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Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt is adding film producer to his list of accomplishments. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dirnt and Green Day manager Pat Magnarella are producing an independent film called Crickets that centers on the relationship of two estranged brothers, one of whom is dying of a terminal illness. The brother who is ill, a stand-up comic, asks his office worker sibling to perform his material onstage so he can see if it's really funny or not -- but things take a surprising turn from there.

Dirnt remarked, "I’ve been -- and a lot of people have been -- affected by illnesses and it’s a very relatable thing." He added that the love-hate relationship between the brothers "feels very real."

  • Dirnt and the film's writer, Alfredo Botello, have been friends for over 20 years. Dirnt said about the project, "I'm just kind of tired of junk food movies. Here’s something that's a feel good, feel bad and feel everything movie."
  • Dirnt revealed in May that his wife Brittney had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing treatment for the disease.
  • The couple have two children, a son named Brixton and a daughter named Ryan.
  • Green Day toured throughout much of last year in support of its three 2012 albums -- Uno!Dos! and Tre! -- but announced in late 2013 that they were planning to take most of this year off.

DID YOU KNOW? Other rock artists who have produced movies include Slash, Rob Zombie, Mick Jagger, Metallica and the late George Harrison.


  • What does a producer actually do on a movie? Do you know?
  • Do you think you could produce a movie if you had decent resources?
  • Do you think Mike Dirnt is doing this to keep busy on something worthwhile while Green Day is not working?
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