Robby Krieger’s Birthday – January 8th, 1946
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Robby Krieger’s Birthday – January 8th, 1946


Social Media Conversation Starters

  • Happy Birthday to Doors guitarist, Robby Krieger! What’s your all-time favorite album from the Doors?
  • Robby Krieger of Doors’ fame celebrates his 67h birthday today! Where does he rank among your favorite guitarists?
  • A Happy Birthday going out to Robby Krieger! The Doors guitarist wrote many of the band’s best hits including “Touch Me,” “Love Her Madly,” and “Light My Fire.” Which is your favorite?

Fast Facts

  • Born January 8, 1946 as Robert Alan Krieger in Los Angeles, California
  • Rose to fame as the guitarist for The Doors
  • Krieger is a self-taught guitarist
  • Drew inspiration from the blues and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • He was further influenced by rock legend Elvis Presley, but it was the songs of Chuck Berry that convinced Robby Krieger to try rock n’ roll
  • Krieger met fellow band mate John Densmore at UCLA while studying physics and Indian music
  • He would later meet Ray Manzarek, keyboardist, during a meditation class (part of Krieger’s Indian culture and music studies)
  • Convinced by Manzarek to rehearse with lead vocalist, Jim Morrison, Krieger reportedly wrote “Moonlight Drive” at this time
  • Krieger’s unique fingerstyle of playing of the electric guitar was a crucial element in establishing The Doors’ now famous sound
  • Krieger also did a good amount of the band’s songwriting, penning some of their most famous hits
  • The band’s debut album, The Doors, was released in 1967 with the hit single “Light My Fire,” written by Krieger
  • The Doors’ only song to feature Krieger’s vocals was “Runnin’ Blue” off of 1969’s Soft Parade
  • After Jim Morrison died in 1971, The Doors released two more albums as a trio, with Krieger and Manzarek sharing the singing duties
  • After The Doors broke up in 1973, Krieger and Densmore formed The Butts Band and released several albums  in the 70s and 80s
  • Krieger issued his first solo-album in 1977 entitled Robby Krieger and Friends
  • Through the 80s, Krieger worked on albums with other bands, including Acid Casualties
  • In the early 90s, he formed the Robby Krieger Organization; a trio featuring Skip Van Winkle, Dale Alexander and himself
  • In 1996, he formed the Robby Krieger Band, which also featured his son, Waylon on guitar
  • In 2002, Krieger and Manzarek formed the Doors of the 21st Century with Ian Astbury of The Cult on lead vocals; the band was later renamed “Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors”
  • In 2008, Krieger’s concert with Eric Burdon was released as a live album entitled Live at Ventura Beach California
  • In 2008 and 2009, he participated in the “Experience Hendrix” concert series which featured guitarists paying tribute to the music of the late Jimi Hendrix
  • He reconnected with fellow band mate Ray Manzarek for a string of U.S. tours in 2012
  • Krieger is widely known as the first guitarist to incorporate Flamenco music into his playing


Personal Info

  • Married to Lynn Krieger in the early 70s; together they have  a son, Waylon Krieger



  • Robby Krieger & Friends(1977)
  • Versions(1982)
  • Robby Krieger(1985)
  • No Habla(1989)
  • Door Jams(1989)
  • Cinematix(2000)
  • Singularity (2010)

The Butts Band

  • The Butts Band(1974)
  • Hear and Now (1975)

The Doors

  • The Doors (1967)
  • Strange Days (1967)
  • Waiting for the Sun (1968)
  • The Soft Parade (1969)
  • Morrison Hotel (1970)
  • L.A. Woman (1971)
  • Other Voices (1971)
  • Full Circle (1972)
  • An American Prayer (1978)




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