How to Make an Authentic Irish Coffee
Posted 3/20/2012 7:12:00 PM

So as you know, Jaxon and I just returned from Dublin, Ireland. We had the trip of a lifetime over St. Patrick's Day (courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey). We broadcast live Friday and Saturday from the old Jameson Distillery and basically ate and drank every other waking second of the trip. It was awesome. During one of the broadcasts, Jaxon interviewed a bartender at the Jameson Distillery who makes REALLY great Irish coffee. He gave us the recipe on the air and we've received a bunch of listener e-mails since, asking us for the recipe. So here it is! Listen to the interview to the right of the page for instructions from the bartender himself, or see below for my best translation:

Jameson Irish Coffee

1.) Preheat your Irish coffee glass.
2.) Add two teaspoons of brown sugar to the glass.
3.) Add a generous shot of Jameson.
4.) Top with fresh coffee (best if brewed within the hour).
5.) Stir well.
6.) Whip your cream well for 15 seconds with a cocktail shaker.
7.) Pour cream into glass over the back of a hot spoon (Cream should float. If not... just drink all of your mistakes!)
Ta dah! An authentic Irish coffee! Enjoy!
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