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Posted 4/1/2009 2:54:00 PM
Whatever Happened, Happened Kate goes to extreme measures to save Ben's life when Jack refuses to help. Meanwhile, Kate begins to tell the truth about the lie in order to protect Aaron. http://abc.go.co....t/index?pn=index * UPDATE * Our Lost chat from 04-02-09 Hal Sparks was in studio with us and we talked about the show http://www.prest....m/audio/1224.mp3
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  1. RunFatPat posted on 04/01/2009 08:42 PM
    Hurley for President. I was the guy who the first season said....." I can't wait for the fat guy to get eaten".... I'm sure glad he wasn't ANyone think this Others help attempt is "the incident"?
  2. tom posted on 04/01/2009 09:11 PM
    back to the future reference was amazing !!!! however i thought the part where he says "ben will forget this ever happen " was corny. I think it was an easy way out of answering questions like the ones hurley brought up.... at least now i wont go cross eyed when i try to figure it out
  3. Dave posted on 04/01/2009 09:28 PM
    I think Kate is going to die soon. Her story seems to have no where else to go.... shes not in love with jack, sawyer doesnt love her, aaron is with his real grandma. And her back story is wrapped up. There aren't anymore "unanswered questions" about her. If someone dies before the end of this season my money is on her.
  4. lostinphilly posted on 04/01/2009 09:55 PM
    In regards to Dave: Kate still has some story left. True, Sawyer & Jack are out of the picture(for now) and yes, Aaron is back home with his grandmom, but that doesn't mean her story is all dried up. Remember what she said when she was talking to Aarons mom... she's going back to the island to find Claire, and to my knowledge, she hasn't found her yet... and as far as I know, she's(claire) still in Locke's present time. So as far as I'm concerned, she still has plenty story left. Anyone else agree/disagree?
  5. lostinphilly posted on 04/01/2009 10:10 PM
    In regards to RunFatPat's comment on whether or not the others taking ben was the incident: No, I do not think that was the incident. I still believe that the purge of the Dharma Crew is the incident that needs to be prevented. But at the same time, Farriday said, "whatever happens already happened". So maybe the purge still will take place since the purge happened, therefore it has to happen. Who knows, but it is sure fun to watch and find out. In due time we'll hopefully find out.
  6. Jeff posted on 04/01/2009 11:56 PM
    To Dave who posted above, you make some good points. However, I think Kate might be around a little longer. I think her character is revitalized now that she has a mission: to find Claire. I think the likeliest one to die would be Daniel. I bet he might have to sacrifice himself to get the rest back to the right time.
  7. RunFatPat posted on 04/02/2009 04:30 AM
    The other thing I can't figure out from last night..... Kate knew Clementine's mother BEFORE she was on the island (when I saw you on TV I said I know that woman) When did she and Sawyer realize they had someone in common? AND what was the reason Kate should tell her the real story of the island unless it plays out in the end?
  8. John posted on 04/02/2009 05:45 AM
    Good episode with the line of the night going to Alpert - "I don't ansewer to them [Elle and Charkes]"
  9. Scanner420 posted on 04/02/2009 06:09 AM
    To the above poster.... Kate realized Sawyer was Cassidy's ex back in Season Three. (I think) That's when they did a backstory part with Cassidy dressing as Kate to fool the cops and Kate went and saw her mom at the Diner and her mom said if she saw her again, she'd turn her in herself. Great episode again. Nice debate between Miles and Hurley and now Miles is shooting off nicknames. (Hanging around Sawyer for three years rubs off I guess.) Nice they closed the door on the Aaron mystery, but most of us figured Kate caved and sent him home with his family. And I also believe Kate's not done this season. I believe it's either Sayid or Jack. Sayid's story is pretty much done and Jack hasn't a clue what to do now.
  10. RunfatPat posted on 04/02/2009 07:07 AM
    How would El and Charles be on the Island in 1977? Penny's got to be older than 30, no? And Widmore was a mogul by the time Desmond got his dishonorable discharge (what year does Des flip back to when he's in the Army?) not a lot of time to build an Empire... AND Alpert doesn't answer to them.....but he does go off the island to check out young Locke, and to recruit Juliette for her first/second/first round on the island seemingly in conjunction with Ben ALSO: I believe "THE INCIDENT" was refered to in a DHarma film....people even speculated that Dr "insert Name Here"'s hand was damaged as a result of the incident
  11. Todd posted on 04/02/2009 07:27 AM
    Anyone notice that young Ben was shot in the heart at the end of the last episode, but his wound is on the other side now? I'm sure it's an editing error, but still, bad error....
