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Posted 4/3/2009 11:59:00 AM
OK. Let's get it out in the open. If you want to complain about the lack of the Lost chat, do it here. A few points: 1. It has NOTHING to do with our relationship with ABC, Fox, or any other television network. Really. I promise. We are not beholden to them; they are not interested in whether or not the chat happens. There is no conspiracy involved. 2. I'm sure many of you are frustrated by the lack of the Lost chat. You miss it. You want it to return. Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen. It's certainly not going to return on a weekly basis. We'll probably talk about it before and after the season premieres and finales. We'll talk about it with guests (even guests like Hal Sparks) when we see fit. We'll talk about it when we interview the stars or writers of the show. If time allows, we'll talk about it on a Thursday. This is how it's going to be. 3. The parties for the Season Premiere and Season Finale are still going to happen. Let's look at this way: there are only three left. One in May 2009 and two in 2010 for Season 6. 4. We still love watching Lost. It's a great show. It might be the best show on TV. That's why we watch it every week. There are Wednesday nights we might not watch it, though. That's why God invented the DVR. 5. This page is designed for you to share your theories on what happened on a particular episode or throughout the history of Lost. It's an open forum. But if you want to complain, please keep your complaints to this particular post. Furthermore, we have an entire page on our website dedicated to one TV show and think that should count for something. 6. Relax. 7. Seriously. Relax. 8. We love you. We love our listeners. We couldn't do our show without you. We didn't stop doing the weekly chat because we wanted to piss you off; we did it as a deliberate choice. In essence, the weekly chat became a chore. There are 4 1/2 seasons of show to cover and as lovers of Lost, you know that there are roughly 72 million details that have become a bit baffling. Case in point: the conversation between Hurley and Miles on this last week's episode. These two guys are CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW AND THEY'RE CONFUSED!!! The sheer number of paradoxical intricacies make a normal conversation during the course of OUR show very difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, we decided to keep the conversations going on this page rather than on the air. 9. Our radio station has an open door policy. If you'd like to come in to visit and watch what goes into our program, please feel free. You can contact me directly at Nick@wmmr.com. I think you'll find we're kind, good-hearted people and that we haven't lost our connection to our listeners. I hope so, anyway. 10. Go Phils. Go Nova. Also, Sixers, Flyers, and Eagles. I think that pretty much covers it, but I'm sure some of you will point out where I'm wrong in that assumption. I read every post before I approve it (and I approve 99% of them) so please believe me when I write that your thoughts, complaints, support, suggestions, and concerns are not falling on deaf ears. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Take care, Nick McIlwain - Nick@wmmr.com
Posted By: Preston and Steve  

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  1. Happytobe Leaving posted on 04/03/2009 11:13 AM
    You're radio show has jumped the shark. See you in the next life Brother...
  2. Nick posted on 04/03/2009 11:16 AM
    The expression "jumped the shark" jumped the shark 4 years ago.
  3. Jenn posted on 04/03/2009 11:45 AM
    Nick, I think you need to take your own advice and relax. Dropping a segmant that was very popular with fans is going to upset some people. You can't talk about Lost once a week, but you can essentially re-read the same "bizarre file" story everyday. Or do a Skype chat which is pretty much useless on the radio. I'm sorry, but guys got LAZY. Any true fan of Lost loves to discuss the show and never feels it is a "chore".
  4. jump the shark posted on 04/03/2009 02:47 PM
    Nick, go back and do what you do best. Taking pictures with guest looking like you're going down on them
  5. Alaine posted on 04/03/2009 02:58 PM
    Lame. Just Lame. Also, thanks for the phone call to discuss the lost chat as per you emai, Nick.
  6. lindsayb66 posted on 04/03/2009 03:08 PM
    get a life people. i LOVE lost, but i can certainly understand that most listeners do not. if the highlight of your week is tuning in for 5-10min recap on P&S..... you are a loser.
  7. xa351gt posted on 04/03/2009 04:31 PM
    Nick , You guys are on the air roughly 22.5 hours a week and can't find 15 minutes to finish what you started? I don't think many of us would expect a hour long discussion ,but damn we can't get 15 minutes ? Who knows you are probably bummed as much as us bitching here as YOU do seem to be maybe the lone dedicated watcher. We realize that you guys have alot going on ,but it's hard to understand when you can't give even 15 minutes but can replay the Bfiles and Hollywood trash over and over. But I guess the fact that those are sponsored segments and no one sponsors the LOST chat is a a possible reason. Too bad your friends at channel 6 can't pony up the sponsorship for the chat.
