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Young Guns signed a new major label deal with Virgin EMI Music in February and have since started work on their third album, which will follow up 2012's Bones. That record came out in the band's native U.K. seven months earlier than in the U.S., and singer Gustav Wood told us that should change this time: "That's something we're actually really looking forward to, because we've been blessed with how well things have gone so far in the States, but there's definitely kind of a split in terms of where we are over here and where we are at home. And I think it's important to try and synch those things up, because otherwise you're spending twice the amount of time on a record cycle. So next record should be a worldwide release, and that's something we're really excited about 'cause we've never done that before."


  • Wood told Alternative Press last fall that the music the band was working on was "quite an evolution," explaining, "This record is really about challenging (ourselves) to be more creative and hopefully a little more unique."
  • Young Guns reached the Number One spot on the U.S. rock radio chart in March 2013 with "Bones," the title track from the band's second studio album.
  • The song spent 32 consecutive weeks climbing the chart, making the group record-holders for the longest unbroken rise to the top.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for "Bones":

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