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We've heard from both the members of Black Sabbath and founding drummer Bill Ward on why Ward sat out the band's 2012 reunion album and tour, but we haven't heard until now from the man who took Ward's place behind the kit -- Sabbath touring drummer Tommy Clufetos.


In a new interview with Rhythm magazine, Clufetos explained why he took the job despite fan disapproval, saying, "I look at it as an opportunity to play great music and experience something new. If I wasn’t going to play drums, somebody else would have played . . . I understand all the mixed feelings and emotions. I totally get it. But I’m here to do the greatest job I can, and give people the experience of hearing those songs. I think I’ve done that. I think people have walked away enjoying what I’ve brought.”

  • Clufetos did not play on the Sabbath reunion album, 13, a role that was filled by Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk.
  • Singer Ozzy Osbourne told us at the time that Clufetos was gong to play on the record until producer Rick Rubin stepped in: "Tommy was offered the gig until Rick Rubin came along. Rick Rubin didn't want Tommy, and nobody told -- it was a bit of a communication breakdown. Tommy was on the side waiting, and it just didn't work out, you know. It works out in the end."
  • Although Ward was initially announced as part of the reunion in late 2011, he dropped out within a couple of months, saying he was offered an "unsignable" contract.
  • The members of Sabbath were reportedly concerned that Ward's health would not hold up on the road and allegedly asked him to accept the use of a second drummer on tour, which he refused.
  • In a preview video of his interview, Clufetos does not mention Ward by name, but acknowledges that his own drumming with Sabbath is "paying homage to what was done before me."
  • Clufetos will join Sabbath on the road again for a 10-date North American tour beginning March 31st in Brooklyn, New York.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video preview of Clufetos' interview:


  • Have you seen Sabbath with Clufetos? The guy definitely hits them hard. Would you agree?
  • Do you think in the long run, with his recent surgery, Bill Ward would not have been able to stay on the road with Sabbath?
  • If Ward is ever able to play at full power again, should Sabbath get him back?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Classic Rock -- agree or not?

Manfredmann wrote: "Great job Tommy! You rocked Amsterdam last december! Well done."

Stephen Crawford wrote: "His solo on the Sabbath tour was brutally amazing, not usually fussed about drum solos, but I think the whole arena was transfixed for 10 minutes, while the rest of the band had a wee lie down."

Mark wrote: "Must admit he did a great job...during the show it made me wonder could Bill have done a full tour, no disrespect at all towards Bill but its a hell of a physically demanding job for anyone to do."

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