J. Geils’ Birthday – February 20th, 1946
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J. Geils’ Birthday – February 20th, 1946


Conversation starters:

  • John “J.” Geils celebrates a birthday today! What is your favorite J. Geils Band hit?
  • Happy Birthday to J. Geils! What do you think of the J. Geils Band touring without J. Geils?
  • J. Geils turns 67 today! Where would you rank Geils among the greatest Rock and Roll guitarists?

Fast Facts

  • Born: John W. Geils Jr. on February 20th, 1946 in New York, New York; he grew up in Far Hills, NJ
  • Played trumpet for the Northeastern University marching band in Boston, Mass.
  • Geils was turned on to jazz and the blues after listening New York station WRVR
  • Became certified as a mechanical engineer after transferring to technical school because of poor academic performance at NU
  • The J. Geils Band declined a stint at Woodstock because they equated it to nothing more than three days in mud
  • Seth Justman was attending Boston University when he was taken on by the band. Geils’ alma mater is a 20 minute walk, at most, from Northeastern University
  • Geils owned several vintage Ferraris; after the J. Geils Band broke up, Geils founded the company KTR Motorsports (he sold it in 1996, but is still an active part in the co.)
  • Once married to Kris Geils…as of 2004 they were sharing a post office box, so it was an amicable split
  • In 2007, Groton, Mass. (the town in which he resides) declared December 1st as “J. Geils Day”
  • In 2012, the J. Geils Band went on a brief US tour sans J. Geils; this resulted in a bitter lawsuit filed by Geils against his former bandmates over the use of the band’s name

Discography (solo)

  • Bluestime – 1994

J. Geils Band

  • The J. Geils Band – 1970
  • The Morning After – 1971
  • Bloodshot – 1973
  • Ladies Invited – 1973
  • Nightmares…and Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle -1974
  • Hotline - 1975
  • Blow  Your Face Out - 1976
  • Monkey Island - 1977
  • Sanctuary - 1978
  • Love Stinks - 1980
  • Freeze Frame - 1981
  • Showtime! - 1982
  • You’re Getting’ Even While I’m Gettin’ Odd – 1984

Billboard Top 200 (albums) –

  • Freeze-Frame – 1982 - #1

Billboard Hot 100 (singles)

  • “Centerfold” – 1982 - #1
  • “Freeze-Frame” – 1982 - #4



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