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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mike McCready talked about his obsession with Kiss and how much they influenced his playing.


On the topic of how he first discovered Kiss' music, Mike said, "I remember being on a school bus in sixth grade in 1976 with my friend Rick Friel, who eventually played in my high school band Shadow. He had a lunch box that had Kiss on it. "What is that?" Then he played me some music and I was hooked immediately. Then I had a Kiss room and I started playing guitar. They were the Beatles to me. They are the reason I started playing music."

McCready mentioned Ace Frehley joining Pearl Jam onstage for one of his favorites, "Black Diamond", at Madison Square Garden, saying, "Ace Frehley came onstage and did it with us at Madison Square Garden a few years ago, which was a total high watermark in my life. When I was 13, I never thought in a million years that I would even talk to him; I’d probably pass out. And here I am playing with him!"

McCready isn't the only Kiss fan in Pearl Jam.  When speaking about the rest of the guys' love for Kiss, McCready said, "Pearl Jam sit down and have conversations about Kiss all the time on tour. My band used to do "C'Mon and Love Me." Matt Cameron played in a Kiss tribute band when he was 14. They got so big around San Diego that they got a cease and desist order from Casablanca Records. Jeff Ament used to play "She" in his band Deranged Diction. There’s a Kiss through-line to a lot of the music that came out of Seattle, and it hasn’t been talked about a lot."

  • Eddie Vedder will be doing several solo shows next month in Brazil, followed by the whole band making stops in Europe.


  • Ace Frehley joins Pearl Jam on "Black Diamond" at Madison Square Garden in 2008: 

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