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  • Blabbermouth reports original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will release "Space Invader", his first new solo album in five years, via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) on June 24. The album will include at least nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller's "The Joker". This album is the first release under Frehley's new universal deal on eOne Music.  Frehley has released an official statement surrounding the exciting news: "Life on Earth has been very good to me, and the body of work I've created over the years has withstood the test of time. Today I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned. Growing up in an Alien world has enhanced my senses and allowed me to succeed where others would have failed. The best is yet to come!"  Ace Frehley will participate in the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods awards show by presenting the Dimebag Darrell "Best Guitarist" award alongside labelmate Zakk Wylde. The awards show will take place on April 23 at the Club Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Says Frehley: "It's exciting to finally be part of the Golden Gods, awards and an honor to be part of any Dimebag memorial award. He was a friend, and I know everyone misses him, as do I."  Frehley recently spent time in the studio with drummer Matt Starr (BURNING RAIN) and bassist Chris Wyse (THE CULT, OWL) working on Ace's new CD. Frehley's last album, "Anomaly", was made available as a 2-LP vinyl set featuring two new limited-edition colors on October 1 via Brookvale Records. Only 750 units of each color were manufactured. Frehley told in a 2009 interview that he intended "Anomaly" to "kind of pick up where I left off with my first solo album" — 1978's "Ace Frehley".  "Prior to going into the studio, I listened to that first album, which everybody cites as their favorite Ace record," Frehley said. "I dissected it and tried to get into the same mind set this time around. I think I recaptured some of the musical textures and attitude and vibe that I had on that first record."  "Anomaly" was recorded at Schoolhouse Studios in New York and at Ace's home studio in Westchester, New York.  Read more at Loudwire, Ultimate Classic RockClassic Rock and Rolling Stone
  • Blabbermouth reports the official listening party for for the new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY studio album, "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican", will be held on Saturday, April 5 at 10:00 p.m. at Duff's Brooklynin Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    The address is:

    Duff's Brooklyn
    168 Marcy Avenue (between S 5th & Broadway)
    Williamsburg, New York

    For more information, visit  "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" will be released in Europe on April 7 via Mascot Label Group and one day later in North America through eOne Music.  If you pre-order the CD on iTunes, you will get the new track "My Dying Time" instantly. The song is now available for streaming in the YouTube clip below.

    "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" track listing:

    01. Fields Of Unforgiveness
    02. My Dying Time
    03. Believe
    04. Angel Of Mercy
    05. Heart Of Darkness
    06. Beyond The Down
    07. Scars
    08. Damn The Flood
    09. I've Gone Away
    10. Empty Promises
    11. Shades Of Gray
    12. Dark Side Of The Sun (bonus track)
    13. The Nomad (bonus track)

    BLACK LABEL SOCIETY recently amicably parted ways with longtime guitarist Nick Catanese and replaced him with Dario Lorina (LIZZY BORDEN).  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY mainman Zakk Wylde recently told Guitar World magazine about Catanese's departure: "I had called Nick to tell him about the album and he told me that he was already knees deep into doing his own thing and wanted to stick 1,000 percent into it. I told him it was cool and that we loved him and that he'd always have a home here."  He continued: "The thing is no one ever gets kicked out or fired. If you want to go, you're always able. Now we've got [guitarist] Dario Lorina in the band, and not only is he a kick-ass guitar player who can shred, but he's also a really cool dude."  Asked how he hooked up with Dario, Zakk said: "We never do a cattle call or anything like that. With the amount of awesome players I know, it's more of a word-of-mouth kind of thing. I had him come out to the Vatican [Zakk's home studio] to meet him, and afterwards I said, 'Cool. If you want to do it, you're in.' It was as simple as that."  Wylde also spoke about what fans can expect to hear on "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican".  "I think everyone can expect a lot of fun and excitement," he laughed. "It was like what Chris Farley did in that one skit, where he was selling that hair-care product. Make sure you always use the word 'fun' when you describe it. [laughs]! "Someone asked me what the difference was between this new record and the other nine. I told them that it's basically all of the songs we used on the other nine records, except they've got different titles now. [laughs] It's fun and exciting for the whole family!"  "Catacombs of the Black Vatican" is BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's first new studio album since 2009's "The Order Of The Black", which debuted at No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart.  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's new live DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Video, "Unblackened", was released on September 24, 2013 by Eagle Rock Entertainment. Wylde's label home, eOne Music, also released the audio version of the "Unblackened" DVD under the same name.