  8. PQ posted on 04/03/2009 04:42 PM
    Did anyone else feel that Sawyer was telling Kate he is with Juliet and will stick with her. While Juliet seemed to be waiting for Jack to say that he came back for her and loves her. Is Sawyer going to get his heart broken? Also a friend believes that Clementines mother was actually on the island in the underwater station where Desmond and Charlie went when Charlie died. I need to check my dvds, but does anyone else remember her as being one of the women there? I also loved the Hurley/Miles talks. Would love to see more of them. Hats off to the writers for incorporating the viewers' confusion of time travel into the show!
  9. Derek posted on 04/03/2009 06:36 PM
    I LOVE Lost but Nick\'s right everyone just needs to relax, the show is way to complicated to fit in to a 5-10 min segment, so much happens that they would basically just be repeating what already occured last night. If you really need to hear other people talk about Lost there are podcasts for just Lost or use this blog, or talk to your friends.
  10. Josie2271 posted on 04/03/2009 06:52 PM
    Nick and the P&S crew I think it is sad that u can't have the lost chats. But I also think it is sad that P&S fans show that all they care about are the lost chat instead of using the blogs to express their theories on the show instead they cry and whine that is annoying. I want to read the blogs about the shows not compliants. So pls shut up and lets get back to blogginng.
  11. mike posted on 04/03/2009 09:12 PM
    what a joke. It's one thing if you really don't have the time anymore to talk about Lost, but to seriously bring a "comedian" on the show and then you guys actively bashed the show on the air? WOW... Why bother even having the season premiere and finale lost chats/parties? The show has obviously gotten too complicated for you guys to follow, so instead of focusing in on it, you guys just turn around and bash it instead? You know what P&S, give up on following lost all together. We don't need your kind of half-hearted support
  12. Mike posted on 04/03/2009 09:32 PM
    I think you added insult to injury by posting audio of Hal Sparks DOGGING the show - and labeling it a "Lost chat"! What did you expect? After a moritorium on LOST chats - you put THAT up here? Come on, you HAVE to admit that was a baaaaaad call. Someone said it best. Finish what you started.
  13. timtim posted on 04/03/2009 10:13 PM
    Nick, it is a weak, weak, weak, excuse for discontinuing the Lost chat. Then you have a third rate comic on who trashes Lost and you call that your Lost chat of the week. I can't wait until next week when you have a terrible comic performing at Helium who would like to talk about Lost.
  14. Eric posted on 04/03/2009 10:16 PM
    I don't know what's worse the people complaining about no lost chat or you people complaining about those complaining. Take your own advice and stop crying about it. Man everyone shut the F up. This was totally unnecessary.
  15. jdsd posted on 04/03/2009 10:44 PM
    ok....so I hve been watching seasons with my hubby, cause he needs to catch up. I saw something tonight. It was the episode where Kate was taking care of sawyer,when he almost died of a gunshot wound. She was watching him while he slept in the hatch....when suddenly he wakes up and says angrily " Why did you kill me?" Kate thought it was the ghost of her dead step father. BUT I was thinking Sawyer was some how traveling back to then. Could it be that Sawyer is the on that dies, and kate is the one that does it?????? Does anyone remember that episode???????
  16. Scanner420 posted on 04/04/2009 07:35 AM
    Thanks for making this particular section of the Blog. I'm serious. Thank You.
  17. Lost in Chester County posted on 04/04/2009 10:33 AM
    One point some people fail to realize wrt the chat is the banner crap that constantly occurs on the right side of my screen....no Lost hits = no advertising revenue/GoP income. Therefore, the chat will go on IF ONLY to draw people to P+S. BTW, GREAT episode....can't wait to see Ben w/the smoke monster.
  18. nottoohappyguy posted on 04/04/2009 03:21 PM
    Really? Can't find 15 mins to talk about a great show but can spend hours on Casey's annoying kids and freaking John Bolaris's bowtie! Not cool, and i think you've "Lost" a fan...
