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 Date: 04-11-2012
Time 6:10- 6:20
Traffic. News. Indonesian earthquake triggered a tsunami. Devastating effects. Philly fire dept. issued funeral information for fallen firefighters in Kensington warehouse fire. Philly fire marshalls are investiating the cause of warehouse fire. Korean planes stopped after bomb threat was called in. The Korean air liner was shadowed and insepected until its safe landing. Sports. Sixers won, away game tonight. Flyers begin playoffs in Pittsburgh. Phillies continue series against Marlins at CBP tonight.
 Time 6:32 – 7:04
Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays. Peter Riegert 65, Joel Grey 80, Jennifer Esposito 38. Stupid A. Found question in Uncle Johns bathroom reader. Casey learned it from Groundhog day. Entertainment News. Jim Belushi got caught with a joint. Found 1000 parakeets in his pants. Riki Lake got married this weekend. George Clooney is hosting an event to raise money for O'Bama, cost 40,000 a plate. Sylvester Stallone is sueing a contractor who worked on his house, blaming Bravo B.H, housewife Lisa Vanderpump. Hired man under Lisa's recommendation and claims the job is poor. Seal and Klum's divorce is getting ugly due to child custody. Game of Thrones picked up for 3rd season. Matt Grainer revealed that the Springfield location was named after the town in Springfield, Oregon. Alicia Silverstone defends feeding her son mouth to mouth. Amanda Bynes father defends daughter saying she was not drunk and the accident was cops fault to quote “my daughter doesn't drink.” Woman arrested for stalking Alec Baldwin claims they had an affair. Khloe Kardashian is worried about Odom's mental health because he was dropped from Dallas. They're going to great wolf lodge. Audio Clip of ”Community” battle between Chevy Chase and creator about creativity of show. Eastwood is suing furniture company for trading off his name. Clips. Larry David talks about wearing nuns habit in Three Stooges movie. Sean Hayes coming up later. Jackson talks about role in the movie The Avengers. Avengers screening giveaway.
 Time 7:16 – 7:43
Weather. Traffic. Jim Herr died last Thursday. Everyone loves their chips. Utz is local as well owned grandiose house in Avalon. Herr's Chips. Caller works for Herr's loves company, the Herr's are great people. Caller was mascot for Herr's dressed up as chipmunk. Caller received $100 tip from Jim as caddy. Food Creations. Pizza hut U.K introduced the hotdog stuffed pizza crust. Happy ending of Pizza. Nick is against stuffed crust pizza. Steve loves novelty food. Couch Tomato creates various pizzas like thanksgiving style pizza. Casey never tried Hawaiian pizza. Caller Dave puts ranch on pizza, dips crust in french dressing. Kathy dips grilled cheese in french dressing. Caller Lindsey lived in Japan, says they had crazy pizza combos like seaweed and mayonnaise. Even better than a hotdog would be a hot sausage or ground beef in the crust. Stuffed crust pizza is orgiastic. Domino's is aggressive with the stuffed crust. Casey doesn't like crust, Marisa thinks its the best part. Kathy likes fluffy crust. Scotto Pizza used to put pasta on their pizza. Best of Philly Tomato Pie Contest coming up! Secret Text Word. Honey brothers.

Stupid Q:
How many cents is a bit worth?