  • Blabbermouth reports Southern California hard rock mainstays FU MANCHU will release their new album, "Gigantoid", on April 29 via the band's own At The Dojo Records.  After almost 25 years together, and following last year's Scion A/V Club split seven-inch single with friends MOAB and 2009's "Signs Of Infinite Power", Scott Hill and company return with their first full-length album in close to five years. Recorded with Andrew Giacumakis, singer/guitarist for the aforementioned MOAB at his studio in Simi Valley, California, the album features a slightly more primitive, raw and ultra fuzzed-out sound than previous releases.  "We wrote 17 new songs for this record and got our favorite 9 songs out of that together," says Hill. "We were planning on releasing a 'part 2' record later this year but have plans for some of the other songs to appear in early 2015 to line up with our upcoming 25-year anniversary."  In addition to the new release, the band has announced a month-long North American tour, taking the band to both coasts, and throughout the majority of the country (as well as into select cities in Canada).

    "Gigantoid" track listing:

    01. Dimension Shifter
    02. Invaders On My Back
    03. Anxiety Reducer
    04. Radio Source Sagittarius
    05. Mutant
    06. No Warning
    07. Evolution Machine
    08. Triplanetary
    09. The Last Question

    The song "Anxiety Reducer" can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below (courtesy of Writing for the album began in the summer of 2012, with a break for a tour of Europe in the fall of that year and a U.S. tour in the spring of 2013, reissuing and playing "The Action Is Go" LP in its entirety and an appearance at METALLICA's Orion Music + More festival in June 2013. FU MANCHU soon found itself with enough material for two albums.  A hint of what the new songs will sound like was released in October in the form of "Robotic Invasion", a split seven-inch single with MOAB, presented by Scion.  Slower, longer and heavier than most of the recent material the band has released, the new songs find FU MANCHU exploring different time changes and heavy sonics that the band is known for, with some atmospheric and conceptual lyrics and artwork that will hopefully be tying one, if not two, new records together that the band hopes will be released this year.  FU MANCHU's first full-length, "No One Rides For Free", has been reissued on At The Dojo as a gatefold vinyl. The record celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Read more at Loudwire


