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Disc: 1 Date: 04-05-2012

Track 1 Time 6:13 - 6:27

Beautiful sunrise this morning. Grand band and $thousand prize. Traffic. News. A multi alarm goes off as mansion goes up in flames. The fire burned for over 3 hours. The tree houses were larger than my home. This house is a Cosco. No word on what started the fire. The mansion was built in the 20's. If your rich or own a mansion, don't get caught in the fire. Student exchanges pornographic images to substitute for better grades. The teacher is only 25 and is now facing charges. Yahoo will lay off 2,000 people. They're are trying to save money. Sports News. Eagles agree to make deal. 7th round pick from Bills. Fans hate that Sixers lose to Raptors. Sixers are a game in a half out of 1st place. Sabres are fighting for 1st place. Flyers are in 5th. Game time is at 7pm. Phillies Opener vs. Pirates at 1:35pm. Mike on phone. You have a 14,000 square house. What is going on with our interns. We will have a super duper rich guy on the show and much more.

Track 2 Time 6:40 – 7:08

Lots of people on the show today. Traffic. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays. Mike from Pearl Jam is 46. We love Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam is busy. Everyone has their own projects. Its good for the band. Mich from X-Files is 60. Michael from Law & Order is 71. Steve loves his work. His films are great. Stupid Answer. Andrew on phone. Celebrity News. Jeremy Renner is not a fan of the media. He wants his life to be personal. He is not gay! Dan Harmann apologizes for his angry voicemail with Chevy Chase. Harmann is sorry and embarrassed. Chifty Shellshock regains conscious after waking up from his coma. Several key players on SNL are leaving: Kristin Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. Kevin Bacon discovers that he and his wife are distant cousins. We are all Americans. His wife was a fan and wanted to meet him which lead to marriage. Ryan Gosling saves a woman from being hit by a taxi. Ryan Seacrest may be involved with the Olympics. Kim Kardasian doesn't believe in love anymore. Chloe doesn't get mad when her mom calls her fat. James Cameron is pleased with Titanic 3D. Let's go Phillies. We have more to come. We want free stuff from Taylor Made. Stay there.

Track 3 Time 7:18 – 7:42

It's beautiful out. Traffic. Kevin Bacon & his wife are distant cousins. Steve & Preston are curious. Family Member Couples(sharing sexual relations). Steve loves the topic. Preston almost got twins when he was 14. Uncle Joe's daughter hooks up with Uncle Joe's nieces son. Casey new a couple that were cousins. Nick new a couple that were together. Is this wrong? When will the thought of being with a blood related relative kick in. Carolyn on phone. Mother has sex with son. Preston can't stand this. He gets headaches. Anonymous caller. Kissed his hot cousin. She was too hot. Casey wants to know if you two were ever finger cousins. Jenn on phone. Amanda on phone. Genetics research coordinator. Joe on phone. New people that went public with their child. Why wasn't this charged with a crime. Brother and sisters making babies isn't good. Kathy would you hook up with a family member on an island. Caller 13 – Resorts Casino. Atlantic City.

Stupid Question:

Who was awarded 6th star general in 1976.

Stupid Answer:

George Washington


Track 4 Time 7:53 – 8:14

Bam Margera will be on the show shortly. Traffic. We got to give a shout out to Terressa Casaboon at Johnson's Truck & Auto. Marshall Harris on phone. Casey is concerned with this years season. Why is Casey on the ledge right now. Harris understands his position. Steve believes we will have a great season. Harris is curious with the turn out of the season, including the wild card. Casey is usually more excited for opening day. Harris loves Rollins leadership. Nick was happy seeing Jim Thome in uniform. Harris believes he will play a few times a week. Its a huge opportunity for the Phillies. Casey is concerned with the number of injuries. Is this a bad sign? Is Live Sports Television affecting the game? Harris loves having the Phillies on air. Preston loves drinking beer and watching baseball. Its the whole idea. Harris loves the fans shout outs. Home opener is Monday. Its going to be a great time. SWITCH CD's

Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 6:13 - 6:27

Bizarre File. Doctor Bruce Genter. A guy named Russ came home to see that his dog ate his master tickets. The owner gave his dog a medication to have the dog relieve the tickets. The man was reissued the 4 tickets. Woman in Chicago planned to rob bank with a note. Turns out the bank was closed. A man uses vacuum cleaner to clear gas out of his car to use for his snow-blower. Salsa and taco sauce assault. Couple were enraged. Cabin in the Woods giveaway.

Disc: 2

Track 2 Time 8:26 – 8:48

Beautiful sunrise out. Traffic. Dave Foster loves the show. Wants the guys to come down and eat. Bam Margera on phone. Working on a video in NYC. Bam never knew he could last through hip hop. Casey is curious to see if Bam gets along with other rappers and MTV stars relating to hip hop. Preston is fascinated with Bam's art. Bam didn't even know he was an artist until he made a portrait. He traveled all over to get feedback. Casey loves that Bam works in his backyard. There's always paint everywhere. Bam goes from one painting to the other. Steve chuckles that Bam automatically gets an art gallery when there are millions of people working hard to even get a chance to be or have their own gallery. Bam has about 44 paintings that he has done. We lost Bam on the phone. Whoops. I wonder if he is still talking to himself. Kathy thinks she is a bad artist. Everybody disagrees. Bam is back. Bam gets into trouble in Mardi Gras. Jumped into a hotel pool with his clothes on and wouldn't leave. Wasn't arrested though. Bam got into a fist fight with an undefeated boxer in Australia. Spit in the mans face and was knocked unconscious for about 7 minutes. Bam got a few punches in. Casey wants to have a live nude drawing in the studio. Bam is thrilled to be on Punk'd. Bam's artwork will be at the James Oliver Art Gallery.

