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Mumford & Sons are not splitting up. Fans worldwide starting having heart attacks after an interview published with banjo player Winston Marshall appeared on the Vulture website on Wednesday night (March 26th), in which Marshall said, "It's over. We had a good time, though, you know. It was good." Asked if the band had "killed" the use of the banjo in music, Marshall added, "I think 'killed' is an understatement. We murdered it . . . f*** the banjo. I f***ing hate the banjo."


  • Pressed on the chances of a "reunion" tour for the apparently defunct group, Marshall replied, "Well, I dunno, f***ing, that would be awesome. But, you know, it is what it is, I guess.”
  • Multiple representatives for Mumford & Sons later confirmed to Billboard that Marshall was joking when he dropped the break-up news at a party in New York City.
  • The British quartet has been on hiatus since last September, after completing the touring cycle for their mammoth sophomore album, Babel.
  • That disc sold 600,000 copies in its first week of release back in September 2012 and went on to sell more than two million copies and win a Grammy for Album of the Year.
  • In announcing its hiatus, the group said there would be "no "activities for the foreseeable future" and has kept to that, with only frontman Marcus Mumford briefly surfacing to work on the soundtrack for the movie Inside Llewyn Davis.
  • Keyboardist Ben Lovett said at the time, "We're going to take a considerable amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that."

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INTERNET COMMENTS at Vulture -- agree or not?

KDMz wrote: "Maybe there IS a god. These guys were wankers of the highest order."

Hendoism wrote: "Whatever, screw this band. A bunch of lame guys jumping on the 'let's make twee hipster folk' band wagon. How does anyone with any interest in folk music or Americana say 'f**k the banjo'? Like it was some fad that they overdid or something...Just goes to show you what fake poseurs these guys were."

veritas723 wrote: "all people into folk music are insufferable assclowns. as if any of those pukes have any connection to mountain living, or old timey folk jams."

RadiationDude wrote: "that's a bummer i loved mumford and sons."

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