts. Business in front, party in back. Casey had a mullet. Rat tail was there. Burns outs and lesbians rock that. Nick loves the brothers act. Great show to watch. Its good that we don't sound like the Beatles even though we're twins. Casey admires there game. Working together as brothers. They talk perfectly. They never talk over each other. What a perfect combination. Grew up on classic rock. Dropping the f bomb. Fudge fudge fudge. We must prevent kids but they need to learn. Try not to curse in front of our kids. Kids have heard words, just not in a specific order. United Stats of America Show. Its a great show. We went from tallest to fattest nation. May 8th it premieres. Not exactly a fan of history but they enjoy statistics. Kids were more interesting back then. OctoMom was fun. Larry King farts non stop. Ted Danson is the nicest guy. He looks like an a**. Hollywood is the real deal. Chasing the high. Hunger Games/ Archery in Parking Lot. Didn't read the Hunger Games. Interested in seeing the movie. Ted Nuggent and Sklar brothers vs the studio

Track 3 Time 8:56 – 9:16

Roxanne. Great song. Traffic. Sklar Brothers are here outside. Lets shoot some arrows. Hunger Games is bringing back archery. Thanks to Rodney for fixing the bow. Attempting to win. Everyone has archery in their pastime. Casey is grateful that he isn't going against anyone good. Girls can't shoot bows. Lets go Kathy. Shoot the apple on Bills head. Shoot it. Prize giveaway. Kathy is up first. The arrow keeps falling off. Kathy is dangerous. Kathy created another traffic problem. Preston is up. Mike – Preston. Steve is up. Steve's the winner. Eddy – Steve. Nick is up. Nick - Michelle. Casey is up. French greek outfitters. Casey. Michelle is our winner. Tom is a winner. Rich is a winner to see Sklar Brothers. Secret text word. Evan is a winner to see rock the troops concert. Nick is the winner overall. Megan is our winner to see Candlebox. Andrew wins to see Sklar Brothers. Casey wants to fire six at once. Think Orlando Bloom Casey. I think someone hit the apple.

Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:25 – 9:46

That was fun. HottieCam. James Cameron is advertising the Sklar Brothers. King of the World. Traffic. Marquee Madness. Oaks PA Convention. Sklar Brothers in Studio. Sklar Bro – best comedy podcast. Very honored that they are one of 5 great podcast. Secret Text Word 5th caller. Thanks for the giant Stanley cup. Chocolate baby. Huge fans of Steven Segal. He is whispering here. Secret Text Caller 5th caller. Nick is planning another ticket giveaway. We really love this chocolate cup. Its beautiful. Kathy could eat chocolate everyday. Bizarre File. Man in California went face to face with a black bear. Man was texting his boss saying he would be late for work and then ran for his life. Man in South Carolina refuses to give up his goat. The goat is like a child. The goat is his kid. Hundreds of students receive emails regarding their acception to their college when they really weren't. What a mean prank. Man sentenced to 7 years for firing gun shots. Several injuries. Grandmother was shot in the leg. Methamphetamine subjects found in store from cleaning crew. Sklar Brothers new show premieres May 8th. Its a fun new program to watch. Snakes on a plane. Snakes kill. Make the rattle go. Let it rattle. Who wants to go down in a plane crash. Twitter is great for us. Great support and love.

Track 2 Time 9:57 – 10:24

James Cameron is coming up. Lesson Question. Trash. Charles Manson denied parole. Schwarzenegger and Shriver are finished. Lesson Answer. Matt on phone. Baked Ziti. Music News. Axl won't attend the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Axl is an idiot. Axl respectfully denies. No one is permitted to speak for me or on behalf of me. No offense was required from Axl. No one understands him. What is with this man. No chance of original lineup reunion. Green Day will give the introduction speech. Green Day reveals 3 albums at once. Dave Grohl gets slammed by Courtney Love. Grohl was rumored to hook up with Kurt and Courtney's daughter. Courtney is really reaching. What a psycho. Jackson's Building The Band. The poster is awesome. Fire clip. I got Bronchitis, ain't no one got time for that. Anderson Cooper had a laughing fit. A girly laughing fit. This guy laughs like a girl. Its hilarious. Casey had a vision. James Cameron on Phone. Excited to have it back out. Steve admires the development of making the film. Had 33 dives down to see the ship. 3D experience is great. Steve loves The Abyss. Several tests were done to ensure that the process was possible. Its always amazing going down to see the ship. Cameron took and kept the wheel. Casey is a fan of Terminator. Cameron likes the movies for Arnold. Avatar 2&3.

Track 3 Time 10:38 – 10:47

Guns N Roses. Good song. No Axl. Sklar Brothers were great. Very funny guys. French Greek Outfitters. Thanks to Hunger Games. We have to get rid of this hay in the back. Thanks to James Cameron for talking to us. Super hot girls. HottieCam girls. Thanks to NBC for bringing us the chocolate Stanley Cup. Letter of the day. We must do a radio show. Lets communicate with this girl. Tomorrow on our show is Locks of Love. 150 people will donate hair. We are ready. Lets go Kathy. Mike Price is dropping by. Bunch of stuff tomorrow. Grandband. Rage on.

Lesson Question:

whats the life size statue of Wayne Gretzky made out of?

Lesson Answer:

Baked Ziti

Letter of the Day: E

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