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Ozzy Osbourne's mansion in Buckinghamshire, England has been ruined by flooding during one of the U.K.'s rainiest winters ever. According to the Mirror, the house, which sits on a seven-acre estate, is located in one of the hardest hit areas of the country and now needs more than half a million dollars worth of repairs.

Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon said the building was “destroyed,” while Ozzy added, "It’s been completely flooded. The rain has battered down the walls and seeped through everything. There is water everywhere . . . we can’t even go about getting it fixed because apparently it’s going to take nine months to dry out. The place is ruined.”

  • The water damage is the latest incident to plague the Osbournes at their English countryside retreat. Others have included Ozzy's all terrain vehicle crash in 2003, two fires and a burglary.
  • While they wait to see if the house in England can be salvaged, the Osbournes will stay at their Los Angeles home -- which itself was the site of a small fire in January 2013.
  • Ozzy begins a short North American tour with Black Sabbath on March 31st in Brooklyn, New York.


  • What's the worst weather-related experience you've ever had?
  • Have you ever had your home severely damaged or even made unlivable due to extreme weather?
  • How did you cope? Did you abandon the place or live elsewhere until you could get it repaired?

INTERNET COMMENTS at The Mirror -- agree or not?

Mandy Debarring wrote: "Why are they so special they can sell one of there other home and get this repaired what about all the hundreds of people who didn't/couldn't get insurance over their life they have wasted millions on unnecessary things."

Graham Spurrier wrote: "What do they want, sympathy? Tough luck. What about the people who were flooded and who are not financially in the position to afford the repair bills? Poor Osbournes, now have to reside in America. They should stop moaning."

Ann Butowski wrote: "They are fortunate to have a lifestyle and presumably they have insurance, to replace damaged or destroyed goods. However, some things can never be replaced! And just because they are wealthy and have more than one house, it doesn't hurt less. To have ones home severely damaged. Have a little empathy folks!"

Danielle E Palmer wrote: "Yes they can afford to repair the damage but what about sentimental items that may have been destroyed? Photos etc? But it goes to show that even people with money have to suffer along with the rest of us."

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