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Posted 4/15/2009 11:53:00 AM
Some Like it Hoth Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley. http://abc.go.co....t/index?pn=index
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  1. lovinlost posted on 04/15/2009 09:05 PM
    Amazing ending,just to be told next week is an "all new" RECAP....Grrrr...I LOVE/HATE this show!!!!
  2. Lee posted on 04/15/2009 09:07 PM
    Hurley Rocks. Frickin' funny as hell trying to re-write Empire. And he was right too, the Ewoks did suck.
  3. Meggles posted on 04/15/2009 09:16 PM
    Is Miles going to cut off his dad's hand??
  4. tom posted on 04/15/2009 09:27 PM
    so whats up with next weekend.. anyone else notice the polar bears on hydra island!!? so all the people on the isle in real time are others? hmmmmmm
  5. c-sam-gotout-da-shower posted on 04/15/2009 09:31 PM
    EWOKS DO SUCK! pretty much lowest episode of the season, but the interplay of Hurley & Miles is really fun. That last scene with Daniel F was great!!! Can't wait for next week!
  6. mikedhuber posted on 04/15/2009 09:42 PM
    funniest part of the show was the look that miles gave dr. chang when the dr said that he likes country music. intersting to see that jack was erasing a chalkboard full of information on egyptian "history".
  7. ana d posted on 04/15/2009 10:55 PM
    NO WAY this was NOT a bad episode! slow maybe a bit, but its nice for a change. how can you say it was a bad episode when we had a repeat of "what lies in the shadow of the statue"!!!!!????? WTF!!?!??
  8. pq posted on 04/15/2009 11:08 PM
    OK...I am thinking spin off with Hurley and Miles!!! So the guy in the van who took Miles is one of the people on the island now after the 2nd crash. He is with the chick who captured Sayid. So is he an Other ? How many other people are really Others and have manipulated everyone?
  9. easyKeel posted on 04/16/2009 05:50 AM
    Just a quick nod to all of you who guessed Miles to be Dr. Candle's son. Kudos to you, take your bows and pat yourself on the back. Good Job. I didn't rule it out, but I was skeptical. Also, to ana d. Who are you responding to? Nobody said the episode sucked. Nothing but praises so far. Might you suffer from nose bleeds? Do you find yourself suddenly and inexplicably struck with terrible headaches that are brought on by big flashes of light? Just asking. ;-) I'll be back later with some commentary I'm sure.
  10. tpb117 posted on 04/16/2009 06:44 AM
    riddle me this, what episode was it that dr candle , in a informational video had one hand?
  11. Nicole posted on 04/16/2009 07:16 AM
    Ok, So ever since last season when they had that episode about playing the game risk, I really think that they are playing a live version of the game risk. In last weeks episode Whitmore got banned from the island b/c he "broke the rules" and as far as I can tell whitmore & ben are fighting for control of the island (and isnt that what the game of risk is all about). In this weeks episode when those guys took Miles in the van and told him not go with whitmore and miles basically told them he was gonna go anyway and they threw him out of the van, the guy said..."You are playing for the wrong team" AHHH HAAA I really believe I am right and if I am I will die...LOL
  12. stacy posted on 04/16/2009 07:34 AM
    i think this episdoe was great! loved learning more about miles, and happy to get the confirm that miles is dr. chang/marvin candle's son. what confused me was the guy that was in the van (who is on the island now with locke) referenced that miles shouldn't go on the freighter and work for widmore and told miles that he was working for the wrong team. who does that guy work for? did ben plant people on the plane and they have been pretending to not know each other? or is the van guy working for someone else? are we going to find out how daniel got off the island in the 70's to only come back to the island? can't wait to find out what lies in the shadow of the statue!
  13. Ilovelost35 posted on 04/16/2009 07:54 AM
    I am confused. I thought you could not be at the same place at the same time. That is why Ben did not go with Kate and them becaue he was a kid in 1977. I am talking about when Miles saw himself as a baby with his father Dr. Chang. How is that possiable?
  14. SchmidtUltra posted on 04/16/2009 08:12 AM
    EasyKeel, Ana was refering to the comment above made by c-sam-gotout-da-shower. It began with "Ewoks do suck". Anyway, decent episode. Not the greatest plot-wise, but hilarious. I agree that a Hurley-Miles spin off before or after the zombie season would be great. They could team up as ghost detectives!
  15. stacy posted on 04/16/2009 09:46 AM
    oh and did anyone else notice that when in the van miles asked them for 3.2 million for him to Not go on the freighter. 3.2 million was how much he asked ben for when ben was being held captive by locke.
  16. ana d posted on 04/16/2009 10:30 AM
    easykeel.....the 5th poster down said it was the lowest episode of the season. I was just responding that because it was slow didn't mean it was bad. (i didnt use the word suck) I was simple defending the episode saying that slower episodes are just as awesome. especially with the repeat of "what lies in the shadow of the statue"...which i STILL cant believe noone had commented on yet!
  17. NaomiFan posted on 04/16/2009 10:42 AM
    Man it was good to see Naomi back in an episode. She is freaking H-O-T!
