Producer's Notes - 03/14/12
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Disc: 1 Date: 03-14-2012

Track 1 Time 6:11 – 6:22

Beautiful day. Take the day off. Traffic. Fulton Bank. News. Strong earthquake shakes Japan. 6.8 earthquake. South Jersey shooting. Boyfriend and girlfriend shot, one killed. Toilet Paper. NJ solves toilet paper problem. Pass on anyone shaking their hand. No one every gets toilet paper in Russia. Paper towel dispensers were given out. Toilet paper was invented last week. Kathy's friend is in China and they don't have normal toilets. What would you use before toilet paper? Other peoples hands. Sports News. 3rd straight streak for the Flyers. Penguins star plans to play tomorrow night due to his concussion. Sixers continuing their season. Claude Giroux will be calling us in a little bit. He had an amazing shootout shot. He completely blew everyone's minds. Much more news coming up. Stay right there. Don't go away.

Track 2 Time 6:33 – 7:01

Pearl Jam enters March Madness. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Quincy Jones is 79. Quincy has a long history through the music industry. Billy Crystal is 64. Great job hosting the Oscars. Michael Caine is 79. His IMDB resume is incredible. Chris Klein is 33. Starring in American Reunion. Hanson brother has a birthday. Nick thinks Hanson was cool. Jaime Bell is 27. Wolfgang Peterson. Great director. Steve loves The Neverending Story. Stupid Answer. Matt on phone. Monday Night Raw. Celebrity News. Gillian Anderson reveals she dates girls. Sofia Vergah looks great for her age. She will reach the milestone and plans to freeze her eggs. Not planning on having a new born. James Vanderbeake welcomes 2nd child. Kim Kardashian claims her man, Chris, has been lying. Animal group is blasting Donald Trump's son. They killed animals and took photos. Ashley Judd deputes her new show. Clint Eastwood's family will be on E! Jennifer Lawrence will do another X-Men if one is written for her. Preston is excited with The Hunger Games. Mark Cherry wins court case. Ashton Kutcher is unsure about the future of Two and a Half Men. Jenny Garth and Peter Fascinelli split. Russel Brand chucks phone at abandoned building. Nikki on phone. Secret Text Story. Kindle prize.

Track 3 Time 7:11 – 7:45

March Madness rocks. Traffic. Pay back day. Steak and BJ day for the dudes. Cheerleader -steak dinners. Spring Break Wake Up Call. Intern Erin elected to change her career path. Grandparent Nick Names. Grandparents receive strange names from family members. Preston refuses to say BooBoo! Katrina on phone. Calls her grandma YahYah. Grammy took a dump. What do we do when we get strange names. We all need to know what our future names will be called. Preston's kids love Pierre. Matt on phone. The world has many strange names for relatives, especially grandparents. Preston admires most of the names. No one would feel comfortable with these names. Sue on phone. Her son came up with FahFah! Kathy's family likes to keep it simple. Tim on phone. Calls grandmother BagUm! Its unfair to say Booby. Ann on phone. We have many names for our family. Paul on phone. His dad married a polish woman. She would teach his kids to say weird names. Mike on phone. Expert on Oriental names. Get GumGum on the phone, hes got his head stuck. Em on phone. Was called KillRoy! Cheerleader -Steak and BJ day. Wet Hot T-shirt contest.

Stupid Q:

What mapleleeze city means wooden temples?

Stupid A:


Disc: 2

Track 1 Time 7:56 – 8:10

We are ready to go live. Preston and Steve live on hit with Fox 29. You need to stay mobile as long as you can. Preston was paranoid when he got his vasectomy. Its confusing when you hear the one second delay in the head phones. Its very confusing. HottieCam Bud-light! Traffic. Wawa. Bizarre File. Woman purchasing item at RadioShack flips out due to tax added for bags. Claims salesman typed inappropriate material on receipt. Man stopped on bridge and jumped off. Rescued later on. Charged with DWI. 8th arrest for drunk driving. Angry father attacks basketball coach after losing. Bit off coach's ear. Kids were shocked. In New Zealand, man was at a festival and drank a formula shot blast. The mayor even tried the protein shot. Police arrest woman. She attacked her husband with a machete. He was not hospitalized. It was a domestic dispute. They were in love. Cheerleaders - Steak and BJ day. Were going to have Kevin Maguire on next.

