The Preston & Steve Show as Legos

Random Shots

Random Shots is a gallery of Preston and Steve photos containing everything from station events and studio guests to listener submitted graphics and crazy office photos.
updated 03.10.15

  • Terminator Dentist
  • The Preston & Steve Show as Legos
  • Kathy is the New Orange is the New Black
  • Goop Pudding
  • Kathy Romano, the teenage years
  • Kim Kardashian and the Philae comet lander - Kimmie the K and Comets
  • Hercules and his brothers
  • Bruce Springsteen and Newt Gingrich
  • John Cena joins the cast of Downton Abbey
  • Bane Steve Jobs
  • Preston and Steve’s Slutty Halloween Costume Contest
  • "I saw a snake playing golf"
  • Bill Weston and Kathy Romano - the romance novel
  • Super Nick?
  • The P&S Show in Al Hirschfeld style as done by listener Robert Schultz
  • JFK would have LOVED Viagra
  • This Chicken Means Business
  • Marilyn Monroe shows off her bush in \
  • The dreaded Tyrannakeet
  • The 93.3 WMMR Preston & Steve Oobah Birth Droid
  • Preston and Steve and a lot of the ladies on our show and in our lives!
  • Clint Eastwood directed the movie, "Bird"
  • Check out the magnet letters on Ruthann\
  • Hip Harp
  • Calling Repo Man!
  • Bert Convy and the maternity droid from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • "Steve" shows up at Disney World...
  • The new Preston & Steve Show Poster?
  • Young Kathy Romano and her teacher at an assembly
  • Catherine Zeta Eta Pi
  • Kathy Romano at 3:30pm - Caption Contest!
  • Kathy Romano at 3:30pm

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