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Disc1 Date: 04-04-2012

Time 6:10-6:20

Phish fans will rejoice for WOW prize—3-day to see the band in AC. Traffic. News Updates: Boy hit by vehicle after darting out in street. $10,000 reward for finder of driver guilty of hit and run. Driver hit a 15 year old boy on a skateboard. Police investigating a shooting between four men involving a woman. Victims rushed to hospital and are in stable condition. Man on house arrest after trying to bring fireworks on plane. Those would be my pineapples, M-80s and my Roman candles. Musicians get swept up in music. Sports News: Flyers lost to Rangers 3-5. Lebron James scored 14 points. Evan Turner scored 26 points. Brittney Griner led Baylor to victory over Notre Dame in NCAA championship. Steve and Kathy will be on location at a party tonight, more information coming up in seventh hour. Sam Katz will be on later talking about ABC's Fever: 1793.

 Time 6:33-7:03

Mastodon and Opeth at Electric Factory—secret text. Traffic. Birthdays: Robert Downey Jr. Hugo Weaving. He's a great character actor. Craig T. Nelson. Steve digs Soul Surfer. Natascha Leone. Maya Angelou. David E. Kelly. Clyde Davis. Nancy McKeon. Entertainment News: Wilmer Valderrama was recently seen out with Minka Kelly. Shifty Shellshock of Crazytown in a coma. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reuniting for another Dumb and Dumber. Oprah wrote an open letter to nineteen-year-old self. Steve hates when people do this. Oprah, use the force. Sarah Palin made an appearance on Today Show Tuesday. Palin expressed thoughts on 2012 VP candidates. Alec Baldwin blasted reporters on Twitter. Preston says dying your hair while pregnant is really bad. Jenna Talackova disqualified for Miss Universe pageant for being transgender. She is considering suing the pageant if Donald Trump doesn't change the rules. Betty White is host/executive producer of new show about seniors pranking young people.Clips: Allison Hannigan talking about American Pie fans choosing bad times to call them out. Kelly Clarkson. Sam Katz stopping by to talk about 1793 documentary on ABC.

 Time 7:11-7:50

Sunshine later today. It will be very nice in the afternoon. Traffic. Preston likes the signs that the hottie cam girls brought in. Secret Stash Hidden from Your Spouse: Steve knows couples that have separate accounts. Preston can't think of anything that he has hidden that his wife doesn't know about. Steve remembers discovering his dad's porno stash. Casey didn't care that his wife saw that he had porn, but what kind it was. Casey says there's some shame in hidden stash of junk food. Steve asks Kathy if she eats junk food in secret. Steve put his porn under a file called 'designer shoes at discount prices.' Casey's friend's dad hid his porn with his gun in the basement. Secret text—Mastodon/Opeth tix. FOX Good Day via Skype: Audio of Rock of Ages movie. Tom Cruise looks a little too jacked in the movie, otherwise he's pulling it off. Corona On Draft Announcement: Corona reps come in to studio. Kathy has been a longtime fan of Corona. Corona Light on draft for first time. A free beer for everyone who comes out to Chickies and Petes to see Kathy and Steve. Steve asks what took so long to get to this. It was a long thought-out decision.

Stupid Q:

What company decided that Incubus was a good name for a woman's running shoe?

Stupid A: Reebok

 Time 8:01-8:13

Weather. Traffic. Corona Light now on draft! Bizarre Files: Men arrested after 220 lb calf found in Honda Civic. It was sharing the backseat with one of the thieves. IT worker in Des Moines arrested after urinating on co-worker's chair repeatedly. Charged with second degree criminal mischief. New car changes color to adjust to driver's moods. 80 year old woman landed airplane in Wisconsin. Three Stooges movie passes—in theaters Fri, April 13th.