Stupid A:
12 ½
 Date: 04-011-2012
Time 7:51 – 8:03
Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File. 5 year old brought heroin to school for show and tell. Step father was arrested. Drunk woman broke into someones home and tried to breastfeed the child. Newborn baby was accidentally flushed down the toilet. Mother gave birth on the can and it took several people to fish the baby out of the pipes. Secret Text Word. Fox 29 Skype. Marisa-Philly dancing with the stars. Flyers playoffs. Marquee Madness. West Main Diner in Lansdale. I'll take the tads, ill take the tits.
Time 8:10– 8:53
Weather. Sean Hayes-Phoner. Three Stooges. Playing Larry, character is a Philly native. Hayes was a fan of series as a kid. Implored the same techniques from original movies for eye poking and things. Sean said they actually slapped each other and was sore some days. Agrees with Casey, that there is a big risk but the whole crew went for it to get in character. Sean should visit “Stoogeum” in Pa. Congrats on TV series “Grimm” co producer. Casey considers “Jack-ass” as the modern “Three-Stooges.” Traffic. The “Pitchuation” got haircut on air yesterday. Email from highschool friend, Chuck Lawless. When he gets excited, its like an animal vomited. Kathy is interested to see how he will style his new hair. “Stoogeum” Caller's wife work there, loves working there, says they have everything. Do they have dinosaurs? Shemp had a lot of anxiety. Scents. Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new show coming out called “Snatch for Sale” plays a high priced call girl. She uses McCormick's Vanilla Extract to attract mens attention. Its like baking cookies when you're trying to sell a house. Preston has done it. Perfume gives Kathy major headaches. Steve's wife has a signature scent. Preston responds to scents, will let people know if they smell nice. Scents are enticing, Steve likes the smell of freshly clean hair. Catches a nice whiff a minute after a woman walks by. Yea, the fart trail. Casey walked by a woman who smelled terrible, couldn't tell if it was a front door smell or back door smell, but definitely downstairs smell. Smells. Caller knows man who uses vanilla to attract woman.
Caller wears two different scents. Caller Joe is dating a girl who has bad b.o. Doesn't know how to bring it up. Advice, buy her a gift set of perfume and deodorant. Preston dated a girl that smelled like burnt rubber. The best way to tell someone they smell is tell their parents, and have them tell her. Did she have a sponsorship from Pensoil? Kathy says Hewitt's plan is nothing new. Tomato pie contest. Grand Band coming up. Marvel's the Avengers.
Time 9:06 – 9:32
Grand Band Song.Traffic. Jason Sheehan-In Studio Tomato Pie Contest. Preston didn't know what it was when he first came here. Kathy never ate it before the show. Jason has narrowed it down through experts. Ready for people to disagree. Casey's fav is Tony Rony's not in top 4. Iannelli's, South Philly. Corpolese Bakery Norristown. Marchiano's Bakery. Sarcone's Deli. Ranking on a scale from 1-5. Jason cleansing his palate with beer. Casey used half numbers to be precisor. Your tearing me apart with your half numbers. Sounds like a true Italian meal with the yelling. There is a new show about Italians living with their mom. Issue is coming out in August. Cant say name on air, but can reveal letter of Pizza. Caller Mike says show is called “Momma's Boys” Casey picks C. Steve picks B. Magazine does a lot of research to find the best food spots. Constantly have free food delivered to the office. Something new everyday. Follow Jason on Twitter! run up about best and worst.
 Date: 04-11-2012
Time 9:35 – 9:53
Weather. Traffic. Coach Doug Plank-Phoner. Philly Soul. Big game against San Jose this weekend. Coach loves endzone celebrations. Its shows excitement for the sport and teammates. Played for legendary coach Woody Hayes. Coach has learned a lot from past, believes in good communication. AFL realizes they are not NFL. Different game, atmosphere, attitude. Maintains good sportsmanship.Bizarre File. Boston police investigating possible hazing. According to police they found students tied together with duck tape and covered in substances with welts on their body. Children in Germany found a bazooka during Easter egg hunt. 6 year old died, was pulled into a wood chipper. Horrific accident. Elderly woman in Quebec Canada fell and was helped by a man in Canada. A man committed more than 10 felonies in 8 hours. Caller Keith is about to go into surgery, made his morning.

Time 10:05– 10:22
Shout out to baby Logan John Campbell. Preston has a head cold. Audio clip of Bubba Watson on Letterman, describes his personal style of play as “awesome.” Flyers first postseason game tonight in Pittsburgh. Sending Intern Pancake and Intern Erin to fetch ribs for tomorrows show, all inclusive. Erin will be donating her hair Friday for Locks of Love. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Stallone claims he was victimized by home renovation. Melisa Etheridge's ex g.f misses her when she licks a coconut. Adam Levine found out g,f was dumping in from a magazine. Lesson A. Music News. Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to play Lollapalooza. Perry Ferrell is excited to hear Black Sabbath. Courtney love called Dave Groul a psychopath because of his hatred for Kurt Cobain. Love alleged that she vetoed the use of Nirvana's song in that movie. Red hot Chilli peppers will play a free show for the O'Bama campaign at Cleveland House of Blues. Secret Text Word

Time 10:31 - 10:46
Weather. Secret text. Matt Cord was at Mitchell & Ness last night. If you catch a ball in a NFL game you either have to keep it and leave the game or give it back. Rule about who supplies the ball. Thanks to Sean Hayes, Jason Sheehan,Doug Plank. LOTD/WoW. Rabbi has funny story about the band Zebra. D.J Booker was showing Marilyn Manson around and Rabbi made him laugh by doing his best Zebra impression. Wrap Up. Thanks to sponsors. Coming up with Matt Cord. Work force block of Chilli Peppers, Buffet Tickets, Tomorrow James Cameron, Sklar Brothers, Flyers Tickets. Ribs.
Lesson Q.
Sbarro is the pizza place upstairs in Granite Run Mall, what is the pizza joint upstairs?

Lesson A.


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