  • Blabbermouth reports veteran San Francisco thrashers EXODUS have entered a studio in Northern California with producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE) to record their tenth studio album.  Commented EXODUS guitarist and songwriter Gary Holt: "We are well into drum tracks; everything is going super smooth and Tom [Hunting] is just killing it! Best drum sound this band has ever laid down — sounds just simply pummeling!  "[There is] only one more song [left to lay down] and some B-sides to go, then we go through things and make sure everything is up to par, and then time for guitars!  "Can't wait to add the crunch to these monsters.  "This is gonna be so goddamned heavy, it ain't even funny!  "We couldn't be more stoked and pleased with how this record is coming along! Bludgeoning!"  Holt recently told "Metal Zone" host Nikki Blakk of the San Francisco, California radio station 107.7 The Bone about his plans for a new EXODUS studio album: "I'm heavily in riff mode [right now]. It's always hard to gauge where a record's going right away, but you kind of get a feel for where you're headed mentally, and right now it's really fast. It's ridiculous.  "I wanna make sure that the [next EXODUS] album is as good as it needs to be, and knowing I am going to be on a tight time frame, it does tend to stress me out quite a bit. But I think I write well under stress… I hate the pressure. But I do what I gotta do. We all do. So we'll make it happen."  EXODUS' latest album, "Exhibit B: The Human Condition", was released in North America on May 18, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.  The CD sold around 4,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 114 on The Billboard 200 chart.  EXODUS' previous album, "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A", opened with 3,600 units back in October 2007.  EXODUS has announced its participation in a monumental upcoming tour with headliners SLAYER and additional special guests SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. This metalhead's "dream tour" kicks off on May 9 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and hits six more cities, including a stop at the world-famous Rock On The Range festival on May 17 in Columbus, Ohio. Gary Holt will perform double-duty on this run as guitarist for his band EXODUS, while also filling in for SLAYER's fallen guitarist Jeff Hanneman.  Read more at Loudwire and Noisecreep
  • Blabbermouth reports CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, the band led by brothers and founding SEPULTURA members Max (also of SOULFLY) and Igor Cavalera, is putting the finishing touches on its third album for a fall release via Napalm Records. The CD is being produced by John Gray, who has previously worked with SOULFLY.  Max Cavalera checked in from the studio to give an update.  On working with his brother:  Max: "It has always been some kind of killer magic whenever I play with my brother. We have a special connection that comes out through the music and the crowd reacts to it in an insane way."  On the recording process:  Max: "Pretty much, I have to get into CAVALERA CONSPIRACY mode. I wanted the new album to be faster and thrashier with the concept of Old Babylon. As far as recording equipment, we use everything! We don't rely too much on Pro Tools like other bands. All Igor's tracks are live drums. The energy is all there and we play all the guitars and sing of top of it, so in a way, it's like the old ways of recording." On feelings of pressure regarding the band's third album:  Max: "There's pressure but I also like the challenge. I think it is the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's most and intense and fastest record yet. I am very proud of it."  CAVALERA CONSPIRACY recently recruited Nate Newton of CONVERGE as its new recording bassist.  Said Gray: "This is by far the fastest and heaviest record I have ever had the pleasure of working on with Max Cavalera.  "Max, Igor and Marc [Rizzo, guitar] were on the same page musically from the moment they walked in the door, and recording this album was a very smooth process.  "I had never worked with Igor Cavalera before and I was very impressed with his ability to work out the arrangements with Max and get some extremely complex drum parts done live with hardly any re-takes necessary. Marc Rizzo, as always, was spot-on and a true guitar virtuoso.  "I love to work with Marc because he always pushes himself to perfection, but he is very down to earth and keeps things light when he's under pressure.  "What can I say about Nate Newton — he killed it on the bass tracks with very little back and forth. I'm really impressed with his talent, and I look forward to meeting him some day."  Added Rizzo: "The new CAVALERA CONSPIRACY record was amazing to record... Definitely a brutal and fast third record!!!"  Stated Newton: "It was a lot of fun to be a part of this record. For me, it was a challenge to learn the songs sight unseen and record them. It was a pretty interesting look into the way Max writes songs and I am glad to have been a part of it."  Johny Chow, who had been touring and recording with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY for the past few years, in 2013 joined STONE SOUR as that band's new touring bassist.  Joining CAVALERA CONSPIRACY on stage last year for its tour of South America and Mexico was SOULFLY bassist Tony Campos.  CAVALERA CONSPIRACY released the critically acclaimed and universally praised albums "Inflikted" and "Blunt Force Trauma" through Roadrunner Records.  "Blunt Force Trauma" sold around 5,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 122 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's debut CD, "Inflikted", opened with 9,000 units to enter the chart at No. 72.  "Blunt Force Trauma" was tracked with ex-MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, who co-produced the LP with Max. Logan also mixed the effort.  Read more at Loudwire and Noisecreep
  • Blabbermouth reports veteran Swedish hard rockers 220 VOLT have started mixing their new album, set for a late August release. Some recording is still left to do, but the 13 songs should be all done in about three weeks.  A short YouTube clip from the studio containing about 30 seconds of a new song can be seen below.  "This album really has something for everyone," says 220 VOLT guitarist and founding member Thomas Drevin. "It ranges from the hardest stuff we've done to the coolest thing, even with a string quartet on one song. A lot of ideas came from jamming this time, and we only took the ideas we all liked and turned them into finished songs, as opposed to someone throwing in almost finished songs. It's much more of a group effort, which is nice!"  220 VOLT's new disc should be mastered and finished in May, after which the band will reveal the CD title and the track listing. The effort is the group's first to feature new vocalist Andy Engberg (ex-THERION, LION'S SHARE) alongside guitarists and founding members Mats Karlsson and Thomas Drevin, plus drummer Peter Hermansson. Bassist Mike Krusenberg left 220 VOLTand the band has called in two musicians to play on the album.


