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Disc: 1 Date: 03-19-2012

Track 1 Time 6:14 – 6:25

Good morning everyone. Good day. Traffic. News. Its typical that people take money from the bank. Detectives believe that suspects were driving a white van. Convenience store was robbed. 4 suspects. Man gunned down. Philadelphia police investigate local vandalism. $7500 reward. Preston wants to take shifts while on-watch! Sports News. Scott Hartnell scored 2nd goal to receive victory over Pittsburgh's winning streak. Flyers are home again tomorrow. Sixers play tonight. Still in 1st. Today is the last day of winter. This is awesome. All the lights surrounding Steve are out. Where is Steve. We have big stars coming. Big John Cena. He will be at Wells Fargo Center tonight. We have lots to give away.

Track 2 Time 6:34 – 7:00

Welcome back everyone. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Glenn Close. Bruce Willis is 57. Bruce Willis is miserable to work with. Ursella Endres looks great according to Steve. Billy Sheehan is a sick musician. He is 59 today. Stupid Answer. Chuck on phone. Tom on phone. 21 Jumpstreet is number 1. The Lorax was pretty good according to Preston. Stupid Answer attempt 2. Sam on phone. Nelson on phone. Entertainment News. Russell Brand feels he doesn't have to feel sorry for throwing the mans phone. Russell paid a $240 fine. Lindsay Lohan is on house arrest. Gallagher is awake. They woke him up from a coma. He is now breathing on his own. Brooke, Sheen's ex, buys new home from Spice Girl. 3.3 million. Bethany Frankle has a lawsuit. Skinny girl margarita. Her dress flew up and people saw underneath. Rob Kardashian's Sock Empire. Judge orders jury to deliberate. Sheraton was struck. George Clooney was arrested. Then perfect man finally goes crazy. It was rough. Lets hope its his last arrest. Oprah cancels Rosie's show. Rosie was sad but understood. She will finish and be happy. Kate Hudson secretly married. Gwenyth Paltrow says New York Times lies about ghost rider on cook book. She wrote every word in the book. The Hunger Games is going to be insane. Preston is excited along with Casey and Steve. Jack McCall's tree – Eddie Murphy is satisfied with his new film, Thousand Words. John Cena is stopping by.

Track 3 Time 7:11 – 7:42

We love this warm weather. Traffic. Family Bust. Butler family are facing charges. Family went to the school to take their daughter out of school. They all took their clothes off. Kids were amazed. What do we do with naked running kids. Embarrassing Parents. Kathy's dad embarrassed her when she was younger. Casey wants to embarrass his kids. Its a good time. Adam on phone. Tammy first time caller. Preston's daughter is always happy to see her dad. Rob on phone. Dad was a janitor at his high school. Ended up in his year book. Brandon on phone. This year, the 5th year, Locks of Love Charity Event.

Stupid Q: what company produced bottled beer in 1875

Stupid A: Schlitz Beer.

Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:54 – 8:14

Beautiful Monday. Traffic. Thanks to our Budlight. They are awesome. Bizarre File. Angry woman at 711 attacks employee. She was peppered sprayed. They didn't have her sausages. 3 Japanese tourists set out to drive to an island. They mapped out their path on the GPS but overcame some serious off road adventures which made them leave the car behind. Sausages. Where are my sausages. I need them. Ronald McDonald House Charity. Joel and Matthew Damron (Ronald McDonald House Charity) in studio. We serve families in the Delaware Valley. Steve admires the atmosphere. The boys are now 14. Don't mess that up with the number 13. They sell to local schools in the area. They spend a lot of time and effort into their work. They are master chefs. They raised over $2000. Everyone needs to come out to this. This is a great thing everybody. The boys bought really good goodies. Thanks for being here guys. John Cena is coming up. Alibi's Cafe Giveaway.

Track 2 Time 8:30 – 8:47

We have John Cena coming up. Traffic. John Cena should be here soon. E-mail about John Wilkes Booth bobble-heads. There is a reference in the movie, The Big Lebowski. We are smart brilliant man. Casey grew up in a small town. Town's name mistakenly mixed up. Margaret Thatcher was so fascinated by US President Ronald Reagan False information. Lots of crowds over the weekend. St. Patty's Day Weekend Recap. Heavy drinking. Lots of parties everywhere. Step dancers are really light on their feet. The Irish step dancing is from the U.S. One three years in a row. One bar after the next. Nick was impressed. Had a lot of fun. He would turn a funeral in a mass party. Dave on phone. Steve on phone. Had a blast. Thanks to Nick. Always party hardcore. We are still waiting for Cena. Pop Evil is here. Alibi's Giveaway.

