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We have a whole lot of stuff on the show today. Traffic. News Updates: Police investigating playground shooting. Children injured and rushed to hospital. Mexico earthquake damaged hundreds of homes but didn't cause a single death. Secret Service immediately jumped on the earthquake. 87 year old man went missing after hospital discharge. He had no cell phone and has dementia. Sports: Panthers beat Flyers. Flyers home again tomorrow night. Sixers are home tonight and they are 26-20. We will be live on Fox today, and will have Mayor Nutter stopping by today. Greg Murphy will be phoning in. 'The Hunger Games' star Wes Bentley will be chatting with us about the new movie. Philadelphia Soul—teachers must send pictures to Marisa. The game is Sunday, Apr 1.
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Traffic. S.Q. Birthdays. S.A Entertainment News. Michael Lohan denied Alex Torrez, porn star, paid Lindsey for sex. Zsa Zsa Gabbor 's daughter is trying to get a conservativeship to make medical decisions for her mother. Zsa Zsa cross bow is world renowned. Jen Aniston spends 80,000 on beauty products, claims she only spent 200. Wayland is up for release after 1 year in jail. Bates will play ghost of Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Mike, The Situation, Jersey Shore is in rehab because of stress. Has is own Vodka line. Does he have his own coke line as well? Witness said he abused coke. Kirk Cameron is defending himself for telling Pierce Morgan that gay Marriage is unnatural and detrimental. Ironic because he worked with a friend named Boner. Had two of the hottest TV girlfriends. Still married to Chelsea Noble. Dial -a, connect with favorite D and Z list celebrity. Danielle Staub, Tila Tequila, Michael Lohan. All prices ranging. Staub, earned 6,000. Michael Lohan 3,000. Other celebrities involved Dina Lohan, Sheen's Ex, and Hefner's Ex. They have both Lohans? Can you conference them? Michael Bay in the news for TMNT. Is that the time of Reagan? Yes it was. Hero's in a half shell. Chris O'Dowd,apologized to Bay saying he never called him an a@#. Sofia Vergara thinks bikini's in the U.S cover too much, it looks like a diaper. Clips. J.Lo talks about American Idol tour.Jason Segal, writer and Producer of 5 year engagement, thanks everyone for his experience. Philadelphia Soul—teachers must send pictures to Marisa.Fox 29 Skype, Nutternext
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MMRBQ. Traffic. Great Band Cheat sheet. Allen Iverson and wife splitting up. Do you think a marriage works when you bang other women? She wants the names of every girl since 2001. Preston tried to make a list of every woman he slept with and couldn't. Steve couldn't either. Once you get past 20 it gets tricky. How Many people have you been with, always ends in a fight. Steve has never asked his wife. Has a hunch that his wife slept with one of her friends but isn't worried because hes better looking. If you let your panties drop you'll hear a splash, I have a little bit of a urine problem. Preston banged his wife on first real date after a hockey game. Did you pull the goalie? No the goalie was covered as far as I remembered? Nick went to a wedding with the bride who had a colorful past , or female stud- Fudd. Make a list of hash marks, no names. Caller John says girl is H.S was a NOT a Fudd, she was a Slut and his friends made a list. Fox 29 Next.
What was the birth place of the prophet Mohammad?

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Fox 29. Hunger Games. Preston and Steve saw it. Preston read the books and didn't like it as much as Steve who hasn't read it. Steve gives it 3 stars. Movies are often disappointing in relation to the book,Spoiler alert, Norman is his own Mother.Traffic.Cheerleaders. Bizarre File. Gorilla escaped cage, bit a zoo keeper in an act of excitement, not aggression. Swat team surrounded cage and vet tranquilized Koga. Investigating how he escaped. Bonnie Miller texting and fell into Michigan Lake. Houston man arrested for driving around with stepson on his roof. Jay Maitin got his bike back after a drunk person left a note. Gun Thern said her 81 yr old husband last wish was to have his dog it his funeral. Priest said no. At least It wasn't his dieing wish. Mitchell Peterman was arrested for an underage and grabbed his junk and flipped the bird in his mug shot.Budlight.
