Today's Show Includes: News (:00)... Entertainment News (:10)... Charlie Mcdermott in studio (:44)... Turkey Chins/ Bizarre Files (1:05)... John Bolaris on the phone / Engagement Wake Up (1:29)... Micky Dolenz (1:52)... Astronauts Thanksgiving/ Bizarre Files (2:17)... Hollywood Trash / Music News (2:28)... Wrap Up (2:47)

Pierre Robert Interview with Jackson Browne


I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jackson Browne recently. Jackson spoke with me extensively after his show at the amazing Academy of Music. Check it out!



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Today's Music Notes (AC/DC, Megadeth, Creed)

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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd's First Day In Court Was A Strange One:

MEGADETH's Guitarist And Drummer Quit The Band:

CREED's Scott Stapp Reveals He's Now 'Penniless': Rolling Stone

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12-Year-Old Taylor Swift Sings National Anthem at Sixers Game [VIDEO]

Remember that time I announced Taylor Swift when she sang at the Sixers, before anyone knew who she was?

[April 5th, 2002]

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JADE STARLING (PRETTY POISON) Talks 'All Things That Rock' Expo

I had the great opportunity to catch up with 80's Dance Pop Icon, Local beauty JADE STARLING of the band Pretty Poison (Catch Me I'm Falling) - We played them in the 80's and had many dance party's with them. Jade is back on the Billboard Dance Charts with her new album "Captive". She will be performing at this Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Annual ALL THINGS THAT ROCK EXPO at The Expo Center in Oaks PA (11/28-11/29/14) I [BAMBAM] will be your host!! For more info CHECK OUT!

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