  • Blabbermouth reports REABO is a "supergroup" of well known names from the colliding worlds of rock, dubstep, metal and grime who have combined to produce a single which will quite simply blow your head off.  REABO consist of Ol Drake, former guitarist in EVILE; XFM presenter and bassist of indie rock band LOSERS, Eddy Temple-Morris; notorious bass music artist Rednek; SKINDRED drummer Arya; and grime artist Beaupierre.  It's certainly no ordinary supergroup or back story. With the help of Jägermeister and their "It Runs Deep" campaign which celebrates friendships which are deep and meaningful, the collective of musical friends were booked into a recording studio and left to their own devises for 12 hours to see quite simply what would happen. The result is "Whatever May Come", which tears up the rule book and spits it back out with such ferocity and explosive energy that even the most hardened mosher and shape thrower will unite on the dancefloor.  This lethal concoction of talents and personalities are so happy with track, they have decided to officially release "Whatever May Come" through Bad Boy Records on April 27, backed with Stenchman and 245 remixes and a music video directed by Stuart Birchall and producer by Matt Jarman (You Know Ltd.).


  • Blabbermouth reports THE SKULL, the new band featuring original members of American doom metal legends TROUBLEEric Wagner (vocals) and Jeff "Oly" Olson (drums) — alongside longtime TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner, SACRED DAWN guitarist Lothar Keller, and former TROUBLE bassist-turned-guitarist Chuck Robinson, will unleash two new singles recorded with acclaimed producer/engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, NEUROSIS). The "limited-edition" white vinyl replica CD featuring "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" (side A) and "The Last Judgment" (side B) will be made available on Tuesday, April 8 via Tee Pee Records.  "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" and "The Last Judgment" will premiere exclusively on Olson's podcast "Heady Metal With Jeff Olson" via on Friday, April 4 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Olson will be live on air and field reporting from THE SKULL's listening party that evening at the Ragnarokk Metal Apocalypse Fest at Reggies Rock Club in in Chicago, where fans can purchase the CD. Olson, along with Wagner, Holzner, Robinson and Keller, will all be available to personally sign the limited-edition white vinyl replica CD.   "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" is a doomy metal song written by Keller, Holzner and Wagner that showcases the genre pioneers' distinct style while "The Last Judgement" is a "revisiting" of the classic TROUBLE song of the same name that originally appeared on the classic 1983 "Metal Massacre IV" compilation album.  "I think 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is the perfect song for THE SKULL to lead with and there's a reason why it was the first song we completed as a band," commented Wagner. "It's about coming to a point in life when it's just time for a new beginning, a fresh start if you will, and finally coming to terms with the past.  "Being that it is the 30th anniversary of the release of the song 'The Last Judgement' — the first song we ever released — we thought it fit perfectly for the B-side and considering what 'Sometime Yesterday Mourning' is about, it made sense to me. You have to go through your past to get to your future."  THE SKULLwill follow the release of the new songs with its debut full length LP, tentatively slated for release this autumn.

    THE SKULL is:

    Eric Wagner - vocals
    Jeff "Oly" Olson - drums/keys
    Ron Holzner - bass
    Lothar Keller - guitar
    Chuck Robinson - guitar


  • Blabbermouth reports Brooklyn, New York's TOMBS has set "Savage Gold" as the title of its third album, due on June 10 (one day earlier internationally) via Relapse Records. The CD's artwork was created by renowned tattooist Thomas Hooper, who has worked with the band on their previous album covers.  According to a press release, "Savage Gold" focuses the awesome strength of TOMBS' previous works into one brilliantly dark post-punk and extreme black-metal masterpiece. Recorded and produced by HATE ETERNAL's Erik Rutan (who has previously produced CDs from CANNIBAL CORPSE and GOATWHORE, among others), "Savage Gold" both expands upon the moody post-punk foundations that TOMBS' prior albums explored while also bringing out the band's most traditionally metal moments yet. 

    "Savage Gold" track listing:

    01. Thanatos
    02. Portraits
    03. Seance
    04. Echoes
    05. Deathtripper
    06. Edge of Darkness
    07. Ashes
    08. Legacy
    09. Severed Lives
    10. Spiral

    In support of "Savage Gold", TOMBS will hit the road for a West Coast run with PELICAN. The shows kick off June 12 in San Diego, California and run through June 19 in Seattle, Washington.

