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KISSGene Simmons and Paul Stanley are coming to a TV near you. The two are starring in a new reality show, 4th and Loud, which chronicles the inaugural season of the L.A. Kiss, an arena football team owned which is partially owned by the two rockers. So far this season, the team is 3-14. The show is scheduled to premiere on AMC on August 12th.


  • During a recent press stop to promote the show, Stanley told Deadline, “What we’ve brought to rock ’n’ roll we want to bring to sport . . . We want to envelop you and pummel you.”
  • Simmons added an example using cheerleaders. He said, "We wanted to have girls who are not the girl next door but the girl you wish was next door.”
  • During the press tour, the question of whether or not the duo would reunite with Ace Frehley and  Peter Criss was asked. Simmons continued with the sports theme to offer his take on the whole situation. He said, "Why did you dump your best friend who became a crack addict and a loser? . . . We love and respect those guys, but they succumbed to the cliche of cliches: drugs and alcohol . . . If you pass the ball, and they can’t see the goal, they’ve got to leave.”
  • Stanley added that being in a band  “is not a birthright. If you are compromised by drugs and alcohol, you don’t deserve to be on the team.”
  • Simmons in no stranger to reality television as he starred in his own series, Gene Simmons: The Family Jewels, from 2006 to 2012. In the past, he shared that at this point in his life he's comfortable letting people into his personal life. He said: "From about 20 to 45, you can go through the, 'No, we really did crawl out from under your bed' and 'we really are the boogeyman' and all that stuff. Then, past a certain point, there's nothing left to prove to anyone. When you're filthy rich and you've been around for over three decades, it's okay to say this is who you are on stage, and this is who I am off stage. If I tried to do it other ways, it wouldn't be convincing."


Gene Simmons On Revealing Self For TV Show

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