  18. easyKeel posted on 04/16/2009 11:15 AM
    **** to ana d :: easyKeel eating crow:: sorry to have misread that post and to have implied you were unjustly defensive. You are correct, slow episodes can be just as satisfying as fast paced eps. and I will go on to say this was one of the better episodes this season. Sorry again, Sometimes it's difficult to understand the full content and meaning of those posting. I will certainly try and read more carefully next time.
  19. stacy posted on 04/16/2009 11:16 AM
    saw a screenshot of the book that marvin candle was reading to baby miles - it was "Me and My Polar Bear"
  20. Blueberry posted on 04/16/2009 11:24 AM
    Could Jacob lie in the shadow of the statue? And who the hell are the bad guys Widmore, Ben, Jacob? Please don't kill off Sawyer or I'm never watching it again. Kill Kate she's getting on my nerves.
  21. Ewoks RULE posted on 04/16/2009 11:36 AM
    ok, whats the deal with the man who kidnapped Miles in the van. He's now on the island & he kept telling Miles to stay off the island. what's the deal with that??? WEIRD!
  22. Jenn posted on 04/16/2009 11:38 AM
    Could the line "what lies in the shadow of the statue" work the same way that Desmond's "What did one snowman say to the other snowman" line?
  23. Scanner420 posted on 04/16/2009 01:43 PM
    Great! Great! Great Episode! Great exchange with Hurley and Miles! (Yes! Another Star Wars reference!) We got to know that Miles was told lies by his mom about his dad, possibly to protect him from going back to the island. Hurley blurting out the Numbers on the Hatch when the worker couldn't read it was great too. More later
  24. Elsewhere posted on 04/16/2009 03:13 PM
    So I have a question and an answer, first the question was the dead guy in the restaurant delivering the pictures and invoice to show Widmore what Ben had done to hind the truth about Flight 815 and killed by Ben(can't remember the ep but Ben did show someone an invoice for a plane and pictures of empty graves to prove Widmore was bad), or was he trying to blackmail Widmore? Now the answer, what lies in the shadow of the statue depends on where the sun is at in the sky. Don't get mad because my power is better than your power!!!
  25. Sarge posted on 04/16/2009 05:37 PM
    Hey is it me or does every person in lost, have a daddy issue?? jack,locke,ben,claire,kate, and the list can go on for awhile...
  26. justme posted on 04/16/2009 08:22 PM
    I think the bomb lies in the shadow of the statue.
  27. Dave posted on 04/16/2009 08:49 PM
    Did anybody notice when Miles was being "interviewed" by the Parachute Lady She said the Island was basically HOME to a bunch of Dead people was She speaking metaphorically or Literally? Great Show ! Harry Kalas Our Philly Love Will never Be Outta Here! For You And We Still Have High Hopes for 2009
  28. Dave posted on 04/16/2009 09:53 PM
    I love Hurley! I almost died laughing when I found out he was re-writing "The Empire Strikes Back" but better. Another classic line was when he said to Miles "Are you just jealous that my powers are better than yous?" Kinda freaky about Miles dad being Chang. Maybe he got his powers from the exposure of the Dharma stuff? Not sure why his mom said the bad things abut his dad though because when you see Miles looking at himself his dad seemed to be very caring of Miles. What the hell was Daniel Farraday doing?
  29. jim steele posted on 04/17/2009 12:50 PM
    "Some Like It Hoth" is an anagram for "Miles Eko I Thoth." You can look Thoth up for yourself on Wikipedia.
  30. Colleen posted on 04/17/2009 05:19 PM
    OH MAN! Every time we get closer to answers, there's 5 more questions that come with it. I love LOST but my nose has been bleeding all season so far! 1. "What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?" : this is driving me crazy! PLEASE TELL US BEFORE THIS SEASON ENDS!!!!!!! The whole Jacob/Richard/Egyptian statue/heiroglyphics storyline... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I love it, it's one of the most interesting and mysterious pieces of the puzzle. But they're killing me with curiosity... 2. Good point , whoever brought up the daddy issue. This is true! And almost everyone with this issue is a big part of the story. 3. Love the Miles/Hurley conversation. Definitely strange that Miles could see himself as a baby as he's traveling in time. Don't really understand how 'LOST' time travel rules work, but could it be a doppelganger situation? Like, the effects of time travel make the physics of a human body and consciousness actually split itself to make one part travel while the other is still on its old path? Could the actions of one part then affect the other's fate or path? There goes my nose bleeding again... But then again... while Miles approaching his baby self wouldn't do much, what would happen if Locke had approached his 2004 self back at the hatch the night he was in the jungle and knew what that beam of light was, but decided to go the other way? Maybe they'll revisit this phenomenon later. I'm starting to get a headache...
  31. Bring back the chat posted on 04/17/2009 10:51 PM
    the Island was basically HOME to a bunch of Dead people was She speaking metaphorically or Literally? I think she was talking about all of the DI and the rest of the people Ben has killed like Henry from the ballon. And I think that Miles saves his own life by talking to his father. That's why Chang was so caring, but tosses out his wife and son. He knows the purge is coming.
