[LINK] - Lost - Rewatching The Show - A Fan Event
Posted 6/1/2009 1:31:00 PM
Lost rewatch fan event - rewatching entire series, with discussion of easter eggs and other info we know now but didn't the first time around http://www.docar....rzt-and-friends/
Posted By: Preston and Steve  

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  1. RSR posted on 06/01/2009 02:27 PM
    Thanks for posting this submission. This is something I was strongly considering anyway--watching the whole series again over the summer and fall. Considerring each episode is only ~43 minutes, the whole series to this point is really just about 75 hours long. Eek out just 9 hours a month through January, and watch the whole thing again. All the DVDs through season 4 are on Netflix, and in mid-June the first two seasons come out on Blu-ray (That's what I'm waiting for; season 3 and 4 are already out on Blu). Season 5 should be out before Christmas. Maybe even Pierre can catch up!
  2. steve h posted on 08/02/2009 03:16 PM
    If anyone wants to watch all episodes for FREE go to Fancast.com. It's a Comcast website and its totally free
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