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Dan "Corona" Carrone

Workplace: Philly Inquire
Hey Jacky, I deserve this red-eye honor because... Every night I jam out to you and WMMR while delieveing the philly inquire in my Mazda 6 (coffin model). Then follow up with preston and steve while streaming WMMR on my droid while landscaping for Carrone's Lawn & Landscape. You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Dan Carrone from Parkesburg, Pa On 11/23/2010

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3rd Shift Honor Roll - Highlighting The Local Night Owls

Welcome 3rd Shifters! When normal people's eyes turn red and they fall asleep Midnight to 5:30am, that's when we rise to the occasion! Get your name on our 3rd Shift Honor Roll Call...And don’t forget You Call it Saturday Night (7p to 12a) where I open up the airwaves and play all the tune-age you want to hear—your way, your rules!