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This Week's Mystery Themed 12-Pack: Rock Stars Who Don't Drink Alcohol

1. Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun [Frontman Steven Tyler has been sober since his 5th stint in rehab in 2009.]

2. Metallica - One [Singer James Hetfield is sober and has been since undergoing a rehab program in 2002 (documented in the film Some Kind of Monster), maintaining total abstinence from alcohol. In a 2010 interview with So What!, the official magazine of Metallica's fan club, Hetfield stated that he is a "reborn straight edge".]

3. The Killers - Runaways [Vocalist Brendon Flowers and Bassist Mark Stoermer both refrain from drinking alcohol. Flowers is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [they do not drink alcohol]. He is featured on the church's website and vowed to give up all alcohol and drugs when he was 21.]

4. Neil Young - Rockin' The Free World [The rock legend announced he had been sober for a year in September 2012, and chose to give up drink and drugs due to curiosity more than anything else. "I did it for 40 years. Now I want to see what it's like to not do it," Neil Young told the New York Times.]

5. Rise Against - Help Is On The Way [3 of the 4 band members are straight edge.]

6. Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever [In an interview for VH1's Behind The Music, Nugent said his sobriety was due to his father's having reprimanded him when he came home smelling of alcohol after a night of drinking. Nugent has been cited as an influence on the straight edge movement.]

7. Social Distortion - Ball And Chain [Lead vocalist Mike Ness used to be into all kinds of drugs, including heroin, but is now sober.]

8. U2 - New Year's Day [Bassist Adam Clayton had alcohol problems until November of 1993 when he was so hung over that he was unable to play that night's show in Sydney, the dress rehearsal for U2's Zoo TV concert film. After that incident he gave up alcohol.]

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California [Singer Anthony Kiedis had decades of drug and alcohol abuse issues, but says he has been sober since 2000.]

10. KISS - Rock And Roll All Nite [Live] [Gene Simmons claims he has never had alcohol or recreational drugs.]

11. Coldplay - Clocks [Frontman Chris Martin doesn't drink alcohol or coffee, but when Coldplay were making their first album, Parachutes, he forced himself to booze to the point of vomiting as penance for briefly kicking drummer Will Champion out of the band. He wrote one of Coldplay's hits, Trouble, while huddled in a recording studio cupboard.]

12. Def Leppard - Photograph [Guitarist Phil Collen began to suffer blackouts due to alcohol in the 80s, and quit when he realized that alcohol was beginning to dominate his life, and he was losing control of his addiction.]

BONUS: Tool - Sober

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