Track 3 Time 8:58 – 9:25

Pop Evil & Cena are here. Traffic. John Cena in studio. He is a muscle car dude man. Smart cars are cool. Steve admires Cena's service to the military. He has been to Iraq 6 times and Afghanistan once. Steve felt the emotional level of commitment to one's country. Cena is proud to pay tribute. Cena likes shooting guns. He has fired weapons from all sizes. Some guns shoot milk cartons. Whats with The Rock. There is tension all the sudden. Cena just wants to make sure that the WWE will continue in great pride. John posts videos of workouts that he participates in. Did The Rock get implants. Thirteen days from Wrestle Mania. Philly loves this. They don't love me but I love Philly. Cena expands his career. Not afraid to try new things. What's with these smaller guys winning big titles. Cena loves Hogan. Cena gets trashed talked by him. WWE offers so much. Cena likes The Rock's mom. Mom Rumble. Steve had a blast when he took his nephew. Casey fights Cena. Casey's game-plan failed. Cena does great VO work. Pancake and Cena are friends. Pop Evil is here and ready to go.

Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:38 – 9:58

Its looking beautiful. Wrath of the Titans. Traffic. Casey did a great job but lost to Cena. Pop Evil in studio. Very excited to be here. We were hanging out on our tour bus in the Walmart parking lot. We are still a recent band but are proud of the feedback they received. When you get approached outside of your current city, you really feel good about the things that were created. Philly has such a strong reputation. Change is necessary when you become famous. Its always exciting. Writing and experiencing is the way to get the job done. We just want to write material to help. New bands need an influence. We are happy to help those who helped us. Pop Evil performs 'Monster You Made'. That was awesome. Steve can't wait to see them live on the 20th. Raul Ibanez will come out to 'Last Man Standing' if played. Raul is friends with Eddie Vedder. Hopefully, Pop Evil can meet him soon. Pop Evil performs 'Last Man Standing'. That was awesome. We appreciate you guys being here. Mountain Dew helps. We will see you guys at the MMRBBQ on May 20th. We are so excited. Were going to take a break.

Track 2 Time 10:04 – 10:31

Pop Evil rocked. Awesome guys. Alibi's Cafe Giveaway. March Madness continues. Foo Fighters take on Grateful Dead. Shinedown and Godsmack. ACDC and Zeppelin. Pink Floyd and System of a Down. Bizarre File. Orange shirted workers are out of jobs. Anyone who wears orange to happy hour is fired. All 14 employees were fired. Teenager accused of setting beef jerky on fire. Clerk found smoking packages on shelves. Immediately put them out. No damage to store. Man throws bowling ball at teenager in the face. 2nd degree assault. Rapids bowling. Victim faced serious injuries to the face. Many broken facial bones. Mans hand is seriously injured from sword. I am not a jerky fan. Preston loved eating it when he was a kid. Would you like some jerky. Nick likes jerky. Bring those girls back from North Dakota. Lesson Question. Six flags giveaway. Hollywood Trash. Iron Mike wants to appear on Broadway. He would make the perfect Annie. Rosie's show is canceled. Lesson Answer. Hugh on phone. Music News. Racoon Racoon Racoon. Possum Possum Possum. No More Tears. Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne album. 3 CD set. Metal superstars. Erik Singer, Paul Taylor and Stu Hamm. Jack White and his band played in 3 part suits. Shows the work that still needs to be done. You know the elk coming on stage. John C. Reily opened for White. Kiss and Motley Crue will be touring this summer. Kiss will appear on Jimmy Kimmel. Mike Portnoy has no problem playing with Avenged Sevenfold. Courtney Love was called observe by Jack Black. Alibi's Giveaway. Bud-light March. Locks of Love.

Track 3 Time 10:41 – 10:52

Thanks to everyone. John Cena is an awesome guy. Pop Evil are such nice guys. The boys from The Ronald McDonald House were super. These kids are great. Alibi's Giveaway. Locks of love. Hair aircheck. Pierre was all alone at the hospital. Only received texts. Nick called Pierre a crybaby. Sorry for being late. AXL. Letter of the day is s. Wrath of the Titans. Prepared to be rushified. Scorpions are coming. Final sting tour. We will have the finals on March Madness this afternoon. Thanks everyone. Budlight March. Bottom Dollar Food.

Lesson Question: Which hunger games character was killed before the movie?

Lesson Answer: dogness

Letter of the Day: S

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