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Disc: 1 Date: 03-15-2012

Track 1 Time 6:16 – 6:27

Good morning. Traffic. News. Husband and wife charged with assaulting a woman. Victim was seen with burned marks and harm to the face. Police are investigating a shooting. Father was gunned down. Who just randomly sets someone on fire. U.S. department of agriculture decides on if individuals choose to eat meat. It looks yummy. You know what I want my food clean. Ill put A-Jax on it. Its a big pile of pink. Product was sprayed with pneumonia. Sports News. Eagles sign Shawn Jackson. Jackson's deal is 55.6 million dollars. Eagles are giving Jackson only 15. Sixers lose to the Pacers. David West scored 18 points. They shot a good 57%. Flyers are in 5th place in the Eastern conference. Spring Break Wake Up Call. Lets wake up some people. Lets celebrate. Lots of awesome guests this morning. Penelope Ann Miller. William H. Macy and Ice Cube. Take advantage of the warm weather.

Track 2 Time 6:39 – 7:02

Beautiful today. Sunshine all day. Traffic. Toyota. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Blink 182's Mark Hoppus', birthday. Mark McGrath is 44. Dee Snider is 57. Brett Michaels is 49. We love Brett. You just have to. Eva Parker is 37. Only a few episodes left on the show. Jimmy Swagger is 77. Cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis. Fabio is 53. Nick's boyfriend. Stupid Answer. Chris on phone. Entertainment News. Charlize Theron adopts new son. She is a proud mom. Split from her boyfriend in 2010. Jenny Garth and Peter Fascinelli relationship is a complete sham. Peter was seeing another woman. Lindsay Lohan denies hitting a man with her car. She ran over his foot. They are suppose-ably protecting the man from Lohan. American Idol contestant kicked off due to his criminal background. Sharon Osbourne writes on Twitter that she had no idea or intention of hiring or firing anyone on the show. The new Bachelor is a disappointment. Russell Brand admits chucking his phone at building. Ashley Judd returns after taking a break from school. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have become much closer. Spring Break Wake Up Call.

Track 3 Time 7:13 – 7:41

Great day. Great things coming up. Traffic. Widener leadership. Spring break Wake Up Call. Preston loves the girls from Hooters. They have great outfits. They're hot. Paige is writing to her son James who goes to school full-time. He is terrible at waking up. The girls look like Hooters Accountants. Brent on phone. He is with Paige right now ready to wake up her son. He was drinking til 3am. He is on break so he doesn't have to get up. Preston is anxious to see his reaction. Brent on phone. Strip the ladies down. The U-stream is about a ten second delay. Lets go wake up his friend. How does that guy not wake up with those hot girls. Lets thank Paige for doing such a good deed for us. Lets go wake up a girl. Phone Theft – New Policy. Police are putting out suggestions to not use phones on the trains due to theft. Marisa was playing with her phone. Who blames who for lost batteries. How can we prevent theft. Locks aren't strong enough anymore. Cell phones stolen from teachers desk. Who thought people would just randomly take your phone.

Stupid Q:

what city replaces over 250,000 pieces of deck wood?

Stupid A: Atlantic City

Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:53 – 8:03

March Madness is tomorrow. What or how will Pierre react. Sublime beat Springsteen. Wow. Traffic. Toyota. We are doing great with these wake up calls. Bizarre File. Lofts valley forge. A broke pee wee baseball league returns. Lenox little league would accept a donation from the gentlemens club. The team was forced to give the money back due to the commands of the league owner. Stop selling burgers and dogs at the games due to health reasons. Man walks into Papa Johns with a pizza costume on and walked out. It was a giant slice of pizza costume. 23 year old inmate escapes from sell to have sex with a female inmate. Charged with six counts of assault. Deadly virus injected into woman. Turns out the virus was not harmful. Guiness Express.

Track 2 Time 8:15 – 8:49

Its getting cloudy. We need sun. Traffic. Academy of natural sciences. Spring Break Wake Up Call. Spring break this week for students. Megan and Britt look great along with their friends. This is a great time. Brent on phone. Lets waking up this girl. Shes going to freak. Preston thinks it was awesome. Painfully Singles Mixer. Painfully singles mixer is getting great remarks. Many couples are now seeing each other. Mark on phone. Wants to sign himself up for this next spring break wake up. Grandma taking a dump in the foyer. Preston continues to laugh. BagUms! We are proud to get Preston through the day. Man is grateful that he now has a job. Consuming Alcohol. 'How about we' website asks how much do individuals drink. Philadelphia is number 9 at the worlds drinkers. Yay for Philly. When Casey was in college, he unloaded. Most people are alcoholics. If you have one drink a day then your an alcoholic. The weathers nice then drink. If your sober then drink. Nick has been drunk in most of the cities that are on the top drinking cities. Nick and Kathy drank when they watched Star Wars. Brett on phone. Took an alcohol class at school. Some should and shouldn't drink. Steve isn't crazy being around those who drink. Attitudes bother Steve. Casey is feeling good. Chris on phone. After work drink. Sin City Rules. Guiness Express.

