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Coming to the Smithsonian Channel on Friday (March 21st) will be, Blondie’s New York: Making Of 'Parallel Lines.' For the first time in 35 years, lead singer Debbie Harry, guitarist Chris Stein, and producer Mike Chapman listen to the original multi-track tapes for the band's 1978 breakthrough album, Parallel Lines, including isolated vocals, guitars, and keyboards on such hits as "Heart Of Glass," "One Way Or Another," "Picture This," "Sunday Girl," and “Hanging On The Telephone," among others. The special is hosted by Sex In The City star, Kim Catrall.


In addition to co-founding drummer Clem Burke, the show is notable for the inclusion of retired keyboardist Jimmy Destri and ousted bandmembers bassist Nigel Harrison and guitarist Jimmy Destri. Check your local listings for stations and times.

  • Debbie Harry said that if done right, she’d support a proper Blondie biopic, telling NME, "It's difficult. You can only really skim the surface. If it's good entertainment, honest, well acted and directed? Maybe. I think many people could be informed and have a finer appreciation of the person or era."
  • When asked if she had kept diaries of her life during Blondie’s heyday, she admitted: “Unfortunately not. I wish that I had. My impressions will simply be that, impressions. It's funny, someone will say something and then a memory will come flashing back of some big event. But I'm noteless. I guess I'm lazy. Well, I'm not so much a person who deals with facts as much as feelings.”
  • Debbie Harry told us that the Blondie's 40-year career has turned into one long memory for her: "There's thousands of things, y'know. It's just like this great huge splatter -- a big splatter of millions and millions of little bites. Y'know all this stuff sort of files past, y'know. I don't know, we think about the time that we were playing in a club and there was a bomb scare or we got shut down by the fire department or stuff like that. Y'know, those are always very exciting rock n' roll moments."

CHECK IT OUT: A scene from Blondie’s New York: Making Of 'Parallel Lines':

CHECK IT OUT: Blondie on July 7th, 1979 performing "Sunday Girl" live in Asbury Park, New Jersey:


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