Disc: 2

Track 3 Time 9:00 – 9:26

Foo Fighters are the artists of the day. Traffic. HottieCam-Jessica. Ari Shaffer (Helium Comedy Club tonight) in studio. Casey loves Ari's comedy. Misleading sounds in porn are distracting. Preston & Casey watched Ari's video. It's a live feed. Steve prefers the days of silent film. The sounds are always horrible. Casey thinks the guy should just shut up. She knows what your doing to her, you don't have to say it. Life on set of The Amazing Race. Preston loves the Amazing Race. Ari went into a dry cleaner with a klan outfit on. Is it difficult to drive a car with a hood on. Ari got punched really hard by a bad bit. Ari was punched in the face and fell to the floor. Ari signed the form and moved on. Way too punch a Jew. Ari loves going sexual in his bits. Not a fan or racist jokes. Very happy to be single. Consuming Mushrooms. Ari loves the shroom festival. Lets do mushrooms everywhere. Casey knows places around the world that allow people to take shrooms. Ari enjoys hanging out with his friends at comedy shows. Pauly Shore is just something you have to accept. He's like traffic, just deal with it. Ari is good friends with Todd Glass. Ari has yet to do shrooms with Todd. Fill those forms. Fill them. Ari calls Chinese Restaurant High. Ari called a Chinese restaurant on shrooms. He took many dumps that night and couldn't stop sweating. The meat sweats. Too much meat. Not long ago, Ari gambled. Of-course he was high. Steve's wife loves gambling and has become very knowledgeable with the game. David's in Chinatown is open til 5am. Lets get some Chinese. Ari is disturbed by crime in Philly. Lets do an Amazing Race in Philly. Ari refuses to even get out of a car in Philly.

Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:38 – 9:50

Jessica looks great. HottieCam-Jessica. Traffic. Nick followed Kevin Bacon on Twitter relating to the marriage. Fan of show – Andrew, appreciates Dr. Mike. Andrew lost about 100 pounds and is very grateful. Bizarre File. Police sergeant tries to buy sex. Was this a super secret investigation. Operation completion. Secret officer dressed as a prostitute helps bring in those who want sex for money. Woman caught with child in purse. Mother may face criminal charges. Airport security stops woman from using profanity in an airport. She threw a hot cup of coffee. Filth inside elevators. Forensic tests are granted as residents make their way into elevators to use the bathroom. Salt Lake City man charged with beating ex girlfriend. The man was stalking the woman and made his way into beating her bloody. Rented car heads to ocean. The cars are worth a lot of money. Cabin in the Woods screening.

Disc: 3

Track 2 Time 10:02 – 10:24

Jessica looks great on the Cam. Jessica-HottieCam. Lesson Question. Giant Food Stores. Hollywood Trash. Seacrest is excited for upcoming bid. Jeremy Renner is absolutely not gay. Anyone who says he is will get their ass kicked by Renner. Lesson Answer. Music News. Jim Marshall had died at 88. Rock N Roll as we know it. Marshall amps were used by thousands of musicians. Slash dedicates his appreciation to Marshall Amps. Live to Rise – SoundGarden. Classic SoundGarden. Its a great song. Will appear in The Avengers. Puddle Of Mudd front man charged with possession of cocaine. He could face 4 to 5 years in prison. Ex Crazy Town Singer regains conscious after falling into a coma. Lets get some golf clubs from Mark King. Casey wants clubs for free so he can golf next week. Mark King ( President & CEO of Taylor Made) on phone. Mark will give Casey and Preston gifts. Casey is thrilled. Nick's son is really into golf. Nick wants to help. Mark feels that lessons and time with his father is healthy for learning. Mark loves the game and expands that you should have fun with the sport. Interaction with employees. Undercover Boss is going to be exciting. Its good to see the inside look on everyday life in the work force. We have to appreciate all workers for what they do. They're just as important as everyone else. Mark appreciates when employees create ideas. Spark is their yearly annual company meeting that gives employees the freedom to give ideas to benefit the company. Preston has ideas. Undercover Boss – Tonight 8pm.

Jessica-HottieCam. Cabin in the Woods giveaway. We have the SoundGarden song.

Disc: 3

Track 3 Time 10:34 – 10:43

Sun is shining. A little chilly out. Lets go play golf. Marshall Harris. Phillies opener in Pittsburgh. Home opener is Monday. Bam Margera is quite the artist. His work is great. Always has the best stories. Preston admires Bam. Ari Shaffer is always fun to have around. Mark King is such a cool guy. Let's hope he mails those golf clubs soon. Preston and Casey are excited. The golf clubs are expensive. Lets thank Jessica. Pierre it looks beautiful out. Its a little chilly out. Lovely day out. Letter of the Day. Phish - Bader Field in Atlantic City. Pierre will play the 2nd grand band song. Lets give another lucky someone a $1000. We have great guests coming in tomorrow. Rage on everyone.

Lesson Question:

What malt picker does Colon Powell advertise?

Lesson Answer:

Colt 45

Letter of the Day:


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