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Track 1 Time 6:08 – 6:17

club risque. Traffic. News: Barack Obama will not release Osama Bin Laden pictures.Also sealed are pictures of Rosie O'Donnell on a Jet Ski, Rather see children eating the body of Osama. President visited ground zero. SUV hit a 7 week year old baby and launched it 10 feet in the air. Realtor opened a door to a home and saw a man with a mask in the home and smelled strong odor of chemicals. The man called the police and 15 homes were evacuated and police and ambulances showed up. Sports: Flyers lost 5-1 to Bruins. Phillies win 7-4 . Roy Halladay starts tonight game. Ex Villanova star Dante Cunningham was arrested for having loaded pellet gun and marijuana in his car. Shane Victorino on the show to promote his new book. Also Comedian Louis Katz stopping by. One of the readers reviews was “i like baseball”. Hottie Cam: Soul Mates & Intern Jess. Its Cinco de Mayo!

Track 2 Time 6:31 – 7:01

Shane Victorino stopping by. Stupid Question B-Days: Micheal Palin 68. Bill Ward 63. Brian Williams 52. Brian Williams mouth queef. More like a nick Queef. Kurt Loder 66. John Reese Davey 67. Lance Henriksen 71. Chris Brown 22. Ann B. Davis 85. Brooke Hogan 23. Stupid Answer E-News: James Middletown is getting unwanted attention since the wedding. Nude pictures of him have surfaced. Nick has pictures of him in girl scouts pictures. Nick loves casey in nerd uniform for tax day. Casey got a bunch of hair cuts that he wasn't allowed to have as a child that are hanging in wall in green room. Controversial photo of Pipa dancing with a shirtless man. Micheal Jacksons Mom Catherine insists that MJ never molested any children and only paid off the one child because he followed bad advice from his lawyers. Catherine Jackson interview sound clip on MJ paying off child. Jesse James confesses in American Outlaw to having an affair. He is now dating Kat Von D. Marie Osmond re-married her first husband Steve Craig whom she marred for first time in 1986. Jackie Cooper has died at 88 in LA. Charlie Sheen has raised money for alabama tornado victims calling it Torpedos against Tornados. Ex-Godess bri Olson pleaded guilty drunk driving. Okskana dropped charges against Mel Gibson. She is now allowed to talk to Mel. Kelly Preston joining husband John Travolta in movie Gotti playing husband and wife. Daughter Ella Bleu will be acting in the movie as well. Clips: Kate Hudson talks about Darci character in Something Borrowed. Kenneth Branagh on Thor movie. Ladies Night at Club Risque.

Track 3 Time 7:14 – 7:42

Philadelphia Soulmates on Hottie cam. Traffic. Preston got an awesome Thor Tshirt. Mitchell and Ness sent over some quality apparel. Phillys Hottest is up and running.Taking Nude Photos: Middletown scandalous pics. Kat Denning also has nude picture. Preston believes that every women takes or has taken nude pictures of herself, even Kathy Romano. Kathy never has! Casey took picture of Preston sack under the table and Preston sent his real ball sack back. Marisa has taken pictures of her body with out her face in it. Soul mates never have taken pictures. Preston has taken nude pics with his wife. Steve took pics of his boner in CVS, Trying on condoms. Caller: saw naked picture of his sister cause he has same name as her boyfriend. Caller Tim: mom found his sex tape when he was 15. caller filmed something 25 years ago and recently found it on the internet.

Stupid Question:

What does Jefe get El Guapo for his birthday?

Stupid Answer: it's a sweater!

Track 1 Time 7:54 – 8:07

MMRBBQ. Ticket Raid today 7-9 Trooper Thorns. Traffic. Preston forgot to set his alarm this morning and didn't shower! Always showers in the morning. Kathys Brother Christoper was diagnosed with testicular cancer and is having a benefit called Christopers Ball at Kildares in Manayunk, May 20. Bizarre Files: a mentally imparied Oklahoma city man was held down and stunned in the balls while they tattooed his forehead with rapist. He was beaten with baseball bat and had his hands tied together . Man being sued for 10.99 million dollars by his wife for not having sex with her. Two traffic officers could loose their jobs for appearing in pornographic movie while on the job. Women finds intruder in her home cut up and bloody eating raw chicken. Napoloean Bonapartes Penis resides in New Jersey. Green Hornet for the 13th caller.

