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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has revealed that the working title of his fourth book is With My Eyes Open. Welch said that the book will chronicle his life from 2005, when he initially left Korn, through last year when he officially rejoined the group. Welch told Pittsburgh Music Magazine, "It's crazy. I found spirituality and I did have encounters with Christ -- but I was around some wacky people too. I want through some crazy studs like court cases, lawsuits. So I'm writing about that."


Welch told us that he is also working on a documentary about his reunion with the band: "It's a Head/Korn documentary. It's a bigger budget thing, just about like how it all works, like us coming back together but also just behind-the-scenes types of things. Family, faith, Korn, life, you know, so that's gonna be interesting."

  • Welch became a born again Christian after leaving Korn. His previous books include 2007's Save Me From Myself, 2008's Washed By Blood and 2010's Stronger: 40 Days Of Metal And Spirituality.
  • He rejoined the band for a festival appearance in 2012, officially returning to the lineup last year to record the band's 11th album, The Paradigm Shift.
  • Korn is currently co-headlining the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival tour with Rob Zombie. They next play in Camden, New Jersey on Friday (August 1st).

DID YOU KNOW? Welch has a side project called Love And Death which he founded after leaving Korn, and is eager to make a new album with that group. He explained, "I'd love to finish an album or at least get really far in, you know. Once you get the ideas I can just be working on the bus and it can come together pretty quick."


  • Have you read any of Head's previous books? Will you read this one?
  • Does it bother or inspire you that he puts his religious beliefs out there? Should he keep them private?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Ian Fraser wrote: "Thanks for letting me know the title of your book. Now I know which one to avoid."

DeWayne Ralston wrote: "I'm not a Korn fan by any means, but you have to hand it to the guy. He pulled himself away from the brink where a lot of great people went over the edge. Good for him, I say."

Cameron Fraser wrote: "Yeah I was at Mayhem last week, he did not look to be enjoying himself at all."

Christopher Lee Sundeen wrote: "Save me from myself is a great read. saw him do a 'spoken word' date and that was eye opening. fan of brian."

Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch On Documentary

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