No New Episode Tonight - 03-11-09
Posted 3/11/2009 12:34:00 PM
So what are you going to do in between 9pm and 10:02pm? Catch up on some reading? Start your taxes? Give your significant other a foot massage? Eat some Ped-Egg foot shavings? Or just wish and hope and pray that Lost will appear? Feel free to share right here! Thanks and love from the Preston & Steve Show.
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  1. Great One posted on 03/11/2009 01:13 PM
    I was reading the blog today bc there wont be an episode tonight and i needed a little lost. i dont know if people have said this or not, but I'm pretty sure that Jacob is Locke. If you go to the lost picture page of this site, look at the picture they have there of Jacob. It looks pretty clear to me that Jacob is wearing an outfit from the revolutionary time period. notice the tuft around the neck and down the front that was customary then. Also Jacob seems to be wearing an old style wig with the ponytail. Keep looking and you'll notice that Jacob is clearly bald up until the wig he has on. Also he has some stubble or growth on his chin. Now go to the picture on the same page of Locke with the stupid fake hair. Notice the stubble and shape of his chin and also the shape of his nose. It fits the Jacob picture perfectly. I have no idea y Jacob is dressed up in the revolutionary outift, but I think he looks clearly like Locke. Take a look for urselves, I want to see if anyone else thinks the same thing. Also, is everyone assuming that the new crash survivors as well as Locke did not go back in time bc they werent included in the white flash? where is that coming from? Links to the pictures... Jacob: http://www.prest....view.php?id=6408 Locke: http://www.prest....view.php?id=6406 Actual John Locke: https://www.1st-....n-Locke-1697.jpg Profile shot of Locke: http://profile.a....2716057_7746.jpg I looked into it further and I'm even more convinced...
  2. dantman posted on 03/11/2009 05:46 PM
    Why is Lost not new tonight? I thought the whole idea of a mid season start was to run uninterrupted? Whats the deal?
  3. Elsewhere posted on 03/11/2009 06:27 PM
    I hate ABC, not showing Lost this week so that more people will be able to tune into the college basketball games on ESPN is crap. My favorite team is playing tonight @ 9 and I would have watched Lost if it was new.
  4. cdog1138 posted on 03/11/2009 11:56 PM
    Without LOST on tonight i had no excuse to get out of the Wed. night business dinner I usually avoid. I ended coming home and tripping over my cat at the front door and busting my jaw and putting hole in my lip. I think Daniel Faraday altered the schedule of LOST so that I had to f#@% up my face in order for me to go to work tomorrow looking like I got in a bar fight. I have missed P&S the past couple days, have they reviewd the last episode yet? I hope they talk about it Thursday when I finally have time to catch the show. And when are they going to get some LOST actors on air again?
  5. Livio D. posted on 03/13/2009 12:58 AM
    I'm not sure how many people have seen the site, but has been pretty spot on. There is a lot of info there, but there is also a three part video on YouTube that helps put some things into better perspective. They are linked at the site or check them out here:
  6. Damon posted on 03/13/2009 11:43 AM
    Yeah, I have to strongly recommend reading the website. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!
  7. aaaaa posted on 03/18/2009 04:25 AM
    In physics and chemistry, the Faraday constant (named after Michael Faraday) is the magnitude of electric charge per mole of electrons.
  8. wow posted on 03/18/2009 12:51 PM
    wow, i'm sure that hasn't been mentioned before
  9. aaaa posted on 03/18/2009 05:18 PM
    and i'm sure your not a douche
  10. mm1968 posted on 03/19/2009 07:56 AM
    Ben did not go back in time ,because he left the island via the donkey wheel , not with the Oceanic 6. Sun did not go back in time becasue she did not have her baby with her. Remember she was pregnant when she left the island.
  11. LostJunkiePhilly posted on 03/19/2009 01:28 PM
    Ben wouldn't go back same as Locke, they left the island using the islands energy. Sun should be dead in the present. She wasn't supposed to leave and therefore should of given birth and died. Daniel said whatever happened, happened. And you can't change that. So if you kill Ben as a child he would vanish as an adult. But would they remember him? I think the smoke monster is time correcting itself. That's why you sun seen it last night. She shouldn't be there. This season so far is the best.
  12. Antimo posted on 03/24/2009 06:40 PM
    Ok for all of you complainng, imagine all the emails they get complaining about talking about lost. So chill. If you dont like it turn it off.
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