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Music industry veteran -- and Beatles aficionado -- Dave Morrell, has published his first in a series of memoirs showcasing his life in rock. The book -- Horse-Doggin': The Morrell Archives Volume 1 -- chronicles his life as a teen becoming one of the early collectors of then-new Beatles bootlegs, which led to an interesting relationship with John Lennon in 1971, whom he actually turns on to underground Beatles music, beginning a friendship in New York City throughout the early-‘70s. Lennon, who was so thankful for Morrell gifting him some of his rare boots, that he gave him his own prized ”Butcher Cover” of the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday. . . And Today’ -- complete with a one-of-kind signature.


Horse-Doggin' follows Morrell through his early years at WEA -- Warner/Elektra/Atlantic -- where he makes his bones before leaving for greener pastures in the industry. Subsequent volumes will deal with Morrell’s life and work at RCA, Arista, Capitol, Geffen, Concord, and 429 Records.

  • Morrell gave us taste of what will be coming in the next volume, when in 1974 he and lifelong buddy -- now legendary producer and archivist Ron Furmanek -- joined John Lennon and May Pang at their apartment on the Upper East Side and showed Lennon the film of the Beatles' February 11th, 1964 first U.S. concert in Washington, D.C.: “And when the song ‘This Boy’ came on, John got out of the bed, ran to where the screen was pulled - not a screen, but where the curtains were pulled, and he went nuts! He sat there cross-legged, looking at himself, and when the three guys got around the mic doing the bit and then the two break off, and John (sings) ‘Oh and this boy. . . ‘ -- he went nuts, like a kid throwing popcorn, 15-years-old with Elvis on the screen! He then went on telling us about Larry Williams and how much Larry Williams meant to him and when he does that ‘I-yi-yi’ -- he got it from Larry.”

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CHECK IT OUT: The Beatles on February 11th, 1964 performing "This Boy" live in Washington, D.C.:

Dave Morrell On John Lennon And 'This Boy'

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