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Former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland may be permanently barred from ever returning to STP again, but apparently he still thinks that a reunion with the latter group is still possible. Weiland told French Canadian newspaper La Presse, “Velvet Revolver, there is no problem. I even called the guys to propose the idea of doing some shows together in a few months. We are on good terms, but I do not want to be a member of Velvet Revolver full time. If possible, I would like to only play at festivals, you know, to make easy money.”


  • Weiland was quick to add that money wasn't the determining factor in wanting to reunite with Velvet Revolver.
  • The band has been without a vocalist and pretty much inactive in the six years since they dismissed Weiland.
  • Guitarist Slash, who is about to release his third solo album, has been opposed to working with Weiland again.
  • Slash seemed to ease off just a little in a new interview with the Toronto Sun, saying, “I can see Scott coming back, but I can’t see anybody accepting him . . . It’s not a big deal and I don’t want to badmouth Scott or anything. The whole thing is we’re looking for another guy to replace him. It just hasn’t happened. It’s dormant, but there’s activity under the radar.”
  • Slash told us a while back that he's never felt pressure to find a new singer just for the sake of it: "Everybody asks the same question: 'Where are you with that?' It's really, we're nowhere until we can find somebody who can do that job. Very quietly I've had my ears to the pavement, trying to see if there's anybody that fits that bill, and it's got to be somebody really good, 'cause I don't want to rush into it out of desperation. I want to wait 'til I get the right person."
  • All the members of Velvet Revolver insist that the band is not dead, and the four instrumental players have periodically held quiet auditions for a new frontman.
  • The Velvets briefly reunited with Weiland for a charity gig in January 2012, but have not played live with anyone since nor recorded since 2007.


  • Is "easy money" the right reason to reunite the band? On the other hand, don't most bands reunite for money?
  • Do you think Weiland actually needs money, which is why he'd be interested in a reunion?
  • Does this band have enough cache to even make a meaningful comeback of any kind?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth -- agree or not?

Sean Parnell wrote: "Who gives a s*** at this point?"

Steve Smith wrote: "Never gonna happen. Slash gives zero f***s at this point."

A.J. Soprano's Ulver Poster wrote: "Weiland was fired 6 years ago, and Velvet Revolver was only together for 5 years at that point, and they've been inactive since his departure. Why do they keep talking about VR like it's still an active entity?"

Brynn Stephens wrote: "VR made some okay music, but it could've been a lot better. Most of it was boring, overproduced, and generic."

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the Velvet Revolver music video for "Slither":

Slash On Finding A New Velvet Revolver Singer

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