Time 8:23-8:55

Preston is laughing about something. He will tell us in a moment. Traffic. Casey has a pinched nerve in his neck. Preston can hardly stop laughing. It's an immediate contortion. Steve suggests he contact Dr. Mike. Casey saw him the other day getting bloodwork and he said there was really nothing he could do. Parents in Brooklyn want to ban ice cream vendors from parks: They think there's too much temptation. Steve thinks it's ridiculous. You can't ban an ice cream truck from driving down a street. It's the kids that can burn off all of those calories. It isn't just eating the ice cream that makes you diabetic/obese, it's the diet surrounding that. Ice Cream Trucks Steve always loved the social experience of standing by the truck, telling the other kids what kind of ice cream he's getting. Caller would tell her daughter that the ice cream man was selling fish so that she wouldn't want ice cream. Caller accidentally used his dad's rare coin collection to buy ice cream. Caller's mom sprayed the ice cream man with a hose after she told him to not come down the street while him and his siblings were taking naps. Nick had a milkman deliver milk to his house until he was a senior in high school. Caller is a snowcone man and gets problems from parents who don't like the rasta design on his truck. Casey wonders if ice cream men carry guns. You paint your gun to look like an ice cream sandwich.Toll House has perfected the Chipwich. Sam Katz will be talking to the guys next.

 Time 9:13-9:33

Corona now on draft a Chickies and Petes. Traffic. Audio of Peter Cottontail. On Friday, there will be the first ever Easter Egg Gunt. It's basically an egg toss involving the fupa area. Sam Katz in studio: A picture is put up in the studio that is not Sam. 10,000 people died in the U.S. in the 1790s as result of contracting yellow fever. Preston asks what exactly yellow fever is. It is transmitted via mosquitoes and creates 105-6 degree temperatures. If you don't get over it in a few days you will die. Philadelphia was on the verge of pandemonium during that time. Thomas Jefferson made the argument that cities were the root of disease and corruption and suggested we should not have them. Steve asks what they did with the bodies of the people inflicted with yellow fever. They were hauled out to the streets, and several were transported to public graves. It wasn't discovered that mosquitoes were root of issue until 1904. David McCullough didn't feel like he could add to this particular segment of Phila history when Sam talked with him. Thanks to Sam for stopping in.

 Time 9:46-9:56

Corona Light on Draft a Chickies and Petes. Traffic. Marquee Madness: Duffer's Pub for advertising the showKathy thinks the Easter Egg Gunt is repulsive. Secret text word prize is Mastodon and Opeth at the Pit. Bizarre Files: Police arrested eighteen men suspected of engaging in sexual activity in a public bathroom. Graffiti of sexual images were found in bathroom stalls, in addition to drilled holes. British businessman picked up Andy Warhol picture worth about $2 million, bought it at garage sale for $5. Woman stabbed a man after telling him she was tired of cooking for him. They're in love. Robbery suspect might have left part of his finger behind in a crime scene. Secret Text word, 20th caller.

 Time 10:07-10:27

Wow Prize—Phish 3-day package, secret text word winner, Lesson QuestionHollywood Trash: Bristol Palin's baby daddy got another girl pregnant out of wedlock. Audio of song “Sweet Mystery of Life.” Steve sings along with the song. Kathy asks if that was the music news. Nelson Eddy wrote the song. Caller says that “Sweet Mystery of Life” is what Madeline Kahn sings in Young Frankenstein. Steve sings “Sweet Mystery” with echo on. Music News: Hallestorm coming out wit new album. Green Day is inducting Guns n Roses into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steve asks if Billy Joe has made it known that he is a GnR fan. Godsmack frontman out promoting new solo material. Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppes says the band will never break up again. Shifty Shellshock in a coma at an LA hospital, he has been completely unresponsive since last Thursday. He was arrested last month for physical disputes with girlfriend as well as cocaine possession. Bono and the Edge have invested in file sharing drop box. It's great to be a part of this thing we don't understand, says Bobo. I ordered the chicken franchaise. I went over to Bobo and asked him what he got. Green Day inducted Iggy Pop. Corona Light event tonight.

 Time 10:37 – 10:

It's going to be 70 degrees today. Send marquees to Preston. Nick likes when firemen do them. Sam Katz said 'gunt' three times when he was in. Pierre in studio. Steve thinks Casey has a great voice. Pierre sings in the shower. He likes to play air saxophone. If he gets intoxicated, he'll sing karaoke of Sinatra's Strangers in the Night. Steve and Kathy at Chickies and Petes tonight in promotion of Corona Light on draft for first time ever. P&S bobbleheads will be at Chickies and Petes as well. Kathy and Steve will be accompanied by police escort. Pierre makes an attempt to rhyme with 'beer.' Steve sings “Sweet Mystery” again, with echoed panting. Grand Band song of the day will be continued at 2. Work force blocks of Rush, Tom Petty coming up.

Lesson Q: By rule, fat kids are what?

Lesson A: Funny


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