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 Date: 03-16-2012

 Time 6:11 – 6:21

We're on the verge of St. Patty's weekend. Traffic. News. Fire badly damaged a building in Brigatine, NJ. Building was converted into 4 apartments. 45 year old port richmond man charged with conspiracy accused for sending funds to a colorado resident to fund a terrorist organization. A baby born at Paoli hospital tipped the scale at 12lbs 12 oz Blake is the biggest baby born at Paoli. Sports. Flyers beat the Islanders 3-2 last night. They play the Bruins tomorrow. Sixers are 25-18 and in first place. Phillies 6-4 over the Braves. Guinness Pub Crawl Marc Summers, Todd Herremans, Philly Police & Fire pipe and drums, Philadelphia Wings stopping by, hottie cam xfinity live girls! Frank Sports bar and grill.

 Time 6:33 – 7:02

Traffic. Xfinity Live today, Caller Eric helped set up the flooring for the Xfinity live event. SQ. Birthdays, Wolfgang Van Halen 21, Nacy Wilson 58, Eric Estrada, Jerry Lewis 86, Flavor Flave 53, Todd McFarlaine 51, Allen Tudyek 41. SA. Eva Mendes & Ryan Gossling is still on though, Gossling left his dog with Mendes, Heather Morris is taking her new naked photo leak in stride, she wasn't thrilled but she said at least she looks good, unless your painting a bowl of fruit you are not an artist. Jessica Alba realizes to be a good mother you need to lie also she stetched the truth to get her child not to drink soda so she gives him sparkling water. That's the devil piss. Fox reported that Jennifer Aniston spends $147,000 on beauty products. Additionally she uses a $450 neck ointment. The website claims that the haircuts cost $600 each time. It's not that bad for a celebrity says Kathy. For a full day there Kathy thinks $300 for a regular person. Aniston also shells out $300 for home deliveries. Nick uses Retro fitness. Russel Brand is offically arrested yesterday. Michael Madsen will not face charges. Lindsey Lohan is getting accued of hitting manager of Hooka Bar rumored to be not true, Snooki is multitasking has launched a line of handbags while still doing her show with J-Wow, She is marrying the Geiko Geko. Clips. Steve does irish impersonation. Going to talk to Jaxon today from Ireland.

Track 3 Time 7:13-7.41

Traffic. St. Patricks Day tommorow so glad it's on Saturday, Preston and Steve Crew will be all over the place tommorow. List from orbitz St. Patrick's Day places Philly is number 7 Steve & Nicks favorite St. Patty's Day has been in Philly. Worst St. Patty's Day was in Dublin! They went into a bar & they were playing Bob Marley! Caller Jeremy Comments on Savanah Georgia. Top O' the mornig to you yall! Leprechaun sighting in Mobile Alabama. Clip. Kathy can't believe that they send the reporter out to cover the story. Caller Kevin talks about Concentration of Irish in cities. Caller Tucker family came over from Ireland. The legend of St. Patrick. His true color was Blue and the snakes were suppost to be non- Christians. And they had Shamrocks on their Lapels. Caller Tim says his brother found $20 and swears it was a Leprechaun. Caller Sharon says her son built traps in day care for Leprechauns. Its a carboard box with a stick. Caller Kim has a friend who is a teacher who did a St. Patrick Joke with her class In Ireland it's “Pady's day” . Caller patrick talks about origin of St. Patirck . Guiness Pub crawl. Xfinity Hottie Cam is under way.

Stupid Q.

what Gift do you receive when you kiss the Blarney Stone?

Stupid A:

the gift of Gab

 Time 7:54- 8:11

Hooting and hollering from the Girls. Traffic. Plastic Knives are Pointless. Big thanks to Franks sports bar and grille. Plastic knife is the bastard son for cutlery and noone likes a plastic knife. How long till you called the Divorce attorney? Preston sees a hot chick and he's using a plastic knife to cut a bagel it's embarrasing. I wonder how's my beard? Prestons son Carter likes Sporks. Steve likes the Mini decorative swords for food. Spoon straws like for slurpies. Preston has to aknowledge the plastic knife. Steve would do a whole show in mad libs, Casey was at wawa and used a guy's stirrer for coffee. He actually told him he had to use it. Then in the bathroom he asked to use his penis as well!Nick Supports casey's decision. Bizarre Files. An L.A. Women killed herself with a chainsaw they found a suicide note. A 15 year old sent a text message to a random number about a body which was a detective number and brought her into question. 8 year old ran a car into a tree saying he was going to store with sister. Officials tried to document a rabbit with no ears died when someone stepped on it when filmed. Steve does german accent. Reading Woman arrested for theft with a co-workers credit card. Xfinity Hottie cam is underway. Marc Summers up next.