  • Blabbermouth reports Italian technical death metallers GORY BLISTER have set "The Fifth Fury" as the title of their fifth album, due later in the year via Sliptrick Records. The CD was mixed at Fear Studios in Italy and mastered at Q-Point in Hilversum, The Netherlands.  According to a press release, GORY BLISTER's new songs feature the band's "classic" style, but with a "darker" and more "refined" sound.

    "The Fifth Fury" track listing:

    01. Psycho Crave
    02. Thresholds
    03. Toxamine
    04. Devouring Me
    05. The Fifth Fury
    06. Prometheus Scars
    07. (Meet Me) In The Mass Grave
    08. The Grey Machinery
    09. Heretic Infected Orchestra (bonus track)

    GORY BLISTER's current lineup includes Emi Dattolo from the band ILLOGICIST on bass.


    Vocals - Paolo John "St John"
    Guitar - Raff Sangiorgio
    Bass - Emi Dattolo
    Drums - Joe La Viola

    GORY BLISTER's last album, "Earth-Sick", was released in April 2012 via Bakerteam Records. The follow-up to 2009's "Graveyard Of Angels" featured a guest appearance by NILE's Karl Sanders on two tracks, including "Soul-Borne Maladies".  Commented GORY BLISTER guitarist Raff: "Death metal is not about money, nor about fashion; it's a way of life that requires no compromises. We do this because we believe in it and we want to keep the flame high."  Check out the cover art here.

  • Blabbermouth reports Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of Salt Lake City natives VISIGOTH. The traditional metal act has entered Boar's Nest Studios with Andy Patterson to record its full-length debut. A late 2014 release is expected.  VISIGOTH has been blazing a path through the metal underground since its inception in 2010. The release of its "Vengeance" demo in 2010 and the "Final Spell" EP in 2012 earned the band praise from throughout the underground scene in North America and Europe.  VISIGOTH plays heavy metal that hearkens back to the golden age of ironclad riffwork and powerful vocals. They pay tribute to the titans of steel that left their mark on the history of the genre, and their earth-shaking sound echoes with a deep reverence for their roots. VISIGOTH goes above and beyond mere imitation, making their own musical mark on the genre they lovingly embrace. In VISIGOTH's realm, there are no frills, no gimmicks; there is only heavy metal.

    VISIGOTH is:

    Jake Rogers - Vocals
    Leeland Campana - Lead Guitar
    Jamison Palmer - Guitar
    Matt Brotherton - Bass
    Mikey T. - Drums

  • Blabbermouth reports New Orleans' disciples of hardcore, blues-based, post-amplified audio wreckage, EYEHATEGOD will unleash their long-anticipated new studio recording later this spring. Set for North American release via Housecore Records, the domestic version of the self-titled offering will come in a CD digipack while the LP will be a single slab of vinyl in a gatefold jacket. The first pressing will be limited to 1600 copies and made available in the following colors:

    * Black (600 copies)
    * Purple (300 copies)
    * Clear (400 copies)
    * Purple and Grey (300 copies)

    "Eyehategod" track listing:

    01. Agitation! Propaganda!
    02. Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar
    03. Parish Motel Sickness
    04. Quitter's Offensive
    05. Nobody Told Me
    06. Worthless Rescue
    07. Framed To The Wall
    08. Robitussin And Rejection
    09. Flags And Cities Bound
    10. Medicine Noose
    11. The Age Of Bootcamp