Track 2 Time 8:21 – 8:55

Shinedown rules. We will see them live very soon. Traffic. Widener leadership. HottieCam Bud-light. Kevin Maguire – (going to ACM w/ Taylor Swift) on phone. Him and his sister were talking and then his sister started a secret campaign. Kevin was shocked when he found out. Kevin has yet to speak to Taylor. Kevin has been battling cancer for awhile. He was diagnosed when he was in 7th grade. He appreciates everyone's support. Kevin believes that he will be ok when he meets Taylor. Kevin knows nothing. Kathy loves her. Don't treat her like Taylor Lautner. Preston wants to know if Kevin wants to score with Taylor Swift. Kevin's guy friends are excited for Kevin. Preston admires Kevin's sister. Kathy Finally Watched Star Wars. Kathy did something we never thought she would do. Kathy watched Star Wars! Nick watched it with her. She took notes! Kathy was excited when she heard the music from the studio in the movie. Kathy hates Chewbacca! Likes Darth Vader though. Vincent on phone. Loves Chewbacca. Kathy knew Luke and Leia are related. George on phone. Steve loves the original. Huge fan. Eric on phone. The 19 book series wraps up everything. I am your father! Josh on phone. Luke and Leia's relationship. Cheerleaders - Steak and BJ day for caller 10. HottieCam Bud-light!

Track 3 Time 9:03 – 9:24

Perfect day. Secret Kindle. Traffic. Toyota. View the Earth Online. Look at earth from the space station online. Its amazing. Draw Something App. Its hard to draw when you use your finger. You can actually see what you did in the screen. This thing is incredible. It gives insights and clues. Casey recommends playing this on the I-Pad! Lisa on phone. Enjoys playing, Draw Something. Preston began drawing characters from Star Wars. Casey began drawing. Ended up looking like a b*llsack! Eugene on phone. Girlfriend loves the device. Sean on phone. Draws arrows all the time. Nick Murphy please leave the room. Alisa on phone. Kevin on phone. Vince on phone. His friend asked his crush out. Brianna on phone. Cheerleaders - Steak and BJ Day. Claude Giroux is coming up.

Disc: 3

Track 1 Time 9:35 – 9:54

Black Keys everyone. Heard they were awesome. HottieCam-Bud-light. Traffic. Thermometer. Secret Text Word kindle. Bizarre File. Cheerleaders gentlemen club. Wolrds tallest man stops growing. He is from Turkey and is 8'3''. South Korean scientists create a clone of a Willy Mammoth. During practice, 2 individuals got into a confrontation. One man was punched in the face until the man was unconscious. The man was treated for a concussion. Father was mad that his son was forced to run laps. Claude Giroux – (beat Devils 3-0) on phone. has been having some trouble with his wrists but still manages to play. Preston and Steve loved his move. The shootout was great. Claude always maintains his next move. Always thinks ahead. Steve wonders if Claude creates moves out of thin air. It's always a one on one situation when facing the goalie alone. Nick admires one being a goalie. Its a tough position. You must have something wrong with you if your comfortable having an object fly at your face at 100mph. Sydney Crosby is back. Casey is still interested in having an arm wrestling match. Claude likes that Kathy saw Star Wars but gave no comment. Cheerleaders Steak and BJ.

Track 2 Time 10:05 – 10:16

Cheerleaders Bud-light. Pierre will do the Jackson show. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Trump's sons get in trouble for causing harm to animals. James Cameron will be releasing Titanic back into theaters. He wants more money and is working on the sequel. Lesson Answer. Andrew on phone. Music News. Taylor Hawkins buys new home with his wife. Howie Mandell used to own the property. Black Keys play show at Madison Square Garden twice. Sold out. Ozzy, Slash and Billy Corgan spotted together. Rush will receive Ronny James Dio Award. Golden Gods show. Clockwork Angels will be released soon. Archives section is today. Check in with Pierre later on. March Madness continues today. Sublime vs Springsteen. Doors vs Grateful Dead. Rush beat Halestorm. Yay. Genesis beat The Who. Wow. Jackson's building the band. Vote your favorite drummer. Happy Birthday to Dave. A wonderful friend. Secret Text Kindle. More to come.

Track 3 Time 10:26 – 10:36

Great day and weather. Please no rain. Mary on phone. Secret Kindle winner. Thank you to Kevin Maguire who is going to the CMA's with Taylor Swift. Wishing Kevin the best. Claude was awesome. Good luck this week to Claude. Thanks to our lovely ladies. HottieCam Bud-light. Pierre saw Captain Kirk. Wished Steve could have been there to share the moment. He is now 80 years old and performed for about an hour and a half. Anyone should have been there. Letter of the day. More pairs of Van Halen tickets to giveaway. March Madness. Pierre needs to make sure that The Doors win over Grateful Dead. The members of Shinedown are great guys. Very nice people. Preston was excited that Rush beat Halestorm. It was a close battle but then Rush took the victory. TD Bank. Spring Break wake up call is tomorrow. Peace out guys. Have a great day!

Lesson Question:

where did granny take a dump?

Lesson Answer:


Letter of the Day: A

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