 Time 8:23-8:59

Girls going to makie an outfit change. And thanks to Franks sports bar and grille Traffic. Marc Summers In the Studio know the show. Last year when he came in and played Know your Co-worker Preston loved it. Marc will be on the Cleavland Show and he had to repeat one line 15 times just because they thought it was funny. Remembers random things labout double dare like almost drowning in Ice Cream. Marc is still haunted by the sound of the golfball hitting a bucket by Casey's buttcheek. 25 years ago Ultimate Revenge just got a pilot and started failing. Lady drove bus because she had to use the bathroom lasted two years on spike, the insurance rate is up there because they have people jump out of planes at 900 feet and women driving buses just make sure noone gets hurt. Know the Show with Marc Summers. Caller Andrew wins Case of Guiness black Lager. Caller Joe wins Case of Guiness black lager. Caller Maureen wins Pub Crawl tickets and overnight stay at windser in the parkway. Caller Tom wins A case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller Nancy wins A case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller Krista wins A case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller Dave wins A case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller Burt wins A case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller?? wins a case of Guiness Black Lager. Caller Ed wins a case of guiness Black Lager. Caller Dan wins $50 Xfinity gift card. Caller Rob wins a $50 Xfinity gift card. Caller Meril wins a $50 Xfinity Gift card. Caller Dan wins $50 Xfinity gift card.

 Time 9:06- 9:45

Jaxon at Distillery In Ireland. Traffic. Philly Pipes and Drums In Studio. It's made up of 50 active memers of the fire and police department. Playing Classic Irish tunes. Also allow children to band music. Todd Herramens In studio. It's a big exhale moment when you find out you get more years. 3 day rookie simposiums in one ear and out the other. Most of people running buiness Rookie Development Coaches. Would like to go into radio or T.V. Longest 10 year eagle next to Patterson and Cole. Firt ever touchdown pic is on twitter. More music now. They will be on a pub crawl tommorow around Philly. Franks sports bar is here.

 Time 10:04-10:34

Talking to Jaxon from Jameson distillery in Ireland. Xfinity Live. Preston is a man of overstatment. Traffic. MmaRch Madness. Bud light bucket challenge at Franks Sports bar tonight 7-9. Bizarre files. A man who left a party after a fight returned with a gun and got arrested on the toilet. A teenager is going under surgery which recoshead after hitting an animal in the head on a home kill. Eurology is promoting a vesectomy and get a large pizza. Police accuse a man of tieing a cat to a rock because it wouldn't go jogging with the him. A Lancaster county man treid to get gas with attendants mom's card. A texas baby who dissapeared awhile a go is getting reunited with family and the baysitter is accused of kidnapping the child. Brett Manny of the Philadelphia wings in studio. Has to change picture did mom cut his hair? 3 more home games starting tommorow against Edmenton, last game is April 6. He owns two boarder Collies. Casey confused Brett's brother for him. Brett and his brother shared same group of friends in school when he thinks of a song the brother starts singing it. Went to college with his brother. Casey says twin fights are the best. Nick has been going to wings games since high school. Big day tommorow with Nick and 17 of his friends. Tommorow is an evening game at 7. Lesson question. Hollywood trash. Founder of man vs. wild gets fired, Comedian Gallager had a heartattack. Music News. Metallica performs in Augest and reveals new stage in Mexico they will be the first to see the new stage. Mumford and sons performed at the white house at a steak dinner and John Legend performed to and the theme was America in the backyard. Slash reunited with Steven Adler to help work on Adler's new album. Talking to Duff next week. Aerosmith is working on new remake of Legendary Child On G.I. Joe album. Garbage made first new track for new album. REM guitarist Peter buck making solo album. MmaRch Madness. The champion will be announced Mon. Xfinity Live girls still doing their thing. Thanks to Brett for stopping by.

 Time 10:46-11:00

Jaxon is in Ireland in Dublin. Thanks to Marc Summers, Todd Herramens, Philadelphia Pipe and Drums, Brett Manny, Franks Sports Bar and Grille, and Xfinity Live amazing girls and Rob Johnson who brought them. Hosting Third Eye Blind. Casey likes how they incorporate the spectrum there, they have a Dr. J statue, and the outdoor bar is made of spectrum bricks. Broad street bullies pub. LOTD. Caller for WOW Jaxon from Ireland. Almost 3 o'clock there taking a tour of the Jameson factory. Got a can of sraypaint and went tagging. They got them drunk then gave them spray paint to tag. Nick got a bottle of jameson personalized for his dad. Mixes whiskey with Ginger ale there at the distillery. WOW. Thanks to our Sponsors. Next Week John cena, Pop evil, Todd Glass, Kurt Coleman, Gregg Murphy. Happy Saint Patricks Day!!





Lesson Q: Casey borrowed another mans what?

Lesson A:


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