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Traffic. Shout out to Brian Taft, him and wife are a huge fan of the show. Cecily Tinam wonderful person, she is a ball buster. Video of a man creating “wings” uses the device to fly. Mayor Nutter and Elliot in Studio. Author just graduated from Temple, started book three years ago about what sports mean to Philly as a city. Mayor agrees with Steve and feels sports indicates and predicts the mood of Philadelphia. When the Phillies won The World Series in 2008 Mayor claims everyone was nicer. Elliot interviewed Chris Pronger for the book and saw resemblance in the same speech from a little league coach. Sometimes Casey wishes he wasn't a sports fan. Nutter takes sports calendar into thought for his career decisions and announcements. Interviewed Ruiz, Weaver, Amaro Jr. Rendell. Nutter said the Phillies parade, best moments of his life. You can be joyful, don't be an asshole. Most repeated memories were from Rained Delays at Phillies games. We have seats. Are they good seats? Yes they were good seats. Ultimate man who represents Philly is Joe Frazier. Mayor has no idea about Sixers Mascot, believes they are doing great stuff. Lesson to be learned from sports reflects life, and its ultimately about Team. Didn't play football his Jr year because he wanted to be a Dr. had an internship at Hahnemann Hospital. Coming up Bentley and Murphy.
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Weather. Traffic.LOL. Greg Murphy in studio Spring Training. We got all these great arms. That's why they won the world series last year. Casey Hates March-May can't wait for October. Freddie Gavuls has a great glove. The Phillies work hard and really want to WIN! Wa. denying Phils fans tickets is ridiculous. Biggest threat in NL East is Florida Marlin, great young pitching. of Yankees. New Stadium for the Miami Marlins, fish tank in stadium, retractable roof. Brand new position as Philly's field reporter still working things out and really wants to get the fans perspective. What other time can you do an interview with a car bomb in your hand? Home Opener is Easter Monday. Tour De Shore.
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Skip Traffic. Wes Bentley Phoner. Has the most sculpted beard, took an hour and half to groom it, every time they were on set. Became a fan after he read the books. It speaks to a lot of stuff going on now. Character reflects the decision of reality TV stars.Thank you Wes, should have put Hungry Heart in trailor. Traffic.Forgot Secret Text Word. Doing it tomorrow. Giving away Ninja Gaiden, ninja garden, Eveyone was Ninja gardening. Bizarre File. Hot air balloon pilot warned everyone thunder storm was coming, but lost his life. If sky divers would have left a minute earlier, they would have gotten caught in the storm. 18 year old man in Sweden got caught steeling nipple rings from sex shop. Ruby Garrett, oldest prostitute in Montana died. Stabbing in upscale neighborhood in Texas,Woman efused to buy a magazine and the door to door salesmen stabbed her. Called off Easter egg hunt because parents get too aggressive. Charity Event coming up, Movie Pass Give Away.
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Ryans Cup Charity Event. Kevin, firefighter. Links on P& L.Q.Six Flags.Hollywood Trash. Disney expected to lose 2 million John Carter on mars would have made less if it was called Jimmy Carter on mars. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are friends again after Richards wrote about his genitals explaining it looks like a fried calamari. Music News. David Draymin is launching a new project about industrial bands.Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp to perform “your so vain.” Depp makes a cameo in 21 JumpStreet. Depp plays guitar. Shine down will hit Jimmy Fallon before new album drops. Collect and Soul is going on an U.S tour Lenny Kravitz is playing Sina in Hunger Games.Jennifer Lawrence is his daughter's friend. MMRBQ. Give away Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Duff McKagan on the line. Getting Duffed up. Grand Band and 1000 dollar give away starts Monday 3/26. Opening investigation to find Amelia Air hart. Earhart, its her riding on the shoulders of a Sasquatch. Devoting entire show to Amelia. Kathy is going to make a plane out of cheese. Duff Phoner. Paper back book is just cheaper. Book nerd loves that on the paper back it says new york times best seller.Getting inducted to Hall of Fame. We created stuff out of thin air, and we had great fans, the book is about the dark times and the funny times. Life is pretty calm. Thanks to Duff. Thanks to Chuck from Arby's for free food. Velosocraptor needs to be in effect. Casey is sick, his whole house is sick. Steve doesn't know if he has it or if he just has his period. Casey has to get home because his wife and 2 year old are throwing up. LOTD
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Thank you to Jackson for the fifth of Jack on Preston's desk. Intern Mary, loves video games in a group called Al-Capello performing at Temple tonight. Thanks to Nutter, friend of Oprah and Elliot Parks. Thanks to Greg Murphy, Comcast Sports Net,Hell of an athlete, drinking buddy, oh yea. Wes Bentley, Hell of an athlete, drinking buddy, oh yea. also Duff McKagan. Hell of an athlete, drinking buddy, oh yea. LotD G as in Game, Hell of a Game. Give away Wrath of the Titans. Pierre is doing fun thing with Peanut Chews today. Thanks to Our Sponsors! Tomorrow on Preston & Steve: Todd Glass, Jenna Hayes, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanely! Rage on, have a good day!
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