  32. lostinphilly posted on 04/18/2009 03:28 AM
    Yet another great episode to answer some questions and move the story along. Again, Hurley & Miles have great comedic chemistry. @ Jim Steele: That is awesome! I looked up Thoth to see what it was all about and WOW! The last few words of the paragraph just about summed it up..."judging of the dead"...can anyone say SMOKE MONSTER??? LOST ROCKS!!!!
  33. Fred posted on 04/18/2009 05:34 AM
    Thanks for the anagram. Thoth can speak to dead souls
  34. Jersey Jess posted on 04/20/2009 08:43 AM
    Regarding the title of the episode: It's interesting that the anagram includes "Miles" and "Eko" but alternatively, maybe there's another message here. By only slightly altering where the words begin and end in "Some Like It Hoth," the title of the episode could also read "Some Like I, Thoth." Maybe it's a signal to Miles and Hurley who can both communicate with the dead?
  35. Jenn531 posted on 04/20/2009 04:37 PM
    A few people have talked about the man in the van who was trying to talk Miles out of going to the island. Who is his character on the island. I don't remember seeing him.
  36. shovelhead posted on 04/20/2009 04:43 PM
    So, if you think that its hard to find answers in this show, try listening to the Offical Lost Podcast staring producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Its pales in comparison to the P&S show but sometimes you can glean a hint or two from the guys with all the answers, like how off mark some theroys are. - for ilovelost35 - Lost has a "non-paradoxical" setup when it comes to time travel. So it is possible for your future self to see your past self. Any weird things like those you see in Back to the Future movies don't apply to Lost, just like Miles explains to Hurley in "Dead is Dead".
  37. BigFanBarb posted on 04/20/2009 08:12 PM
    Ok, so - supposedly you can't be on the island the same time as yourself at another time. Maybe Miles ISN'T seeing himself alive, but seeing himself Dead - because he can communicate with the dead? Maybe he died as a baby - no one else seemed to notice he was there as a baby but him. When Hurley asked him "I saw my Mom and me" - no one else seemed to notice..... Just a random thought.
  38. Alaine posted on 04/21/2009 10:37 AM
    To Jenn531: The guy in the van was named Bram. It was Ilana and Bram who pulled guns on Lapidus when he returned to they Hydra island without Sun.
  39. Evan K posted on 04/21/2009 06:38 PM
    Hey guys - check this video of Benjamin Linus reading a Nursery Rhyme! http://www.buzzf....rsery-rhyme-26q/
  40. Scott posted on 04/21/2009 10:14 PM
    You CAN be on the island at the same time as your past self. It has never been said that this cannot happen. The time travel set up of the show is just like the movie "12 Monkeys." The prime example from this film is Bruce Willis' character's nightmare of seeing a man killed in the airport when he was a child. This is a memory from his youth. At the end of the movie, we discover that the man that is killed is bruce willis' character, so as a boy, he sees himself being killed. He exists for the rest of his life because it is not the young boy that is killed, but the man who has traveled back in time. Just like in LOST, the survivors exist in 1977 elsewhere in the world while their 30-some year old selves exist on the island. If the 30-something survivors perish in 1977, it does not affect their childhood selves else where. however, if something were to happen to the child version of the character (aka ben) then it would have dire consequences on the characters at the age we know them. However, we know that in order for Ben to become the evil man that he is, he had to become assimilated into the world of the "Others," and in order for this to happen, the events that unfolded had to happen exactly as they did. So even though Jack refused to help, he was not helping the situation. If he had intervened and saved ben's life, then young Linus would not have taken to the temple and baptized as an "Other." So even though the survivors believe they are changing the past, they are not; they are simply carrying out the events as they occurred years before. There is no more free will....whatever happened, happened and there is no changing it.
  41. lostFAN posted on 04/24/2009 12:50 PM
    does something actually lie in the shadow of the statue? I am going to go on record that it is just a code to see who is who, like when desmond asks "what did one snowman say to the other snowman" or whatever he says. they ask people this ridiculous question that has some unrelated ridiculous answer just to see what team you play for (widmore or not?) I also can't believe how unpredicatble the show is now... I saw the Miles/Chang thing coming from a mile away. guessed that the second we learned that Miles was on the Island before several episodes back. And Daniel Faraday is E.H.'s son... so, let me take a WILD guess as to who his father is?? (seriously, you HAVE to see that coming) They are killing someone off on the "Explosive" (as ABC says) episode, but I highly doubt it is a main character and its so not an Oceanic 6. My vote is on Farady or Miles. like a previous poster said... if your adult self gets hurt, you can still live out the child self in the other time (but not the other way around) which is why Ben was in the hospital after little ben was shot!
  42. Lostguy posted on 04/24/2009 07:14 PM
    I have a question...maybe I didn't see it correctly, but it looked to me that Miles did not have time to erase the tape of Sawyer and Kate taking Ben across the border. It looked like Horace came in before he had time to erase it, and it looked like Miles totally forgot about it. Am I off base, or do we have nasty stuff brewing for Sawyer and Kate in a few episodes?
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