Track 3 Time 9:00 – 9:19

We have our guest. Traffic. Mercedes Benz. Penelope Ann Miller on phone. Preston loves her. Has a major crush. The Artist is great. She is so proud. Enjoyed the time on set along with those who she worked with. Influences others to view the film. It was a leap of faith. Penelope studied and had many influences when preparing. Contrast acting from being onset to Schwarzenegger. Preston and Steve have yet to see The Artist but we love Penelope. William H. Macy on phone. Why is he on every channel. Kathy loves Shameless. The character is completely shameless. Its always interesting acting bad around kids. Macy would send the kids away due to the graphic acting. The Cooler is similar to Shameless, says Nick. America has a terrible view on sex to violence. Violence is bad. Sex is good. Violent and sex is awesome. It was a big challenge for Macy. Always go for it. We love you Macy. Guiness Express.

Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:30 – 9:49

Lets get sun. No more clouds. St Patty's Day Locations. Traffic. Columbia Bank. Hooters HottieCam. Brett Porsch everybody. Chainsaw wake up call story. None of that today. Breaking News. Owen Wilson has a new girl, Karina Smirnoff. Kathy is texting her right now. Lets get some details. Nick claims from a source that they're really into each other. Preston found something strange. Bobble-head dolls of John Wilkes Booth. This is crazy. Serial killer bobble-heads? What is going on? They were taking off the market not long ago due to the inappropriate features it serves. Lets get some new bobble-heads. Preston wants to do the Bfile. Bizarre File. Hyundai. Staten Island man finds snake in toilet. Sprayed the snake with Clorox. Call animal control you jerk. Are you looking for clock repairs. The battle took 30 minutes. Man safely got the snake out. A ten year teacher refuses to allow student to use bathroom. Student was told to go in a bucket and dump it in a sink. Student was later on teased at school. Plans to not attend anymore. Damages for $25,000. 500 lb bee hive. The thieves stole the hive and there were about 5,000 bees in the hive. Pope Benedict has his own cologne. You'll only have sex to popenate. You'll go to hell. Drive right to the place and not look at other woman. Hooters HottieCam.

Track 2 Time 10:00 – 10:25

This weekend will be great. Thanks to our ladies. Hooters HottieCam. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. MattFenict. Bobby Brown plans to write a book on the real story of Whitney Houston. John Travolta contacted a male massage therapist to pay him to consume sex. Lesson Answer. Ed on phone. Music News. David lee Roth lays down the law when Van Halen played Pretty Woman and fans began fighting. He yelled out at the people and everyone cheered. Jack White deputes second song. Everything this guy does is great. Someone in the Seether camp posted strange photos. Octane(band) in studio. All the originals are back. They were all itching to get back together. We want the original 5. We are all on good terms now that we reconnected with each other. The Electric Factory is the perfect reuniting show. Very excited. Casey is curious if they will do an acoustic set. Doors open at 7:30! The band is great and we are excited for the show. March Madness. Ice Cube on phone. Hes pretty cool. Had a blast on set with everyone. He had to do the role. No question. Tatum is a great guy to be around. Steve admires the coolness. He's very grateful to be in the position he is in. Nick loves the work that he has done. Directing sport cities – Raiders against LA – gave Ice Cube a great experience. Ice Cube is still the same person. Loves doing movies. Loves doing his thing. If I sold out then you bought out. If you consider yourself an actor then your pretend. We love you Ice Cube! Stay right there!

Track 3 Time 10:35 – 10:43

We love Halestorm. Its going to be great outside. Preston loves Portnoy's new album. Pierre is great. We've had a great day today. Lots of guests. We need more Belzon. Thanks to our lovely ladies from Hooters. Hooters HottieCam. Letter of the day. Budlight. Pierre will not be here tomorrow. Kathy knows dirty jokes. We know the real Kathy. Tomorrow will be fun. Today not so much. March Madness. Great bands and great band battles. We have great guests tomorrow. We are done!

Lesson Question:

what astronaut is Allen Palmer plummer?

Lesson Answer:

Neil Armstrong

Letter of the day: R

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