JADE STARLING (PRETTY POISON) Talks 'All Things That Rock' Expo

Posted 11/23/2014 9:13:00 AM

I had the great opportunity to catch up with 80's Dance Pop Icon, Local beauty JADE STARLING of the band Pretty Poison (Catch Me I'm Falling) - We played them in the 80's and had many dance party's with them. Jade is back on the Billboard Dance Charts with her new album "Captive". She will be performing at this Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Annual ALL THINGS THAT ROCK EXPO at The Expo Center in Oaks PA (11/28-11/29/14) I [BAMBAM] will be your host!! For more info CHECK OUT allthingsthatrock.com!

BAMBAM chats with IAN McLAGAN on MMR

Posted 10/6/2014 6:22:00 PM

HOLY SMILIN' FACES!!!!! Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer IAN McLAGAN (Small Faces/Faces) gave me a call as we talk about his tour with his Bump Band, riding his lawn mower in Texas, Faces Kenny Jones health, his book All The Rage, playing with The Stones, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy, Hubert, working w/ Glyn Jones.. Grab a cocktail and take a listen to just some of this man's amazing musical career.. Cheers MAC!!! ..xx


Posted 9/11/2014 5:52:00 PM

BAMBAM talks to CHEAP TRICK Frontman ROBIN ZANDER!!! ..Robin lets us know what we can expect from his solo Robin Zander Band playing at The Sellersville Theater (9/18/14). We talk about his son playing and singing, touring w/ AC/DC and AEROSMITH, Led Zepp's Tour Manager, his solo debut record and his association with Pete Way (UFO/Waysted)!!! ..Thanx for listening Trickster's!! ..xoxo.BAMBAM 

BAMBAM chats with REX SMITH on 93.3 WMMR!

Posted 8/29/2014 3:14:00 PM

If u grew up with 8-Tracks w/ Solid Gold on your 3 Channel TV and After School Specials.. U might come down memory lane here.. Platinum Recording Artist REX SMITH "Confessions Of A Teen Idol" - A Musical Autobiography is coming to The RazzRoom in New Hope PA (8/30/14). He called into talk to BAMBAM who actually owns the DVD "Sooner Or Later" starring Rex Smith and Denise Miller from 1978!!..a guilty pleasure of BAMBAM's One of my favorite movies as a kid..lol.

So how did a crazy Teen Idol rocker end up a respected entertainer on television and Broadway? Every song has a story. Like a rock and roll Mark Twain, Rex Smith takes you on a wild and fascinating, sometimes dramatic, yet very hilarious, musical story-telling journey. From the crazy antics of rock and roll, his excitement and pressures behind a 6-album deal as a number 1 platinum recording artist with ...


Posted 8/24/2014 4:54:00 AM

Speaking with long time friend CINDERELLA guitarist JEFF LABAR about his debut solo EP "One For The Road", Jeff tells us about his new solo deal, limited edition deluxe packages, his guitars, learning to sing and play in his Mom's house, of course a Cinderella update on everybody and a fun flashback to The Moscow Music Peace Festival!! Always great to hear from our neighbor, and Congrats on his new EP!!! ..CRANK IT UP ..xoxo..BAMBAM

Jacky Bam Bam Interviews:

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