Track 2 Time 8:20 – 9:05

Kathy Change a tire: Napa AutoParts is helping Kathy change a tire. She is still currently jacking the car up. They are now loosening the nuts. He is showing her because she doesn't know how to do it!. Key to my nut! Kathy got the nut loose! She is doing the star pattern to loosen the nuts. Kathy is on her knees. Automan says the jack she has is the worse. Casey singing Napa Auto parts song! Kathy is screaming that she cant get it up. Prseton is looking out the window and it looks like kathy is bobbing up and down on her knees. Kathy is gripping the nuts and she is gonna yank them off. Is wearing purple gloves? No her circulation is off. She is wearing Napa Auto Parts globes. Frigid chick changes tire. The tire is off!! sometimes there is rust from the tires that you have to hit it. One time preston had to use a rubber mallet to whack it off. Kathy thinks that she can deff change a tire now! Special Forces in Military: With all this info coming out about the attack on Osama Bin Laden. High tech stealth helicopter was destroyed so the technology didnt get in the wrong hands. How do you become part of a special forces team in military? Nick met a Navy Seal and was shocked the guy didnt start the conversation with hi im a navy seal. Steve sweats playing war video games when the chances of him dying are nominal, cant imagine how these guys are feeling. Casey barely made it through pledging to a fraternity, he could never go through special forces training! Caller Jeff signed up for the Army and they gave him opportunity to try out to be an Army Ranger. Basically break you down so they can build you back up. Ranger school was so tough where there were days they wouldn't eat or sleep for 5 days at a time. Movie similar to what he went through is Black Hawk Down. Jesse Ventura was a Navy Seal. Caller Navy Seal ED: 317 in his class and only 14 graduated. Hardest part was being taken 50 feet from land and told to swim to share. Took him 3 days and he drifted for 1100 miles and ended up on coast of FL.(started in VA). 3500 in world 2200 active. Ed got shot 5 times and decided it was time to retire.

Track 1 Time 9:13 – 9:32

Club Risque Ladies Night. Traffic. In Studio Guest Comedian Louis Katz: Louis Katz was on Jimmy Fallon Last night. From Los Angeles but now lives in New York. Sent audition tape to Fallon and then did live auditioned and they called him back. Louis Katz met the Roots and said they would try to come to show. Sent jokes to Johnny Carson and he read them on the show. Katz also appeared on Jim Nortons Down and Dirty. First time in Philly and wants to go to the mutter museum. Not sure if he can take a girl on the second date to the medical freak museum. Majored in developmental studies and after he graduated he has just just been doing stand up comedy. Went to Uganda and Kenya last year. Went on a safari and in Uganda he had some bad ass locals with guns protect them. Half way across Uganda the car breaks down. Gets towed to local town and the guy cleans. Louis Katz entertained about 40 kids for hour and a half. He finally got to see a gorilla in his live habitat and it was awesome.

Track 2 Time 9:45 – 9:55

Intern Jess on Hottie Cam. Cantina Diablos is here with Mexican food! Traffic. A listener sent over a picture of a Kathy look alike. Chuck said Kathy looked fat. Bizarre Files: man accused of sticking faces into womens buttoxes court date has been post poned Duane Starkenburg, South korean police found a mans body crucified. 10 year old boy charged with murdering his neo nazi father in their home. Accidental ass dial led to arrest of 3 men charged with grand larceny. Pro Flowers

Track 3 Time 10:05 – 10:39

intern jess on hottie cam. Forgot to tighten the lug nuts and she left the tire lock on the tire. She has to go tighten her nuts. Phoner Guest Shane Victorino: The Flying Hawaiin on the cover of Daily News. Shane Victorino has ADD. People told him he would never go pro because he has add and lives in Hawaii. Baseball helped him deal with ADD. Shane Victorino is 5'9 and was always the little guy on the field. His big brother dragged him along to play with him and his friends and that helped him become a better player. Victorino was mic'd for a game on comcast and he kept forgetting that the mic was on. When victorino was approached to write this book he knew he only wanted to do it if it was going to be a positive book. His Grandpa was a big part of his life and he talks about that in his book. He forgot to call his grandfather before departing from a gate and his grandfather told the pilot to tell him that he loves him and have a safe trip. Jason Werth is his friend and at the end of the day him leaving the team was a business deal. Casey lives close to victorino so he thinks you both should hang out. Signing this Saturday 10 am at the majestic club. Lesson Question: Where was Steve when he took his super happy photos? Hollywood Trash: Marie Osmand re married to Steven Craig. Jesse James revealed he no longer feels guilty for cheating on Sandra. Anne Curry replacing Meredith on today show . Lesson Answer: CVS. Music News: foo fighters raised more than 1 millions dollars for victims of Australian floods. Avenged seven fold released a new single for call of duty black ops. Glee to become 3D movie. Eddie Vedder released video longing to belong. Steven Tyler said TV Crew wanted Steven Adler to act up his own messed up state. Ticket Raid at Trooper Thorn. Stop playing BOOM! Casey is closest he has ever been to saying F you. Preston just gonna let it out, “F YOU"



Lesson Question: Where was Steve when he took his super happy photos?

Lesson Answer: CVS.

Track 4 Time 10:48 – 11:00

Great day for black people of all races! Voting is enabled for Phillies Hottest Blonde. Jess will be dancing at Cinco de Miro. Thanks to Cantina Diablos, Napa Auto Parts. Marissa made a montage of Kathy changing her tire. LOTD: F as in F bomb. On Tommorows show Mark Cuban and Comedian Rich Vos



LOTD: F as in F bomb.

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