    Preorder packages including various CD, LP and T-shirt bundles are currently available via Housecore Records at this location.  "Eyehategod" will be released on May 27 by their partners at Housecore Records in North America, May 26 by Century Media in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and May 21 by Daymare in Japan.  Comments EYEHATEGOD vocalist Mike IX Williams: "I have to say I don't believe we've lost nary a step in the creation of this album and we think these newer songs are a killer combination of classic EYEHATEGOD mixed along with our best production, mixing, engineering and songwriting in thirteen years. The main and total tragic break in the chain, was obviously last year's death of our great friend and drummer, Joey LaCaze. However, his original drum tracks made it onto the final master recordings and we're fucking psyched about that... As for working with Housecore, it was a no-brainer. We've always been a family, and will always remain a family."  Adds Housecore founder Philip H. Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN): "Being a part of the new EYEHATEGOD record is a dream come true. I've known, supported and loved the guys for almost as long as I've been playing music myself, and it is our pleasure here at the Housecore Records compound to have 'em aboard. And I gotta mention, having heard the new record, this is the EYEHATEGOD record every true fan has been waiting for.... Hail!"  In related news, EYEHATEGOD will take to the streets again next month for a short string of live takeovers including a return trip to Japan with VENOM and MORBID ANGEL, a stint on Three Floyds Beer's annual Dark Lord Day Festival as well as various onstage abrasions through the West Coast and the previously announced Baltimore, Maryland gala with HIGH ON FIRE and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, with additional dates to be announced in the coming weeks.  As a band that helped create a genre as well as equate a city with a sound, EYEHATEGOD has always remained humble anytime words like "legend" were thrown around to describe them. The thing with legends is that they grow stronger in time and over the years, word of mouth has been kind to the band. EYEHATEGOD is bigger now than they ever have been in their twenty-five plus years as a band. Pretty impressive seeing as they haven't released a full-length album in almost fifteen years. Most people who know the band have a story to tell or they heard a story about the guys. Whether it was them playing nothing but feedback to a bewildered WHITE ZOMBIE crowd during their opening stint for the arena metal band in the mid-Nineties, being banned from a certain venue for attacking a promoter with a barstool or cleaning out entire small towns of their drug supply, these stories spread throughout the metal community over the years, usually through a game of one-up-manship, establishing them as one of the most notorious bands around.  Certainly not the first band to be surrounded by myth and lore, EYEHATEGOD's staying and growing power ultimately comes from the music. No one riffs like Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton. Drummer Joey LaCaze grooved and held it together with numerous bass players throughout the years, doing so impeccably with Gary Mader over the past decade. Singer Mike IX Williams has always been able to encapsulate the ruins of life through his lyrics and vocal delivery. All combined, the music is the most genuine, distressing cacophony of sound around.  "BLACK SABBATH mixed with BLACK FLAG with a little bit of SKYNYRD and the element of blues thrown in there," Bower once said of the band's sound. In 2014 that style might sound somewhat commonplace. In 1988 it most definitely was not. The band's second album, 1993's "Take As Needed For Pain", is the pinnacle album that other bands of this genre to this day try to reach. Today, EYEHATEGOD sounds as fresh and innovative as ever. When the band released its first new track in over a decade, "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam", it was clear that nothing about the band had changed. They were touring more than ever and used that time and energy to work on an album's worth of songs. At the end of 2012 they were ready.  The recording process for "Eyehategod" started with producer Billy Anderson back in the fold (he recorded 1996's "Dopesick"). The session saw both producer and band not quite on the same page and at the end, the album was unfinished. A few months later, the band reconvened at longtime friend Phil Anselmo's home studio with producer Stephen Berrigan (DOWN). Both Anselmo and Berrigan helped draw out the missing pieces to one of underground metal's most anticipated albums in years.  An unexpected tragedy occurred shortly upon returning home from a recent five-week European tour in the fall of 2013: Joey LaCaze passed away due to respiratory failure. An outpouring of condolences and tributes spread online. Enough can't be said of the loss felt by the band, family and friends. Fortunately, LaCaze's drum tracks were captured by Anderson and appear on the album, creating the definitive tribute for the member of the band who encapsulated best just what EYEHATEGOD was all about; seriously not taking yourself too seriously. New Orleans native, Aaron Hill (MOUNTAIN OF WIZARD, MISSING MONUMENTS), took over for LaCazewithout missing a beat, both figuratively and literally. The band hit the road after wrapping up the record and plan to embark upon their most exhaustive touring schedule to date.


    Mike IX Williams - Vocals
    Jimmy Bower - Guitar
    Brian Patton - Guitar
    Gary Mader - Bass
    Aaron Hill - Drums

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  • NME reports bookmakers make Metallica favourites to headline Glastonbury


  • Blabbermouth posts album teasers from Black Anvil, "Hail Death" out May 27 via Relapse Records and Vader, "Tibi Et Igni", out on May 30 via Nuclear Blast




  • Blabbermouth posts performance footage of The Winery Dogs in New York City, "Metal All Stars" musicians Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Ross "The Boss" Friedman (Manowar), Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-Accept) and Jasin Todd (Shinedown) took part in an interview and a performance of an acoustic cover version of The Rolling Stones classic "You Can't Always Get What You Want" on Sweedish TV

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