  19. xa351gt posted on 04/04/2009 07:34 PM
    then I suggest you blog on the right one . This IS the BITCHING BLOG. Come on no expects them to recap the entire series on each chat just the most recent episode. All the excuses given seem to be a cop out. Also you say your tired of reading about the bitching how about some of ryou ead the other entries before posting. Reading the same damn observation over and over is a waste of my tiime and why I prefer the chat.
  20. KateMust Die posted on 04/05/2009 10:34 AM
    Firstly, thanks for the clarification. I thought I was losing it. I kept checking through the podcasts for the chats. I appreciate the reasoning, but I have my own theory. I think you second stringers are trying to cash in on your P&S fame and making so many personal appearances that you have stretched yourselves too thin and have cut into the quality of the show. After investing 5 years and just cutting off a segment is a big decision. I know it was one of the segments I liked the most. I hope it works out for you.
  21. Me posted on 04/05/2009 06:42 PM
    How about taking the argument to the webpage sponsor? Complain at: http://www.girls....form-general.php
  22. jump the shark posted on 04/06/2009 08:53 AM
    Wow can spend nine hours of Little Casey with a airhose, but cant talk about lost for 20 minutes. Great radio, another fart joke. Also, Little Casey you have to stop taking pictures next to tall people. It looks silly
  23. dreydrama posted on 04/06/2009 10:02 AM
    In regards to the theory that "Whatever happens, has already happened and can't be changed" I disagree. Has anyone noticed that when Sun and Lapidus go to the Barracks in present time, the barracks are different somehow. Now the Dharma logos and photographs are still hanging as if the Others never occupied them. I know for a fact that in previous episodes, after "The Purge" when the Others took over the barracks all the Dharma signs, pictures and things like that were taken down. Why is it that now after Sun and Lapidus have returned to the island does it seem as though the Others never occupied the barracks and the Dharma "memorabilia" is still hanging everywhere?
  24. Chris from Marlton posted on 04/06/2009 10:19 AM
    LOST fans - There is more information about LOST on the web than P&S cover in their radio spot anyway. Actually, I stopped listening about a season and a half ago because I got tired of the Regis Philbin and Kenny Rogers jokes when I wanted to hear more about LOST. If you are looking for real info and discussion, check out http://www.lostpedia.com or http://www.lost.cubit.net. Both sites have a ton of information, discussion, theories, character connections, symbolism and links to back up their opinions. They are great sites for true LOST fans.
  25. RUKIDDING posted on 04/06/2009 03:33 PM
    Pheww... Thank God you canceled a part of the show that actually has substance. Now we have 15 to 20 more minutes of sound bites like "The whistles go woo woo" and Casey Farting "Smoke On The Water" to look forward to. Come on guys, the lost segment CONNECTED with people, even if you can't dedicate any real prep to it, fake it, and let the callers set the pace. Think about it, bring it back now and you are hero’s, let if fall to the way side and the season finale party will be a real joke sparking tons of additional criticism. If you really wanted to quit, you should of done it during the off season. Don’t become another "Nut Hut" show, stay current and connected, otherwise you will end up airing phone scam bits to a fraction of the audience you have now. Your move seems financially motivated to the majority of the posts I've read, and I must say, to me as well. For God's sake, we are talking about what, 20 or so episodes until lost is over?
  26. mcg1981 posted on 04/06/2009 05:42 PM
    you people complaining neend to get a life. Hal sparks wasnt bashing the show he was bashing a lot of things evene star wars im surprised the star wars fans didnt cry about that. He is a comedian they make fun of everything im sure hell make fun of p and s on his show. He was just pointing out facts. The show has gottne nutty but i still love it. And as for complaing the p&s dont talk about lost is crap its their show!! i dont like to hear casey and nick do their stupid sounds and things but its the show thats what they do. If you just listen on thursday to hear the chat you should just listen to the danny bonnaducci crap!! God get over it and stop bitching!!! I LOVE LOST and i LOVE the P&S show!! Rock on guys! Keep up the good work Nick and co!
  27. snackboy posted on 04/08/2009 03:35 PM
    Let it go people. I listen to P&S 5 days a week - not just Thursday mornings. The shows (P&S & Lost) both still rock.
