Producer's Notes - 02/09/11
Posted 2/9/2011 1:12:00 AM

 Date: 02-09-11

 Time 6:07 – 6:20

Mixer. Traffic. News: Woman performed body enhancement surgery on British tourists in Philly hotel resulting in death. Roxborough teen shot 9 times on walk home. Construction project around Lincoln Drive may cause delays till Friday. Sports: Sixers won last night. Cleveland Cavaliers will try to stop their losing streak. Flyers play...Secret Text. Today:Live on Fox; Win a Date with a Wing; Philly Belle.

Time 6:33 – 7:04

Weather. Listener Email:Thanks for the Jackass joke. Stupid Q. Birthdays: Mia Farrow,66. Joe Pesci, so short. Jim J Bullock, 56. Judith Light,62. Stupid A. Entertainment News: Lindsey will be charged today w/ felony Grand Theft. Will she show up? Despite her troubles Lindsey wants to show her talent in the new Superman movie. Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding will not be broadcast in 3D. This is a royal wedding not Avatar! Casey doesn't want to have to watch it. Church of Scientology is under investigation for human trafficking and using unpaid labor to service Tom Cruise. Olivia Wilde is divorcing her Prince husband. Kim Kardashian was kicked offstage by Prince for not dancing. Explanation points are annoying. Kathy does it. Cynthia Nixon's & partner welcome baby boy. Jude Law & Sienna Miller broke up again. I've watched that movie over & over again. Casey gets upset when Preston says he has seen a movie repeatedly & still not the departed. Mel Gibsons' Beaver movie premiere date will be pushed back. Cast of Glee his going on Tour Again. I'm gonna bring my “glun'. Gleeking is spitting under your tongue. Clips: Matthew Perry: Mr.Sunshine. Annette Benning:The Kids Are Alright. Does a nude scene in the Grifters. Win A Date today. Secret Text.

Time 7:16 – 7:49

Win A Date. Secret text. Traffic. Cosmetic Enhancements: British girl who came to Philly for cheap injections of silicone in her butt from a non doctor died. The construction grade silicone got into her bloodstream & killed her. Kathy's friend went to Columbia for full body liposuction. You can't do that in America, she didn't want to have to do it more then once. Very painful recovery process. Jacki Bam Bam thinks they were dancers. Nick: Please take that video off the screen. Video of liposuction. Nicks friend in college would do studies where he got paid to have surgery done. Was super skinny, got lipo, & had horrible pain b/c his body didn't have enough fat. Kathy: I'd rather be fat! Butt, pecs, calf implants are weird. Casey: just do steroids. Casey was offered steroids at the gym. Steve has prescribed steroids. Kathy heard a story from a guy who makes his own steroids & had to get man boobs removed. Steroids are illegal. People hand out Flyers at hotel events for hotel procedures. Intern Julie: Dated a guy who took steroids who got arrested & did jail time. Bigger boobs then her. People abuse it. Preston would love a medically correct way to enhance his workout. Illegal to use it or just to have it? Not all steroids are illegal. Listener: various steroids. Man who's arm burst from steroids. Man injected penis. You mess w/ your body chemistry. Listener: uses steroids, does it safely & doesn't think its illegal. Listener: its like an alcoholic addiction. Your body stops making its own testosterone.

Stupid Q:

Q: In what country would you spend a sheckle?

A: Israel

 Time 7:57 – 8:10

Live On Fox: Preston dancing. Mixer. Preston is a little embarrassed about the video. Traffic. Bizarre File: Persistent back pain in man turned out to be a soccer sized alien tumor that had growing tentacles. Former Indiana Mayor Harry Balls is the public favorite for the name of the new govn't center. But official said they will not be using it. Man died after falling while trying to hang a love banner over a highway. 400 wolves have been spotted around a Russian town. Bizarre Beast.

Time 8:25 – 8:46

Weather. Traffic. The Right Stuff was on this weekend. Athan Iannucci in Studio: Preston signed his son up for lacrosse. Lacrosse kids always have their stick with them. Chucking limes around the house with sticks. The team is doing just okay. Win A Date with a Wing. Contestant #1: Courtney. She wrote him a poem. She likes smiles and his gets a 10. She likes tall guys. She gave his arms a 9. She reads the rules of game seductively. Deceptively big boobs. Contestant #2: Angela. Spits out gum. Huge fan of the team. She brought him a decorated cookie with her phone # on it. She made a cheer for him. It didn't rhyme but oh well. Contestant#3: Lauren. Has to tie a cherry stem aka a twist tie with her tongue. She has an “adorable” laugh. Voting Starts now.

Time 8:56 – 9:08

Text in to Vote! Traffic. Mixer. The date with be at Triumph Brewery. Listeners phone in with their opinions. Angela, Lauren, Angela b/c she might turn stalker, Lauren, Courtney,Courtney. This is the closest tally so far. Courtney is the winner! Date at Triumph. Automatic invite to the mixer for these girls. Super hot properties products we can move. Nooch is going to come to our “mixel” tomorrow night. Mixer.

Time 9:20 – 9:46

Excited for Music news. Traffic. Emails: Benefit for a sick listener. Benefit for the Cardboard Classic, previous winners. Listener in Germany. New Contest: Vitamin String Quartet playing rock songs. Guess the song: 1) Welcome to the Jungle; Sixers. 2) Man on the Moon-Philly Belle. 3) Money-Steven Singer 4) Better Man-Cardboard Classic. A good portion violin-ing is just sawing. 4)Purple Haze; Unknown tickets. 5) Foo Fighters; Unknown 6) Clocks; Steve's Falsetto Album; Steven Singer. 6) Pardon Me; Philly Belle.7) Hardest one so far. No one can guess it Weezer; Steven Singer.

Time 10:00 – 10:18

Time. Bizarre File:Secret Text. Woman arrested for passing out from painkillers and letting the child with her wander outside who began huffing paint. Cock Fighting caused a mans death after being stabbed in the leg by a sharp blade that was attached to a fighting bird. A Orlando teen shot himself in the groin. 9Yrold got an image of a woman performing a sex act on a man sent to his cellphone 6month pregnant woman mistakenly received an abortion pill for her prescription from her pharmacist. BBC Irish Road Bowling Association- weekend competitions of hurling a cannonball down a country lane. What that's it? There are several different size cannons. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash: Steve can't find his notes. Lesson A. No Hollywood Trash. Music News: New Foo Fighter's song Rope isn't released yet but it's been revived and apparently it sounds like Rush. We have a clip of a live performance. Rob zombie will induct Alice Cooper into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Slash's wife is saying that she did not kick a woman backstage despite allegations. AC/DC front man wants to race in Australians V8 Supercar series. Spiderman on Broadway has been trashed by reviews. They should learn to cut their losses before they get into late. Lazy and awful.

 Time 10:28– 10:38

Song. Time. Secret Text. Mixer. Win a Date with Nooch at Triumph Brewery. Pierre in Studio. It is so cold out. Pierre's house is always cold because its all thin windows. Preston keeps his house at 72. Casey: It's a fight to get it to 68. Casey knows how to use a thermometer. LOTD. 65 is a good temperature . Steve wears a hoop skirt around the house to keep warm. Preston's son loves to have their gas fireplace on all the time. Kathy does too. Casey uses his comforter a lot. Thanks to Sponsors. Mixer.

Lesson Q:

Q:According to Steve, who worked in former Fort Wayne, Indiana, mayor Harry Baals' administration?

A: Bushy Snatch

LOTD : a

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