Today's Show Includes: Fender Bender (:00)... Messing With Food (:23)... Weird Things Heard in Bed (:49)... Bizarre File (1:12)... Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr. In Studio (1:17)... Preston Leaves the Intercom on During Sex (1:46)... Bizarre File (2:07)... Chris Hemsworth, Terry Crews in Studio (2:17)

Pierre Robert's Tribute to Robin Williams

Thank you all for the kind words during my tribute to Robin Williams today. I'm just so saddened by the death of this brilliant, beautiful, funny man who brought so much light and laughter to so many and yet, it appears, resided in a darkness that must have seemed to him to be unbearable. We can't know what he was going through but I can and will remind you of the words a suicide counselor once said on my show discussing Kurt Cobain. He said: " Suicide is a Permanent solution to a Temporary problem" and Robin actually used this quote himself in his 2009 movie "World's Greatest Dad".Think about those crises you have been through and are now on the other side of. They were temporary problems but, with determination & help if necessary, you got through it. For those in pain who think that ending things might be ...

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Today's Music Notes (Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Kings Of Leon)

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LED ZEPPELIN Previews "IV" Reissue With Teaser Trailer (Click To Watch):

SMASHING PUMPKINS May Split If Upcoming Albums Flop: Loudwire

KINGS OF LEON Forced To Cancel More Shows, Still Scheduled For Made In America: Rolling Stone

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Young the Giant Interview

I sat down with Eric Cannata and François Comtois of 'Young the Giant' on Wednesday before their show at the 'Tower Theater'.

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BAMBAM chats with REX SMITH on 93.3 WMMR!

If u grew up with 8-Tracks w/ Solid Gold on your 3 Channel TV and After School Specials.. U might come down memory lane here.. Platinum Recording Artist REX SMITH "Confessions Of A Teen Idol" - A Musical Autobiography is coming to The RazzRoom in New Hope PA (8/30/14). He called into talk to BAMBAM who actually owns the DVD "Sooner Or Later" starring Rex Smith and Denise Miller from 1978!!..a guilty pleasure of BAMBAM's One of my favorite movies as a

So how did a crazy Teen Idol rocker end up a respected entertainer on television and Broadway? Every song has a story. Like a rock and roll Mark Twain, Rex Smith takes you on a wild and fascinating, sometimes dramatic, yet very hilarious, musical story-telling journey. From the crazy antics of rock and roll, his excitement and pressures behind a 6-album deal as a number 1 platinum recording artist with ...

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