  12. reereegrl posted on 04/02/2009 07:54 AM
    Theres something I don't understand. Juliet is a doctor in "real" time but supposed to be a mechanic with the Dharma people. Don't any of them wonder how she knows so much about medicine? She helped Amy with her baby's delivery, and now she is trying to save young Ben's life.
  13. McNabb get outta here! posted on 04/02/2009 08:50 AM
    Well, P&S are now saying that it would take too much time to talk about the show because of everything that is going on. That is an easy out my friends and I couldn't disagree with you more. they can still dedicate a start and end time on the show for it and get as much info they can within the allowed time.... I still think Friday's would be a better day to talk about it. This show (P & S) has offically LOST my interest and I will be one of many, I'm sure, that will not listen anymore. I will perhaps continue looking at this blog but will not listen anymore. The show has been going down hill for quite sometime now and this was the final thing that kept me listening. Another good show that has LOST it's touch with their audiences. Farewell good people and loyal listeners....I can only hope P&S will have something in common with McNabb and that both of them will get outta here....and leave Philly since they aren't any good anymore.
  14. Aryanus posted on 04/02/2009 09:01 AM
    Last episode, young Ben gives Sayid a book called "A Separate Reality." I think this confirms that time is no longer moving along a straight string. Maybe this is why old Ben doesn't remember Sayid. The E! story seemed pretty confident that Kate WAS NOT the character dying at the end of the season. Is time still course-correcting? If so, shouldn't Ethan's mother have died somehow by now?
  15. NewbieTB posted on 04/02/2009 09:59 AM
    Hey after doing a little lost blog research i don't think kates story is over yet. I will admit i have only got into the show about 2 years ago and watched the previous seasons on DVD but what do you think of this. (pasted) • Posted by PWitty on December 1, 2005 08:31 AM Just a quick note... did anyone else notice that the tree in front of Kate's house in last night's episode was the same tree that she went to last season with her best friend to dig up the time capsule with the taped message and the toy plane? It looks exactly the same, except that the tree is (apparently) in the middle of an empty field in the first episode.
  16. PhotoKnight posted on 04/02/2009 10:13 AM
    First time poster on here, I have a couple theories, first I think that Aaron is going to end up on the island. The grandmom is going to take him home to australia and I think there going to pass over the island and crash just like flight 316 did. Second, I think the blackrock ended up in the middle of the island because the island appeared under it as it was sailing.
  17. Di5 posted on 04/02/2009 10:29 AM
    I think it has to be Sayid who dies. I don't see how he can be accepted by either side now. He doesn't have much of a story anyway, and where can it go now?
  18. mgio213 posted on 04/02/2009 10:45 AM
    we never really saw Aaron go to his grandmother - Kate told her that he was 2 doors down and waiting for her, but did she ever actually pick him up? Kate closed the door and he was sleeping.
  19. Jersey Jess posted on 04/02/2009 11:35 AM
    mgio213: I totally agree. If Kate loved Aaron so much, why would she just leave him sleeping in a seemingly unlocked motel room with only the hope that his grandmother would get over her shock and questions and just scoop him up and take care of him? Seems fishy. And can someone correct me if I'm wrong?: the place that Richard takes young Ben at the end of the episode is the same place where Rousseu's crew got nabbed by Smoky, right? Only it's a temple in Richard time (1977) and is only ruins in the Frenchies' time (1988)? If I'm wrong, someone remind me what we know about this temple place where Richard took Ben. Thanks - Gadzooks!
  20. SchmidtUltra posted on 04/02/2009 11:39 AM
    I also think it would be Sayid that gets killed. His story really has no where to go. His woman is dead, he tried killing Ben, neither side would really want him. If he were to merge with the hostiles, Ben would definitely remember him because they would be working together, so that is ruled out. Also, Hurley and Miles are awesome together.
  21. mattrd posted on 04/02/2009 11:45 AM
    I agree with lostinphilly. Kate said she was going to bring back claire, and Claire isn't coming back until next season. So to me, it seems that kate can still be an interesting part of next season.
