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Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor spoke with New Zealand's 3 News about his recent performance with Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Lindsey Buckingham that closed out the 2014 Grammy Awards but was cut short by CBS-TV, leading Reznor to blast the show's producers on Twitter. Asked how he felt about the experience nearly a month later, Reznor replied, "It was an utter waste of time."


Reznor added that the offer to play was "flattering," even though he had never been a fan of the Grammys. He also revealed that he and Josh Homme had debated whether to appear, finally saying, "The way my head works is to try to approach it from, 'Okay, if we did do it, what could be the upside?' . . . But what we weren't expecting was that level of insult."

  • Reznor continued, "I can look now and say I should have expected something like that, you know? But, more than anything it was just insulting . . . I don't regret that we did it, but would I ever -- in any situation -- ever consider possibly patronizing that event in any form? Absolutely not."
  • Reznor also addressed the long-awaited reissue of NIN's 1999 album The Fragile, saying, "I want to make sure I get it right . . . we've mixed everything in surround, it sounds amazing, we have a great package ready to go. I just stumbled across 40-or-so demos from that era that didn't turn into songs, that range from sound effects to full-fledged pieces of music, and I kind of feel like -- something should happen with that."
  • Nine Inch Nails begins a heavy touring schedule on March 1st in Thailand, and will spend most of the spring in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe. More North American dates are in the works as well, including a rumored headlining appearance at Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival.
  • The latest Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks, came out last September after a five-year hiatus.
  • Reznor and collaborator Atticus Ross are also composing the score for Gone Girl, the new thriller starring Ben Affleck that's due out later this year.


  • Should Reznor get over it already, or does he have every right to still be mad about the Grammys?
  • Does an artist like Trent Reznor, who has always had an indie mentality and a loyal following, really need to care about this kind of thing to begin with?
  • If you were in his shoes, what would you say about it?

INTERNET COMMENTS at 3 News -- agree or not?

chemicalism wrote: "awesome that he was willing to talk about the Grammys. Their decision would have been an insult to ANYONE performing but I think considering that NIN and QOTSA have been around for 30+ years combined, it was a low blow."

Jabberwocky1979 wrote: "The fragile is my favorite album of all time, and the first nin album I ever heard - such an eye opener, unlike anything else I'd ever heard."

Anthony wrote: "Still listen to NIN now, and albums like The Fragile and Ghosts still sound amazing. Struggle to think of many other acts from the 90's who have remained this consistently brilliant, still releasing good music all these years later."

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