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  1. TaraP_8 posted on 02/23/2010 09:37 PM
    If jack is a doctor, why does he drive such a piece of junk? And I serisouly must have missed something.... when did jack get a kid? lol.
  2. Keith posted on 02/27/2010 10:00 AM
    I dont remember Jack havig a kid either. All I know is that the reality off the island is not a 100% representation of what it should have been if the "light" never hit the plane (i.e. one less bottle of vodka for Jack, missing people that should have been on the plane).
  3. JayC_3 posted on 02/27/2010 02:20 PM
    Reality off the island isn't supposed to be a 100% representation. Their lives off the island(if the plane never crashed) is a reality of if the island & Jacob "technically" never existed(the 1st scene of season 6 with the island under water). Meaning that Jacob never met any of the characters we know and instead of them being led on a path by Jacob, they've had "free will" their entire lives.
  4. JayW_39 posted on 02/28/2010 08:55 PM
    Jay, you are correct. To go deeper, we now do not know why Kate is on the run. Was her life destined to turn out the way it has without the influence of the island or not? It seems that some people have actually better lives without the island while others clearly are worse. I'm thinking those with better lives are the ones selected by the tower to replace Jacob (this does not preclude Kate), while those that are worse off, came by the island to fix their Karma. Most interesting to note is the fact that Hurley still won the lottery... but with what numbers?
  5. TomN_37 posted on 02/28/2010 09:58 PM
    Well I would love to have that piece of junk that Jack's driving . 66-77 Broncos are cool and bring big bucks especially compared to what they cost new. A proper Doctor car to you say a BMW or Mercedes can oly wish to be worth 10 times what they cost new in 35 years if they're around at all. The other thing is a comment that has anyone else noticed that Hurley is the ONLY person that Jacob contacted AFTER they were on the island. All the others were before . Also he met Kate when she was a kid ,but her name wasn't on the wall in the cave
  6. john_mackelvey posted on 03/02/2010 11:45 AM
    Has anyone noticed how everyone's life after originally meeting Jacob off island has kinda gone to crap? Sawyer became a con man always on the run, Kate ended up killing her dad, Sun/Jin had marriage issues Sun cheating on Jin, Jack gets father fired and turns to drinking, John falls into a depression after getting paralyzed. With the exception on Hurley they all had messed up lives after meeting Jacob. I'm thinking that Jacob was testing them off island and then their time on the island is like a final exam to see who the next caretaker will be.
  7. JohnR_216 posted on 03/02/2010 01:19 PM
    I have, with much discomfort, ran through all of the prior seasons up til this one in an attempt to catch up... but I feel like a lot of questions are still left unanswered... I understand that Jacob's colleague from an earlier episode is now taking the form of Locke.... but for what reason. I can also surmise that the time travel aspect of the series is done with considering everything just kind of stopped. But I'm curious as to the importance of "new Locke" why he can turn into a plume of smoke and who the heck are the guys at the temple...lots of things to still look at with very little time left...
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