  22. Jenn posted on 04/02/2009 12:02 PM
    I still can't believe you guys are going to quit covering the show right now. Especially when it is getting so good. You say you don't have time but you couldn't skip the Bizarre File for one day? I read recaps of the show that take me 7 minutes. If someone can recap the show in an article, then you can talk about it. Lame excuse my friends...
  23. Cheech posted on 04/02/2009 01:21 PM
    In reply to Jeff, could that be why Farraday was crying when we first met him? He knew he would have to go back and ultimately sacrifice himself?
  24. jerZmom posted on 04/02/2009 01:25 PM
    THAT was a lost chat???!!!! Seriously?
  25. WMMR_LOST FAN posted on 04/02/2009 01:46 PM
    Worst Lost Chat Ever
  26. Jim posted on 04/02/2009 02:45 PM
    So instead of a Lost chat we get Hal Sparks crapping on the show for five minutes. Thanks guys!
  27. emily posted on 04/02/2009 02:48 PM
    I loved the twist that Kate went back to the island to find Claire and not for Saywer as we were lead to believe. I also like that Saywer is staying loyal to Juliette even now that Kate is back. The question is how will Kate get back to the present to find Claire? Side note - just as I said before... some people are never happy. P&S did a Lost chat and there is a comment "Worst Lost chat ever". At least they did one! Get over it!
  28. Ryan posted on 04/02/2009 03:05 PM
    I love your show, but that was a terrible Lost chat. Listening to a third rate comedian talk about how much he doesn't really like the show while not really discussing the show sucks. If you need to find time to talk about Lost maybe you can cut out one of the 15 weekly Fox Skype hits where you guys vamp for 10 minutes waiting for them and then rehash a subject that you already talked about. Less Fox Skype more Lost chat.
  29. Emily posted on 04/02/2009 06:59 PM
    That Lost chat sucked! If P&S are gonna stop discussing Lost, just stop it already. Quit stringing us along! It's the whole reason I started listening to the show in the first place, and now there's no time? If you make it a part of the show, you make time for it. It's that simple! Talk about it Friday after you've all seen it and if you still haven't, shut up about it when you don't understand because you missed it.
  30. sell out posted on 04/02/2009 07:39 PM
    cop out to say that the show can't do a Lost chat becuase it is complex - just stick to one or two important points. I'm disappointed the cast didn't stick up for the show and let Hal Sparks trash it - does he even watch it?
  31. lostinLOST posted on 04/02/2009 07:41 PM
    Did I miss something? Where is Farraday? The last I can remember seeing him he was salivating over toddler Charlotte. Do we know where Farraday is?
  32. MC posted on 04/02/2009 08:22 PM
    A great episode last night, but I agree that P &S are only paying lip service to Lost with these worthless discussions. Hal Sparks may be funny but there's no merit to him busting on the writers of Lost. Let's see if his new show on VH1 sticks around so long. They should cut the time spent talking to those bobble heads on Fox and spend more time discussing Lost. Is there a point to having a season finale party at this rate?
  33. xa351gt posted on 04/02/2009 09:10 PM
    Emily, Are you serious?? That wasn't a LOST chat,that was a excuse for why they can't do a lost chat. Preston's comment that the show is too complex to talk about in under 2 hours is bogus ,but if that is how they feel then fine. Thanks for the prior chats , they were very helpful in finding out things that I missed in the original broadcast .I feel with your lack of commitment to the chat that the blog will slowly die as well. Many of us don't have 30 minutes to read the same exact observations over and over.
  34. guitarbob posted on 04/02/2009 09:11 PM
    Another great show(P&S)that looses it's fan base due to corporate interference and commercial success that forces it to forget it's own origins. I listened to you guys on the other station because of your LOST chat and THAT turned me on to your program. When you upgraded to MMR, I and a heck of a lot of other listeners followed to continue what YOU started. Philadelphia peeps are pretty smart so don't treat us like third graders and give us some line about not having enough time...total BS. Tell the truth and be done with it so we can move on. I guess your LOST parties did not bring enough revenue to convince your bosses that 10 minutes of air time was worth a fortune in listener loyalty. I think your show has LOST focus on what made you popular in the first place and the path you are on will only lead to breakups and heartache or satellite radio...which ever comes first. By the way a little class couldn't hurt either.....I mean one less Hooter's girl or stripper on your webcam won't be the end of the world and I know your promo stuff on FOX is important but it all looks the same on the radio.Change sucks but sucky change sucks worse and you can quote me on that. I know you guys really care about your audience so give us the bad news already.....we can take it. Remember this is Philly.