  28. HottieCamKevin posted on 04/08/2009 04:15 PM
    I actually don't really mind so much that the LOST chat has tailed off on the show, because honestly, and I say this goodheartedly (if that's a word) because I truly love all the peeps on the show, it seemed more often than not, especially in the recent times they still did, I thought they jumped on a number of theories themselves pretty quickly that I regarded as being quite off (& with help from some of the callers) lol. And Nick, as you approve this, I truly hope you don't take any offense to that. I thought of it as kinda humorous actually, but I think it mostly speaks to how I'm perhaps even more geeked out on the show than they are collectively (not to say they don't all love it, but I can get WAY into it at times. haha) Plus I have a couple other message boards I visit that satiate my need for quality group chat on the show. But they've been clear that the viewing parties will still happen, well the season 5 premiere was my first one ever and I had a great time, I hope to make it to all three of the remaining ones. And speaking of Hal Sparks real quick... while I absolutely love him as a comedian, the guy is beyond hilarious, I think he was WAY off in his assessment that day, jumping on board with the most common complaint that "they're making it all up as they go along". In fact I was a bit disappointed to hear he'd agreed with that. While I do have some logistical problems with some things this season, the producers have taken me on a good enough ride so far that I still have a lot of faith, and I'll reserve my final judgment until the end of season 6.
  29. HottieCamKevin posted on 04/08/2009 04:21 PM
    Sorry, but furthermore, I'm just about stunned reading over these previous messages, how much anger there apparently is among the audience at this move. Jesus christ people, it's just a small group of people talking about a TV show for 10 minutes or so once a week -- is it THAT big a deal to have that out of your lives? Geez, get over it. Do I love every single segment that the show produces/talks about? Of course not, every fan has their dislikes. But I can understand their decision here to curtail this particular thing. I just can't believe how many of you are incensed about it, and the level at which you are. WOW.
  30. christina218 posted on 04/08/2009 07:52 PM
    Bring back the chat!!!! Seems like the majority, myself included, believe cutting the segment was driven by money. The chats always ran over the 10-15 minute slot, which cut into the next sponsored segment. Instead of having Steven Singer sponsor the Bizarre file on Thursdays, cut that crap & have him sponsor the Lost chat if you're so freakin worried about money! And I agree with the comment about the Skype interviews....what's the point? Anyone watching Fox isn't listening to the show and visa versa. Seriously guys, remember where you came from and especially remember your fans. If it weren't for us, you wouldn't have the ratings and the station wouldn't have the money to pay the salaries you make. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Preston wouldn't have his mansion with the butler that lowers the drawbridge over the mote, to his front door.
  31. HollysOtherGuy posted on 04/09/2009 01:37 PM
    There's one way to solve this argument. Post pictures of Kathy's cleavage. IMHO, anyway.
  32. shoe posted on 04/11/2009 01:04 PM
    Ahh, your lost chats weren't all that great, anyway. I'm not going to say "good riddance", but better a more interactive forum. The blog was always better for digging into details. The chat was what it was. A five minute recap serves no purpose because on those off times that I miss the show, it would have killed it for me. I even found myself having to delay listening to certain podcasts to avoid ruining the last episode. Also, I found myself sort of wanting to hit you guys over the head when things that were obvious to me were not to you (i.e. you guys would go on and on about them, ignoring what were, in my mind, questions more worthy of discussion). We understand that you have sponsored and unsponsored content and likely that the Lost chat was likely unsponsored, so given a choice, boot it... The one thing I will give you guys, though, is that your original Lost talks were actually what made me give the show a shot. I doubt I'd have started watching it if you guys didn't come out as fanatically in favor of it as you did. On another note, since this is a "bitch blog", I've been asking for years for a show that was nothing but the Bizarre File (since that's the main thing that originally got me hooked on P&S back in the '90s)... One of your "Best of" segments one of these days has got to be "Best of the B-File". Hell, while I'm at it, in your podcasts, I'd love to see best of assemblages of: "Impromptu Discussions" (think Casey collecting pinecones, Kathy hydrating her boobs, and the like), "Comedians", "B-File", and "Celebrity Interviews". You've got interns, make it happen...
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