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Julian Lennon is happy to sit out Sunday night's CBS special The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles -- which airs on February 9th at 8 p.m. -- 50 years to the date and hour that group first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Julian, who's focusing primarily on a photographic career these days, explained to Fox411 whey he chose to pass on the festivities, explaining, “Listen, I appreciate the Beatles as much as everybody else, but the last thing I wanted to do -- because it didn’t look like there was going to be an opportunity to perform, really -- was stand in the audience clapping along to other people singing Beatles songs. For me, it would be like a Beatles karaoke night. I’d just feel like a bit of an idiot, and I’ve never been a major fan of awards shows. It’s just not my cup of tea.”


  • Julian, whose mother is John Lennon's first wife, Cynthia Lennon, went on to explain that the Beatles were barely a part of his life while growing up: "I mean, (during the height of Beatlemania) I was 3, 4, 5 (years old). Anyone must remember that dad left when I was three-years-old. Mom and I lived out of the limelight. We lived a totally different life. People seem to forget that. In many respects, as much as I’m tied in (with Beatles history) I am also quite distant from it."
  • Although John Lennon was missing for most of Julian's life, he was able to provide him with some of the basic skills he would build upon during his own musical career: "He taught me how to play guitar a little bit. Yeah, Dad taught me some of the early, more basic chords of rock n' roll. One thing I would have to say is that I absolutely love and respect him. Not necessarily as a father, but for the work he did and his humanitarian work."


  • Although Julian Lennon has chosen to sit out the recent Beatles' 50th festivities on the small screen, last night (February 5th), his half-brother Sean Lennon teamed up with Flaming Lips to perform "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" -- a song Julian actually inspired with a drawing he brought home from school back in 1967.
  • During the the CBS Grammy Awards Beatles tribute show, The Night That Changed America, which taped in L.A. on January 27th, and airs on Sunday night (February 9th), George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison teamed up with Joe Walsh and Jeff Lynne to perform George's 1969 Abbey Road classic, "Something."


  • Julian Lennon, who is John Lennon's first son with college sweetheart Cynthia Powell Lennon, holds the distinction of being the first child of any the Beatles, being born on April 8th 1963. Julian also is the first of the next generation to pursue a recording career, and released his critically acclaimed debut set, Valotte -- which was produced by the late Phil Ramone -- in October 1984.
  • Over the years, he's released a total of six albums -- The Secret Value Of Daydreaming (1986); Mr. Jordan (1989); Help Yourself (1991); Photograph Smile (1998); and Everything Changes (2011).
  • Since 1984, Julian has scored four Top 40 hits -- including the Top Tens "Valotte" and "Too Late For Goodbyes."

CHECK IT OUT: The Beatles in the Summer of 1962 rehearsing Paul McCartney's "Catswalk" live at the Cavern Club:

Julian Lennon On Guitar And John Lennon

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