  35. Lil'Chrissy posted on 04/02/2009 10:34 PM
    McNabb- I am in total agreement with you. I am disgusted that the show has used the we don't have time excuse for not talking about the show. I'm done with them. I hope they loose lots of listeners over this. As for the episode. I am also in agreement with some others that "The Incident" has to do with the Others, and is the War Widmore was telling Locke about. There are still so many gaps to fill in still. Is Penny dead? Where is Claire? Did Christian really die from booze? Did Mrs. Littleton know Jack is Claire's brother? What is the smoke monster? How are Richard, The Smoke Monster, Ellie and Widmore all related? Oh, are Penny and Desmond related? Where is Farridy? Oy Vey, what else am I forgetting?
  36. Mike posted on 04/02/2009 10:36 PM
    Pretty easy to see what's happened here - the P & S crew has simply lost interest in the show, no pun intended. Believe me, management wouldn't interfere with a benchmark like this. Blaming the suits is just an easy out. We're talking about a show here that just got their own brand new studio, they've got pull and leverage. If they WANTED the chat to happen - it would. Dissapointing, guys. Great episode - next week's looks to be another one filled with "Holy Shit" moments. Finally going to see what went down with Ben at the dock.
  37. Hmmm... posted on 04/03/2009 09:03 AM
    Seriously, Hal Sparks? 1. He's not even funny. 2. How was that considered a Lost chat? What a bummer for us Lost fans.
  38. trish posted on 04/03/2009 09:29 AM
    WOW!!!!!! some ppl just have to bitch about something!!!!!!!!! i love both P&S and LOST.its funny but has anyone noticed that this blog has now become a p&s bash not a lost chat so u all r no diff who care if they dont talk about it yes i looked forward to it to but its not the end of the world and at least the blog is still up they have a job to do... there are far more important things to talk about like how about all of the great stuff that p&s show does for philly and making lots of ppl smile everyday and WHO CARES that there are half naked women on the side of this blog! To: P&S and crew i love you guys you rock keep doing what you do and for the other ppl who had input on lost ur awesome with all your thoughts lost fans rock everyone have a wonderful day and try to lighten up lifes hard enough lets keep this nice and fun
  39. Jenn posted on 04/03/2009 09:51 AM
    They should stop with the Lost parties if they aren't going to discuss the show. If they want to stop the chats, then at least be honest with the fans as too why you are doing it. I'm sorry, I just don't believe "it's all to complex now!!!!" crap. And also don't insult the fans by putting that so-called "chat" with Hal Sparks. I used to love your show, but something has changed. If it's WMMR that is forcing you to do some of this stuff, I hope you find a station.
  40. cyn1981 posted on 04/03/2009 02:02 PM
    I have been reading everyone\'s comments about how P & S aren't having in depth Lost discussions anymore....yes this is disappointing for me and all of the Lost fans....but to completely bash them for it and to say that their show isn\'t funny anymore or they have sold out isn\'t right. I mean, come on...who are you gonna go listen to?? Pop channels and their crap??? P & S have to think about all of their listeners and think about how many people don\'t watch Lost or have no idea what they are talking about. You have to look at it from both sides. I don\'t think anyone has told them they can\'t talk about it, they seem to be able to talk about whatever they want, this is no different. I would like to say that I do agree with some of the comments about how there is wayyyyy too much T & A and young girls exploiting themselves just to get some fame or a foot in the door to a potential modeling career etc. Yes I know, men love Boobs........we get it!! But one of the reasons I stopped listening to Howard Stern was because his show was 50%+ about boobs and sex and porn and all that stuff. I think they it should go back to being a friday thing. I mean come on, you have a bed in the studio!!! It\'s a bit much. I think there is enough internet porn out there that it doesn\'t need to be on P & S everyday and on their website. Now, on to my Lost comment.......I think the war is going to come about because of Sayid....Dharma thinks he\'s a hostel so therefore, they believe that the treaty was broken. They may also believe that it was an elaborate way to get a hold of Ben, a child. I would agree that Sayid might be the character leavng the show....He can\'t join Dharma because it would blow the cover of sawyer and them and I doubt the hostels would want him and Sayid probably wouldn\'t want to be with them because Ben is going to be their leader and he hates him. I also find it ironic that Jack, who refused to help Ben, is the key to why Ben turns out the way he does by refusing to help him..........I wish Jack was the one leaving the show!! But i don\'t think so. Keep on Rocking P & S!!! I still love you if no one else does...
  41. Aldo Di Prato posted on 04/03/2009 02:04 PM
    Trish, Except for the fact that you evidently appreciate William Faulkner's writing style (use punctuation damnit!), I agree with your post. You guys rock!!
  42. llynch posted on 04/03/2009 03:45 PM
    If Ethan is a Darma baby how does he survive the mass killing by Ben. He gases everyone and takes over the Darma camp with the others. Where did Faraday go, is he working at the Orchid, and how did he get off the island. If Charles Whitmore is an 'other' how does he get off the island and track down Faraday to experiment with time. Seems like Preston and Steve have become to Corporate.
  43. LostandSecure posted on 04/04/2009 03:36 AM
    #1 - Why does Richard say that "he will always be one of us" and "he will lose his innocence"? Very curious, what exactly happens when he takes him into the temple? #2 - What are they doing to Jack? You all might have a short term memory and the girls that watch LOST might have the bad boy crush on Sawyer but why are they changing Jack so much? Regardless of how his decisions turned out he was the man for the first few seasons, taking care of everyone...now he is just weak and indecisive. #3 - What about Jack and Kate? Am I the only person that doesnt want to see Kate and Sawyer??? Jack and Kate were definitely in love she might have had the bad boy, "I can change him" crush on Sawyer but she loved Jack (remember the episode where Jack was getting his appendix out? it was so obvious) so why are they just seemingly throwing that away? #4 - What are they doing to Sayid? He deserves a chance at redemption, he has had so many bad things happen to him, C'mon! Give the guy an effing break! #5 - Where is Desmond? He has become BY FAR one of (if not THE) most interesting characters on the show....so where has he been? I think this show is missing something with all of the survivors not being together and having that old chemistry that REALLY made the show. The mysteries are great but the characters are what made this show...GET THEM BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!
  44. RunFatPat posted on 04/04/2009 07:07 AM
    Focus on the positive people, not the negative. FARADAY: Is he here? "Not anymore" was the response. That's been his only explanation so far. and Richard said "he wont remember any of this" if he were to save Ben....lame way to explain not remembering SAYID shooting him?
  45. Scanner420 posted on 04/04/2009 07:49 AM
    To RunFatPat: Who says the "Charles" Richard refers to was Widmore? And it's obvious that the Others could get off the island in the late 50's, so Elle could still be in a leader type role off the island to help keep it hidden. She may have been off the island to give birth to Daniel for all we know in '77. And in the Episode "Jughead" Richard told Locke at their first meeting back in '54 that, "We all answer to someone." And now with Ben's induction into the Others, this could be why he consistently tells people that he was born on the island, since he'll be concievably resurrected by The Others.
  46. Cdog1138 posted on 04/06/2009 09:48 PM
    In reference to the post about Widmore fathering Penny if he was still on the Island in '77 and ditto for Ellie having Daniel: Remember both Ben and Locke were thrown from the Island into different time periods. Widmore and Ellie could have both been sent a couple fo years or a decade earlier than when they left. Also, who is to say Daniel and/or Penny weren't born on the Island? Even though I loved the Hurley "Back to the Future" scene I still think we are working with two timelines right now. Something was different with the ol' Dharmaville when Sun and Lepidus were there talking to Christian. I'll tune in around 8:30 to see if I hear anything interesting on the show.
  47. Alaine posted on 04/07/2009 08:56 AM
    I just caught a rerun of Season 2 Episode 15 "Maternity Leave." In the episode Claire enlists Rousseau and Kate's help in finding a vaccine for Aaron who is sick. As Claire is leaving she asks Sun to take care of Aaron for her. Sun doesn't want Claire to go. Sun says to Claire "A Mother should not leave her child!" Ironic, huh?
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